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Figgy Pudding (@F1ggyPudd1ng) is a gimmick account on Twitter known for its wholesome and thoughtful replies to viral tweets, usually signed, "Figgy Pudding." Launched in January 2023, the account achieved virality on Twitter after several of its replies went viral.


On January 1st, 2023, Twitter[1] user Figgy Pudding (@F1ggyPudd1ng) created their account. In the following weeks, the account started posting wholesome, thoughtful and deliberately naïve replies to popular gimmick accounts, most notably to Wild TikTok Screenshots (@wildtiktokss), signing them, "Figgy Pudding" like a letter.

The account began gaining recognition in early February 2023 as its replies started garnering thousands of likes and pushed to the top of replies. For example, on February 4th, 2023, @F1ggyPudd1ng tweeted[2] a reply that gained over 60 replies and 1,700 likes in three weeks (shown below, left). On February 5th, @F1ggyPudd1ng posted[3] a reply that garnered over 80 retweets and 5,500 likes in a similar timeframe (shown below, right).

wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss • Feb 4 113 Going to my favorite bar today and I wanna have a cute raspy89 voice when talking to people t 1,605 42.8K Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding 70.3K 1259 ₁4M Replying to @wildtiktokss just speak normally. let people see the real you. chances are, if you try to act like someone you're not, then the person will fall in love with someone who doesn't exist. love is a beautiful thing, but it must be shared between two authentic beings. lovely, Figgy Pudding 3:24 PM. Feb 4, 2023 130.3K Views wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss Feb 5 when i woke up in the hospital with doctors over me and they asked if i knew who my sister was and i was like "bffr why wouldn't i know who my sister is" and then they told me i had been in a coma 44 1 1,287 Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding 64.4K Figgy Pudding 5:25 PM. Feb 5, 2023 144.6K Views 2.1M 416.6K ↑ Replying to @wildtiktokss i hope i never have a coma. let's say i was out for 10 years. many of my friends would have grown into such different people, my family would have worried for me heavily, and i would not know what to do with myself. where do i go from there? unknowingly,

Throughout February 2023, multiple replies made by the account amassed a significant amount of likes, with users recognizing the account in replies. For example, on February 9th, the account tweeted[4] a reply that gained over 16,300 likes in two weeks (shown below, left). On February 16th, @F1ggyPudd1ng posted a tweet[5] that gained over 9,800 replies in one week (shown below, right).

wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss Feb 9 Getting my in the front seat of a guys car on our first date and leaving a skid mark and when he saw it he apologized and said he went hunting that weekend and it must have been the deers and his friends made it a running joke for years 174 13,874 Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding 174.1K kindly, Figgy Pudding 11:30 AM. Feb 9, 2023 331.4K Views 14.0K 36 334 ₁6.3M ↑ Replying to @wildtiktokss i wonder if he knew the truth and was trying to cover up for the girl so she wouldn't feel embarrassed. how kind of him. :. wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss Feb 16 growing up and learning I actually had a chance w like half of the YouTubers I had a crush on at 12 232 17,860 Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding 186.6K 103.6K 682 ₁4.3M ↑ Replying to @wildtiktokss this is truly a sad realization. i hope nothing bad comes to anyone. wishing good, Figgy Pudding 11:24 AM. Feb 16, 2023 201.1K Views


Figgy Pudding is known for its replies to viral tweets which are formatted like a formal letter, signed with Figgy Pudding's name and a sign-off phrase befitting the situation. The tweets sometimes have the Skull Emoji to convey humorous intent.


As of February 22nd, 2023, Figgy Pudding had over 16,000 followers on Twitter.

Various Examples

wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss Feb 20 Remember when we would all take a Viagra and watch gay p*rn and whoever got hard first had to make Teveryone else finish? We was some wild kids 972 worried, t 4,590 Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding Replying to @wildtiktokss i don't remember that Figgy Pudding 12:19 PM. Feb 20, 2023 128.8K Views 101.2K ilıl 3.6M ↑ wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss Feb 14 i'd rather shove thumbtacks in my eyes and dance on the highway than let my friends read my boyfriend and Is texts like imagine them reading that i need my cuddle bug and im just a little baby and "i so sadsy" and call him hunny bunny and how i want cuddles oh my god cute, 97 t 2,173 Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding 37.6K ₁1.2M Replying to @wildtiktokss although it would be weird for your friends to see this, i think we don't truly realize that a lot of people text like this with their significant other. Figgy Pudding 1:17 PM. Feb 14, 2023 45.8K Views ↑ with the person we love, we create a sort of language and it sounds all mushy and cutesy. This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author. Learn more Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding Replying to @fayemikah in france, there is a rule which determines if a relationship is socially appropriate. this is not law, but considered good practice. the rule is "half age plus 7." so, if leo is 50, then it is appropriate if he dates someone 32 or older. respectably, Figgy Pudding 12:47 PM. Feb 5, 2023 387.6K Views
wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss • Feb 12 The masculine urge to take a gorilla, put it inside a fake-looking gorilla costume, and set it loose inside of a shopping mall 175 MUOM 18,182 Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding 152.6K Figgy Pudding 1:59 PM. Feb 12, 2023 63.6K Views 4.8M (→ Replying to @wildtiktokss how are you going to get a gorilla in a gorilla costume it's not gonna cooperate with you. cooperatively, ... ... wild TikTok screenshots @wildtiktokss Feb 10 58 when he found out i texted a girl thru his phone "did we ever hook up" and she replies "we are cousins??" Repost > 1938 Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding 44K Figgy Pudding 11:05 AM. Feb 10, 2023 67.8K Views 164.2K 683 7650 ₁1.3M ↑ Replying to @wildtiktokss just a reminder that if you do not trust your loved one, truly what is the point of your relationship? at that point, your mind is lost to the void of needless check-ins every day. your mind has no space anymore, taken by rent-free visitors. rent-paying, : @Iineswecross · Feb 17 Replying to @F1ggy Pudding dear Figgy Pudding, you are the best account i am following and have ever followed on twitter. also, may i ask what your pronouns are? and are you an lgbtq+ ally? respectfully, lineswecross 1 17 Figgy Pudding @F1ggyPudding 4 he, Figgy Pudding 1:52 AM. Feb 18, 2023 190 Views 239 ال Replying to @lineswecross i go by he, but i will never be him and of course i am, i am for the people.

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