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Doodle or Die The game of telephone with drawings!


Doodle or Die is a online game created by Dylan Green (aka Nordcore on Reddit) and Aaron Silverman, with help from Dan Noble and Garrett Miller[1]. Self-described as "the game of telephone with drawings," Doodle or Die allows users to create chains of drawings and captions with other users.


Doodle or Die was originally created for a 48-hour Node.js coding contest called Node.js Knockout[3] in September 2011. According to Green, the game was created in 8 hours. It won the prize for Utility or Fun when the results were announced on September 16th.

Utility by opower Fun: Doodle or Die The game of telephone with drawings!


During the Knockout competition, they claimed to have over 10,000 players.[8] Doodle or Die has a global Alexa[9] rank of 2,191,842 and a US rank of 360,622.


The sub-Reddit[2] for the game describes gameplay as follows:

Person A: Draws any picture they like
Person B: Captions picture
Person C: Draws picture based only off words in Person B's caption
Person D: Captions new picture


spiderman informing the children taht GAYS ARE OK 16. Its »kto My Drawing 17 Deadpool encourages a lesbian threesome 18 New Yellow japanese mouse about to be r---- analy, proabably by Brock y Drawing Doodle or Die The game of telephone with drawings! Created in 8 hours for Node Knockout, Winner for Most Fun! Upcoming iPad/iPhone/Android support & new name: Doodleblast Hey Al, you must draw: goldfish wearing aviators Undo Clear Submit Doodle
Draw the first thing you see when you look to your right 1. 2. DL2- A bottle of Cocacola with ice tea inside 3. i Olice at the ny New A man weeps after discovering that someone has beaten his Pac-Marn high score. IT'S NOT FA Hitler as a green stapler


A Doodle or Die sub-Reddit[2] was created on September 14th to showcase the greatest and most amusing chains found within the game. The same day, co-designer Dylan Greene made an IAMA thread[5], also on Reddit.

Posts featuring notable responses on Doodle or Die are often posted on Tumblr[6] while threads with them have been posted on 4chan's /v/ (video game) board[7]. Apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices are in the works.

Doodle or Die has been popular on gaming forums such as NeoGAF[10], Facepunch[11], and Kongregate.[12] It was also covered by USA Today's PopCandy.[13]


Early on in the website's lifespan, it became popular to suddenly change the topic of a thread by either writing or drawing "shark tits". Users were easily angered by the spontaneity and undesirable obscenity of the idea, and butthurt quickly followed.

Sharks don't have t--- shark with a coconut bra Shark wolf with a cookie bra Sharks

Search Interest

Search for Doodle or Die began in September 2011, the same month of its creation.


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This game is pretty fun. Be warned, though, that certain chains are being plagued with an animation of a furry sucking a cock. How that is even possible, we'll never know. Dylan Green should do something about this.


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