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Hey all, Scott here


Scott Daniel Wozniak (aka Scott The Woz) is a YouTube content creator and online personality. He is mainly known for his videos discussing video games, particularly those associated with Nintendo. Scott is also often used as a Reddit joke for subreddits centered around YouTube personalities where the subreddits would replace their central figure with Scott as a preferable alternative, particularly after the YouTuber did something controversial or problematic. As of April, 24th, 2022, Scott has over 1.65 million subscribers.


Scott created his YouTube channel on November 7, 2012.[1] His earliest video on the channel was uploaded on July 21st, 2016. Titled "The Internet and You," the video is a parody of the way the internet was portrayed in media during the 1990s. To date, the video has over 816,000 views (shown below).

Scott's first video game-related videos were about the Nintendo Switch. Released in January 2017, the first of the two centered around Scott's desires for the then-upcoming Nintendo Switch (shown below, left). The second video focused on his reaction to Nintendo's first presentation about the console (below, right).

Scott would continue to post weekly, growing his audience to grow over two years. To date, his most viewed video is his one centered around controllers, which has over 10 million views (shown below).

/r/JonTron Takeover

On November 10th, 2018, Reddit user /u/Darthmemer1234 posted a frame of one of Scott's videos with the title "If Jontron doesn’t upload by the end of November, we should officially become a Scott the Woz sub," a reference to the lengthy gap between that moment and JonTron's last video which at the time was released on December 23, 2017[3] (shown below). The post would go on to receive over 72,000 points.

4 Posted by u/Darthmemer1234 The Mind Behind the Woz Takeover 6 months ago 7.2k k If Jontron doesn't upload by the end of November, we should officially become a Scott the Woz sub. Serious

Soon after, the subreddit completely changed its theme to that surrounding ScottTheWoz and his content.

ぐ ar/JonTron + SUBSCRIBE r/JonTron 92,720 subscribers 362 online Welcome, to the official ScottTheWoz subreddit. Explore ﹀ About Posts HOT POSTS ▼

During this period users on the subreddit were posting their own memes related to Scott and the takeover (examples shown below)

He protec He attac But most importantly He upload content the virgin jontron SCOTT THE CHAD "HEY ALL SCOTT HERE"? needs a 20 second intro 5'10" AT LEAST 8 FEET TALL hundreds of dollars poured into each video UPLOADED 100 VIDEOS IN TWO YEARS LITERALLY MAKES VIDEOS IN HIS BEDROOM hasnt uploaded one video in 10 months A JonTron Sub A Scott The Woz Sub A Grimbo Sub A Rockington Sub LHALT this is the r/johtron police you are under arrest for crimes against JonTron return to your JonTron shitposts your cooperation iş appreciated please hand over your ScottTheWoz memes for inspection Friendsh ie Now THE 0Z bestit iend

On November 12, 2018 Scott responded to the subreddit's change on Twitter[5] with a selfie of himself with a bewildered expression (shown below)

Scott Wozniak @ScottTheWoz r/Jon Tron 3:58 PM Nov 12, 2018 Twitter for iPhone 619 Retweets 5.1K Likes ta

When JonTron made his comeback in his "Flex Tape II: The Flexening" video, he acknowledged the situation and joked that the name Scott The Woz "sounds a bit like a terminal illness" at the 7:50 mark (shown below).

In his final video of 2018 (shown below, left), Scott would go on to thank both Jon and the subreddit in the ending credits sequence (shown below, right).


/r/EtikaRedditNetwork Takeover

On January 30th, 2019 redditor /u/mattab29 posted "If Etika doesn't stream by the end of February, then this becomes a Scott the Woz subreddit"[6] on the /r/EtikaRedditNetwork subreddit, making a reference to Etika's own lack of activity. This post would go on to receive over 1.5k upvotes and 110 comments[6] (shown below, left). The mods of the subreddit supported this, with an announcement post shortening the deadline to the end of February 1st before the subreddit would shift its focus to Scott the Woz (below, right).[7]

4 Posted by u/mattab29 3 months ago 1sk If Etika doesn't stream by the end of February, then this becomes a Scott the Woz subreddit Џ 117 Comments Give Award * Share A save 99% Upvoted Posted by u/Flarpes BR0000000000KLYN 3 months ago 739 Its official, this subreddit will turn into a Scott the Woz subreddit if Etika doesn't upload or stream by the end of February 1st. Announcement Clock is ticking Etika>:) O Give Award 99% Upvoted save 61 Comments Share

At the end of February 1st, the subreddit proceeded to make its shift, changing its theme entirely to that of Scott's subreddit (shown below)[8][9]

12:53 K r/EtikaRedditNetwork THE WOZ r/EtikaRedditNetwork SUBSCRIBED 25,649 subscribers 195 online The Non-Official Scott the Woz Subreddit Made by some black guy Posts Rooms HOT POSTS u/Flarpes.1d Bye Etika Announcement 40 Share 887 u/PortlyGina 16h HEY GUYS! SCOTT HERE! WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL DISCORD (this is ern 2.0 I'll explain in the post) Announcement Yeah after T deleted it nennla ơnt inset ahnit hnlM T divided

The second time Scott took over the subreddit was following Etika's mental breakdown on April 29th, 2019. During this, Etika responded to a tweet asking "Where’s Scott The Woz when you need him" to which Etika replied "in hell"(shown below)

Etika @Etika Apr 29 225 th 10 456 Multide Multide1 Apr 29 Where's Scott The Woz when you need him 203 6 Etika Follow Etika Replying to @Multide1 In hell. 8:15 AM-29 Apr 2019 (-酉 . Qt, 1 Retweet 73 Likes

At the same time, the subreddit once again shifted to the Scott theme, and jokes and memes surrounding Scott were posted on the subreddit (Posts from both these periods are shown below).

DO NOT ENTER R/EtikaRedditNetwork coft the Woz When you want karma and you realise another gaming content creator went crazy Nice observationme BOYZ OWOZCON Font Text Logo Vehicle registration plate Graphic design Brand Banner Posted by u/MeatBrick64 3 months ago NEW SCOTT VIDEO: "How to get your 800k+ subscriber channel deleted" PORN 1.2k PORN A save Give AwardShare 35 Comments

Following this, Scott posted a statement on the subreddit's shift on Twitter, expressing his appreciation for the memes, but discomfort with being associated with Etika's breakdown, and asked that the subreddit ease up on the posts about him (shown below).

Scott Wozniak Follow @ScottTheWoz Just wanted to make a statement regarding recent events Hey guys, thanks for all the memes surrounding me, I get a kick out of them whenever I see em, but if we could ease up on the posts about me on Etika's subreddit/responses to his tweets of memes surrounding me or any of that I'd really appreciate it. I don't think this is a situation I want to be associated/involved with, l've never talked to him or commented on any of this until now, all I want is for him to be healthy and in a right state of mind. Thank you 10:55 AM-1 May 2019 9 (GG) ③④ 1,635 Retweets 13,421 Likes

Monopoly: Scott The Woz Edition

On November 26th, 2021, Scott The Woz and the Pixel Empire partnered with Hasbro and USAopoly for the annual Scott The Woz Merchandise for Charity Bonanza in which a variant of the Monopoly board game was created with a Scott The Woz theme. (shown below)

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