The anti-ftm

The anti-ftm

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Tylar Ingles is a female-to-male transgender who, previously ungoogleable, was first in line at Jordan B Peterson's speech at Western University In London, Ontario on March 16th 2017. He had a sign with the famous Voltaire misquote "I disapprove of what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, afterwards he had the sign signed by Jordan Peterson, making the pepe on the sign questionably the actual rarest pepe in existance, as it's Jordan Peterson "Approved". Tylar was the first to ask a question to him after his speech was over, but no video has surfaced.

Following the initial speech Tylar was interviewed for the London Free Press and was featured on Andrew Lawton's radio talk show. A photo of him standing with Jordan Peterson, his sign, and with a MAGA hat; was sensationalized on /pol/ while Jordan Peterson was in high hype, constantly being posted by the (presumably) same anti-trans sperg in every thread, causing every Jordan Peterson thread to derail into the confusion if you can both be "sorted" and transgender at the same time.
Every time Tylar was posted, posters would either love or hate him, calling him a kekeistani. But, someone else would inform them that Tylar was, in fact, a transgender, and it the thread would blow up wit both transphobic and "Our trans" posts.

At PRIDE london 2017 he dressed as woman and held a "CIS HET PRIDE" sign to raise awareness about how publicly CIS HET hate is acceptable, and how there's a double standard when it comes to pride events, and strait and heterosexual people aren't allowed to show their pride while others who aren't the majority can. Most noteable is the gif that was circulating of him twerking ontop of the rainbow crosswalk in the middle of the parade.

Today, he's often found sperging out on the internet, often shitposting and double backing on his own statements, it's unclear if he's trolling or really that stupid.

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