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The Political Compass is a two-axis model of the political spectrum between libertarian/authoritarian and economic-left/economic-right. Similar to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, it is a model with websites that invite users to take a survey to see where they stand. It has spawned many parody edits.


The term "political compass" has been trademarked by Pace News Limited since 2001, and the graph was created by Politicalcompass.org.[1] It consists of Economic Right/Left on the horizontal axis and Authoritarian-Liberterian on the vertical access. The resulting sectors are Authoritarian Right/Left and Libertarian Right/Left.


Since 2004, the political compass website has covered several elections in english-speaking countries.

Political Compass of the candidates in the 2004 US presidential election

While the political compass website has come under fire for its lack of clear methodology,[2] it remains a popular political model.

Parody Edits

The political compass model has made for many parody edits. Variations can be found featuring memes, fandoms and generally mocking the political spectrum. The first parody edit appears to have occurred on August 29th, 2012 in a Warosu.org thread (shown below).[4]

Political Compass parody explaining what each of the quadrants really mean

The next few years would see several edits, until March 2016, when political compass parodies began appearing with more regularity. On March 15th, an Imgur post[5] compiled eight political compass memes from the previous years. Soon, political compass memes expanded to include pop culture references, much like Alignment Charts. Popular pop culture variations include Spongebob Squarepants and The Simpsons. A Facebook page dedicated to Political Compass Memes[3] appeared on Facebook on June 15th, 2016 and acquired over 6,000 likes as of September 19th, 2016.

Various Examples

Following Ralph Douthat @ralphdouthat authoritarian LICE PULICE right eft berfarian Authoritarian -๋“œ Left Right 8 Libertarian Authoritarian ta gentle laborer shal no longar sufer Left Right Libertarian Authoritarian Left Right Libertarian Authoritarian ::..1 mi, Left Right DIVE A 4 Libertarian

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