Red 40 Food Dye

Red 40 Food Dye

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Red 40, also known as Allura Red AC or Red 40 Food Dye refers to an artificial food coloring that is often used in processed foods and beverages in the USA. The dye has come under criticism in the 2010s after it was banned in the UK and Switzerland due to health concerns. Ironic memes about Red 40 Maxxing began to spread on iFunny in 2022. Memes often conflate Red 40 dye with Cochineal, a bright red dye made from the cochineal insect. Memes condemning red food dye are often related to memes criticizing the widespread use of Seed Oils


The earliest known discussions about the dangers of Red 40 food dye, also known as Allura Red AC, go as far back as 2014, with internet users citing various studies that linked the use of red food dye to carcinogens, ADHD, and allergic reactions.[1][2][3]

The earliest known meme about Red 40 Food colorant was posted to iFunny[4] by user gayfellaz on December 29th, 2021, where it gathered over 12,000 smiles and 400 comments in over a year (seen below).

New red 40 high fructose corn syrup concoction just dropped Sup F Bitter worths Post FRUITY PEBBLES Flavored Syrup ATM Batter FRUITY PEBBLES Clavored Syn


On 20th March 2022, iFunny[5] user arf1049 uploaded a meme about Red 40 dye maxxing, gathering over 43 smiles in nearly a year (seen below, left). On 22nd May 2022, iFunny[6] user Whats_ain_about_lain posted another meme about Red 40 maxxing, gathering 4 smiles in over a year (seen below, right).

Reh Hemd od XIY X الوزن الاجمالی: ۱۵ گلوغرام الوزن الصافي: ۱۳ گلو غرام وافل And لاد Hamdard وح افزا amdard Re Prod 1x12x800 mL G.WEIGHT 15 Kg N.WEIGHT 13 Kg ろし NA Any tips for someone just getting into red 40 maxxing? I bought some of these for a pennies on the dollar. I've been Red 40 maxing for 3 days now. I've been on a diet of swedish fish and red koolaid, and I've never been healthier in my life. My urine and saliva now have a distinct red tint to them (more the latter) and my feces is the color and consistency of ground beef which has been left out for a moderate amount of time. Does anyone have any recommendations of foods with higher % red 40? I am looking to broaden my palette. milySize Resealabila Family Size: Resealable SOFT & CHEWY CAMI Family Size: Swedish Resentable FamilySize Swedish Swedish Swedish Swedish mini mini mini mini Resealable SOFT & THEWY CAMRY Swedish

On 22nd July 2022, iFunny user DeadassDom posted a meme about Red 40 and High Fructose Corn Syrup, gathering over 2,000 smiles in over a year (seen below, left). On 28th July 2022, iFunny user Ecclesiarch posted a meme featuring The Rock eating a tub of Red 40 dye, gathering 16 smiles in over a year (seen below, right).

his Red 40 in the da big lots Mrs Butter worth's Sugar Friv PEBBLES FlavorS FRUITY PEBBLES Red No. 40 FD&C Lake (125g/4.402) Description: Color group: red (dye content 36-42%). Organic, FDA-approved hi pigment insoluble but miscible in water & oils. CAS#0068583-95-9. INCI Name 40 FD&C lake) Properties provides superior color purity & saturation, oubanding de persibility, no aggregate formation, for best results wet in oil before use Use can be wth stanium dioxide to create lighter shades. For external use only Applications i gloss nail lacquer, blush & makeup. Storage stable in a closed container, co

Various Examples

NO WONDER THE KRALL ARE SO AWFUL al hum RED 40 Na H3C- CH3 N=N HO- Na FD&C Food Color, Red #40 $18.89 Price when purchased online Red 40: Artificial Dyes at a cheap price!?!? 00 Satisfactory RED 40 LOVERS PIPELINE P JUICE MONSTER ENERGY JUICE BE LIKE

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