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Seed Oils

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Seed Oils, also known as Vegetable Oils, refers to various oils used for cooking such as canola, sunflower, corn and grapeseed oil, among others, which have become associated with unhealthy eating, reportedly proven by scientific studies conducted on the human diet to be a direct cause of obesity and diabetes. The online discussion surrounding seed oils increased significantly due to statements made by Joe Rogan in 2020 on his podcast, inspiring creators to reference seed oils in memes on both Reddit and Twitter most prominently. The trend vaguely relates to discussions on Microplastics, Sigma Males and Soyjaks vs. Chads.


Seed oils or vegetable oils have been prevalent in human culture for millennia. Between 3300 BCE and 1200 BCE, they were prevalent in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, originally used as lamp fuel and then later for cooking, medicine and lubrication.[1] In China under the Song Dynasty, vegetable oil replaced animal fats for stir-frying around 960 AD.[1] However, in the 20th century is when seed oils became prominent after the invention of trans fats in 1901 by a German chemist named Wilhelm Normann. This led to the global production of margarine and vegetable shortening going into the 1900s.

In the United States, cottonseed oil was developed and marketed by a company called Procter & Gamble (P&G), which started selling the product under the name "Crisco" in 1911. GQ[2] published an article in October 2021 detailing that in 1911, Procter & Gamble pushed propaganda through advertising that seed oil was healthier than saturated animal fats like butter to use for cooking. At the time, seed oils were used primarily to fuel machinery. By marketing Crisco as healthier, Procter & Gamble influenced the way American's cooked their food for decades to come. By the 1990s, however, strong evidence surfaced that seed oils were worse for the human diet vs. their animal counterparts.

One of the earliest discussions of seed oils in online meme discourse occurred on 4chan's /pol/ messageboard.[3] The thread was started on July 6th, 2020, by an anonymous user who posted an anti-seed-oil meme using the Distracted Boyfriend template, captioning it, "'Vegetable' oils are toxic Soyboy low-T mouthbreather manlet edition" (shown below). They went on to write, "Doesn't include traditional plant-based oils that are cold-pressed, like extra-virgin olive oil and sesame oil. The biggest scam of the 20th century is the gradual but mass swapping of traditional fats (butter, lard, tallow) towards industrial techno-wonders. Factory RBD fats like margarine and 'vegetable' oils, which are now ubiquitous in the food supply."


Multiple 4chan users started to post their own anti-seed-oil memes in the thread. One of them used the X, X Everywhere template (shown below, left). Another used the Boardroom Suggestion template (shown below, right).

VEGETABLE OIL VEGETABLE OIL EVERYWHERE memegenerator.net What should we do with all these waste cottonseeds? sneak it into olive oil hold on, is that safe? sell it as fake lard imgilip.com


Throughout 2020, the trend of memeing seed oils expanded to other platforms and sites online. For example, two Twitter users spread information about seed oils to a wider audience in mid-2020. One was Twitter user drjamesdinic whose name is Dr. James DiNicolantonio. He posted many takes on seed oils to his account. For instance, one tweet[4] posted on June 22nd, 2020, earned roughly 1,000 likes over the course of two years (shown below, left). Another Twitter user named AlpacaAurelius also posted anti-seed oil tweets in 2020, like one posted on July 5th[5] that earned over 850 likes in two years (shown below, right).

James DiNicolantonio ... @drjamesdinic Once consumed, Omega-6 has a half life of approximately 680 DAYS! Omega-6 fats get incorporated into tissues including the heart and brain and can stay there for years. Who wants a highly oxidizable oil saturating their organs for years? STOP CONSUMING OMEGA-6 SEED OILS! 5:46 AM 路 Jun 22, 2020 路 Twitter for iPhone Carnivore Aurelius 漏 ... @AlpacaAurelius If you want to really protest, fast from the endless garbage society encourages. P--- News Tik tok Seed oils Sugars Victim mindset Become the most badass version of yourself possible. This is true rebellion. 10:52 AM 路 Jul 5, 2020 路 Twitter for iPhone

Joe Rogan and Paul Saladino on Seed Oils

On October 16th, 2020, Dr. Paul Saladino, an advocate for carnivore-based diets in humans, was interviewed on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, wherein he outlined multiple accounts of evidence against the human consumption of vegetables. This consumption included seed and vegetable oils. A clip from this part of the interview was uploaded on the same day by the JRE Clips YouTube channel, gaining roughly 358,100 views over the course of a year and a half (shown below).

