Justin Y.

Justin Y.

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Justin Y is a YouTube user who is known for his comments, which users of the site have noticed happen to appear on the top comment sections of many popular videos. His comments have gained prominence in the community to the point where through commenting alone he has reached over 410,000 subscribers.[2]


Justin Y's account launched on August 20th, 2012.[2] Over the course of the following six years, the user began appearing in the top comments of several popular YouTube videos, drawing fascination to his channel. People have suspected him of being a bot, but that is not true. According to an interview he did with Nightmare Expo he is able to identify trending videos through an old YouTube layout and spends 2-3 hours a day commenting (shown below). The video gained over 388,000 views.

Justin's reputation on YouTube has grown over several years. In late 2017 and early 2018, he became more of an internet phenomenon as Redditors and the YouTube community began growing fascinated with the ubiquity of the account. A subreddit devoted to him launched on December 11th, 2017,[3] which he now moderates. A thread dedicated to him was posted to /r/youtube on January 25th, 2018.[1]

Online Relevance

On YouTube, multiple channels have uploaded videos researching Justin Y. In addition to the above Nightmare Expo video, other popular investigations include a piece by Anton M. that gained over 190,000 views (shown below, top left), a parody piano tutorial that gained over 125,000 views (shown below, top right), an analysis by Thomas Bob that gained over 150,000 views (shown below, bottom left), and a video by PowahSlap entertainment that gained over 16,000 views (shown below, bottom right).

Additionally, Justin Y has appeared as a character in remix videos parodying his ubiquity. User GameplayerFR posted a video remixing Justin Y's icon with an iDubbbz clip, gaining over 16,000 views (shown below, left). User Mlenny posted a compilation of Justin Y comments, gaining over 18,000 views (shown below, right).

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