Project Manager Pool Girls TikTok meme chart and viral video.

Project Manager Pool Girls TikTok

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Project Manager Pool Girls TikTok is a viral video posted by TikToker @durbinmalonster in June 2022 that subsequently went viral on Twitter for being a tertiary example of Day In The Life of a Tech Worker style vlogs. Discussions about the clip initially revolved around people evaluating the actual productivity of the women, and subsequently around the supposed correlation between the video going viral and the start of an impending recession.


In the summer and fall of 2022, various videos showing the day-to-day activities of tech workers and consultants began going viral on TikTok and Twitter. Various people noted the supposedly lackadaisical nature of their workdays, which often involved recreational activities, comfortable workspaces and seemingly little to no actual work.[1][2][3]

On June 2nd, 2022, TikToker[4] @durbinmalonster posted a video showing her and a friend working from inside a pool. They briefly gave an overview of their job descriptions as "project managers" that oversee a group of developers and designers. The video gathered over 400,000 views and 44,000 likes in 10 months. The video was subsequently reposted to Twitter on June 4th, 2022, by @coldhealing, [5] who often posts adult daycare style videos. The post gathered over 12,000 likes, also in 10 months (seen below).


The reactions to the aforementioned video were varied as it spread in early June 2022, with some criticizing the supposed simplicity of the girls' jobs and others defending them against assumptions made off a short and lighthearted video. The original TikTok creator responded to criticism on June 5th (seen below, left),[6] and Twitter user @stevo_berntson[7] posted a reply in defense of her on the 4th (seen below, right).

Scott / Tech & Main St. Blog Jun 5, 2022 @kohl_in_one Follow Replying to @coldhealing As a PM myself, I've seen 3 types : 1. Own daily activities, but aren't seeing the bigger picture (PMs in this video) 2. Run experiments based on hypotheses to add value (and do #1) 3. PMs who drive long term strategy by talking with customers and prospects, and also do #1 & #2 Darby Maloney @darby_maloney. Follow It's crazy you know what kind of PM I am off of a 1 minute video where I am pool side on a work sponsored trip explaining the high level of what a PM does to my TikTok followers who are generally not in tech. You sir.. are a genius. Please, teach me more. 1:21 PM Jun 5, 2022 1.6K Reply Copy link to Tweet Quarshmar Jun 4, 2022 @stevo_berntson . Follow Replying to @coldhealing Coder: *has been in front of a screen for 12 hours straight* Pool girl: "Alright guys! Hang in there!" torture S @torturesyndrome. Follow tbh I think a lot of coders could benefit from a team of supportive pool girls 12:31 PM Jun 4, 2022 5.8K Reply Copy link to Tweet

On June 5th, 2022, Twitter[8] user @junker_jo quote tweeted the aforementioned tweet by @coldhealing with a caption that read, "The fact that apparently like 50% of our national economy is now this (girls with BAs working a pretend email job that pays them 60k a year to swim in the pool and go to sephora) has lowkey got me a little nervous." The tweet gathered over 30,000 likes in 10 months (seen below).

On April 14th, 2023, Twitter user @coldhealing[9] posted a tweet drawing a correlation between the poolside project managers going viral and S&P 500 stocks going down, indicating a recession.

cold @coldhealing Q^GSPC 4121.53 ^GSPC 3735.48 product manager pool girls tiktok is reposted to twitter dum Jun 3 1:30 PM - Apr 14, 2023 38.8K Views 8 13 15 Retweets 2 Quotes 271 Likes 10 Bookmarks + yahoo/finance 16 4,200.00 4,150.00 4,100.00 4,050.00 4,000.00 3,950.00 3,900.00 3,850.00 3,800.00 8.52B 3,750.00 3,700.00 3674.84 3,650.00

Various people reacted to the video on April 14th, making connections between the video and the massive tech layoffs that took place in late 2022 and early 2023. Twitter[10] user @ctjlewis said, "the video that broke the federal reserve" (seen below, left), and Twitter[11] user @empathyhaver captioned the video, "There's a non-zero chance that elon had this exact video in mind when he decided to slash 80% of twit's workforce," both gathering over 5,000 likes in three days (seen below, right).

Lewis @ctjlewis the video that broke the federal reserve cold @coldhealing - Jun 4, 2022 1:26 4.5M views 3:32 PM Apr 14, 2023 1M Views Tik Tok @durbinimonster 337 Retweets 15 Quotes 5,615 Likes 848 Bookmarks ●●● samememe @empathyhaver There's a non-zero chance that elon had this exact video in mind when he decided to slash 80% of twit's workforce cold @coldhealing. Jun 4, 2022 1:26 4.5M views 6:00 PM - Apr 14, 2023 460.5K Views TikTok durbinimonster 478 Retweets 26 Quotes 6,322 Likes 619 Bookmarks

Various Examples

buzzfeed jenny @buzzfeedjenny this is the antithesis to the bikini pool project manager girls and does way less at marketing their job/company than they think @coldhealing. Jun 28, 2022 cold Show this thread 4.4M views 1:04 PM Jun 29, 2022 day in my life as a 22 year old living in Chicago working in tech Tik Tok natashabadger 0:01 / 1:50 : High Yield Harry @Highyield Harry This video single-handedly started the belt-tightening in Tech. @coldhealing Jun 4, 2022 cold 1:29 4.5M views What I do for a living Tik Tok @durbinmalonste 7:38 AM. Apr 15, 2023 1.2M Views 263 Retweets 22 Quotes 4,536 Likes 462 Bookmarks : noisΓ© @proetrie we need a "where are they now"documentary on the tiktok girls who paved the path to recession. what would you title it? gotta be as catchy as these vids. @coldhealing. Jun 4, 2022 cold 1:24 4.5M views 7:31 AM. Apr 15, 2023 1.1M Views TikTok @durbinmalonster 285 Retweets 36 Quotes 5,051 Likes 766 Bookmarks : PEOPLE WHO MANAGE PRODUCTS PEOPLE WHO BUILD PRODUCTS YERBA MATE

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