October 2021 Resurgence

Following an article published by GQ[2] on October 14th, 2021 titled, "Seed Oil Is the Latest Thing We're Being Told to Eliminate from Our Diets--Here's Why," author Andrew Zaleski outlined the history of seed oils in the human diet as well as condemned their consumption. The article roughly coincided with an increase in seed oil references within memes going into the rest of October. For instance, on October 11th, 2021, Twitter[6] user Defendthewest17 posted a tweet that referenced James Bond and seed oils, earning roughly 4,500 likes in four months (shown below, left). On October 24th, Twitter[6] user JohnConstas tweeted a cartoon of lizard people laughing with the caption, "I put seed oils in all their food and blamed their health problems on meat," earning roughly 6,900 likes over the course of four months (shown below, right).

Did you notice I have put seed oils and soy in your diet for years Mr Bond? 9:18 PM 路 Oct 11, 2021 路 Twitter for iPhone John Constas @JohnConstas I put seed oils in all their food and blamed their health problems on meat memesmix.ne 8:46 PM 路 Oct 24, 2021 路 Twitter for iPhone

In February 2022, more seed oil memes surfaced online, many regarding information about the mitochondria being affected by seed oils.[8] Tweets were also posted in reaction to anti-seed oil content becoming oversaturated on the platform. For instance, on February 22nd, Twitter[9] user SA4543567360 tweeted, "Hate seed oils as much as the next guy but damn are these niggas becoming vegan-level annoying," receiving roughly 2,400 likes in six days (shown below).

El Feided @SA4543567360 Hate seed oils as much as the next guy but damn are these n----- becoming vegan-level annoying 12:26 AM 路 Feb 22, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone 149 Retweets 21 Quote Tweets 2,415 Likes

Various Examples

@Tree_Respecter_ Seed oils? No thank you! 7:13 PM 路 Feb 20, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone Fried egg ruined in "vegetable" oil Majestic omelette with butter, bacon fat, smoked salmon, sour cream & chives imgflip.com tyler @tyler02020202 when the guy who posts about weightlifting and seed oils and testosterone all day face reveals 1:41 AM 路 Feb 24, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone Hi, I'm Seed Oils, you may remember me from films such as: "I burn like toast after an hour at the beach" "My chest got real tight, then I died!" "I can't feel my feet anymore" "My left arm stopped working, what now?" "It's been limp for years, honey" "Short term memory goes first" "Engine lubricant, made Edible" "I've been obese since I was 12" "Trust me, it's heart healthy" "Forget breastmilk, let's try this!" "Killing me softly with Canola" "A little WD-40 never hurt anybody" "Toxic food? You're just lazy!" "I'm always hungry, it's normal" Canola sensible advice, eating un-processed foods\ "vegetable" oils getting paid to recommend HEALTH INSTITUTIONS imgflip.com JAKE-CLARK.TUMBLR Andrews Steel @asteel2 No seed oils detected SAG-AFTRA UNT SA gettyimages Dimitrios Kambouris 8:19 PM 路 Feb 27, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone

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Nox Lucis

I was raised with "fats bad, carbs good!"
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and also "eggs bad, dairy good!"
all of which were fucking lies, so I'm perfectly willing to believe something like this, but I'd like to see some better evidence than Rogan and a bunch of shitposts.


cant we skip this ciclical bullshit and jump ahead to the future distopia when proper food is a rich luxury and the common peasant eats some paste/gruel thing? or more futuristic distopia when solid food is a rare luxury and the peasant survives on flavored vitamin water? or even more future when flavored water is the luxury and the commom chews the vitamin tablets?(not vitamin pills but tablets, the ones that you disolve in water to drink) or even more than that when the rich survive chewing vitamin tablets and the poor just snort some vitamin dust cocaine style? or the future distopa(鈥..) you get the point鈥︹


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