Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen

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Sacha Baron Cohan is a famous actor for his roles within his 4 characters (to the present year of 2012) where they involve interacting with others where he improvises with these characters to involve humerous and shocking scenes where the person inflicted with the conflict results in embrassment or confusion. The characters that have been created are widely known as Ali G, Borat, Bruno and Admiral General Hafez Aladeen (also known as Aladeen)




Through his progress, he gradually developed characters that were used throughtout his life for success throughout the world. These characters were small 2-3 minute reports to people throughtout the street or organised interviews that were used for a comedic effect. The characters were also created within movies staring them within the movie's name with them as the main characater. The characters Ali G and Aladeen were created within a scripted structure while Borat and Bruno were improvised within most of the production


Ali G

Ali G is an uneducated, boorish junglist, known to have a passion for rap music invluving white and Jamacian rap from the town of Staines in Great Britian. 'Da' Ali G Show' started in 2000 whihc involved Cohan to include his other two created characters at that time, Borat and Bruno.

Created Memes

The characters didn't have any successful meme's from any of the slurs or quotes that he had made at the time of the character to be popular memes


Borat was a Kazakistan reporter who ravelled to America in order to gain information for his country.

Created Memes

Borat was a highly critical universal successful movie that granted Cohan a Golden Globe in 2007, it also resulted in many of his quotes to be used throughout the world within 2007 – 2008. These included:

I like sex! It's nice
Very Nice! How much?
Great Success
Mouth / Hand Party


Bruno is a flamboyantly gay, allegedly-19-year-old, Austrian fashion show presenter who went to America to wated to gain popularity as "the greatest Austrian perosn since Hitler"

Created Memes

The characters didn't have any successful meme's from any of the slurs or quotes that he had made at the time of the character to be popular memes

Admiral General Hafez Aladeen

Aladeen was described by its press about the movie as "the heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed

Created Memes

Within the movie, the term of his name Aladeen is known to replace several words within his made up country. This was shown as a popular joke within the terms of positive and negative terms to be replaced with "Aladeen". This is shown as a popular slur to use through the movies release.


Due to the popular success of each of his characters, Cohan admited that it was tto hard to prank people anymore due to how much the community knew about his characters. He annonced that after a period of time, each of his characters were


Cohan's characters have been shown to distribue racist slurs within the public to the state of discrimination of that particualr race, especially Judaism however this has been used due to the fact that Cohan is Jewish himself.

I Kiss You!

The famous “I Kiss You” guy known as Mahir Cagri from Izmir, Turkey is suing Cohen, where his character “Borat” is a copyright of his personality and is giving his nationaltiy a bad image. Cohen contends that his Borat character originated in 1997, two years prior to Cagir’s page where his meme had started from.


Characters were shown to be widely searched when their movies was released upon the world.

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