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Incel Pickup Lines

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Incel Pickup Lines is a Twitter gimmick account that posts screenshots of creepy, awkward and cringy pickup lines posted by people online, usually either in someone's DMs or as a response to How Do You Open? posts. Launched in late April 2022, the incel-themed account went viral on Twitter in early May that year.


On April 30th, 2022, Twitter[1] gimmick account Incel Pickup Lines (@incelReplies) was launched, posting its first tweet[2] on the same day (shown below). The tweet, depicting a How Do You Open? example, received over 1,900 retweets and 54,800 likes in four days.

Chateau Heartiste @CHeartiste How would you open? IEE COLD BEER Justin @ Replying to @CHeartiste It sure is hot out. *licks my ice cream while winking* 7:42 PM · 23 Apr 21 · Twitter Web App 1 Like

In the following days, the account shared more screenshots of Twitter and 4chan posts, as well as DMs, containing creepy and cringy pickup lines. For example, a post[3] shared by the account on May 1st, received over 840 retweets and 25,500 likes in three days (shown below, left).

incel pickup lines @incelReplies ... Chateau Heartiste @CHeartiste · 21h How would you open? 292 480 210 Nice Guy Seduction @ Replying to @CHeartiste A woman that can cook and make bread! You're off to a good start... but can you also clean? 9:30 AM · 01 May 22 · Twitter for Android 1 Like 27 11:59 AM - May 1, 2022 - Twitter Web App O File: 1344263299653.jpg-(118 KB, 750x561, 1342391823379.jpg) %O Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)10:28 No.150024827 Q0 >walk in the streets at night >see this what do? Replies to this post: >>150024980 >>150025340 >>150025928 >150025939 >>150026292 >150028471 >150028708 >150027040 >>150027683 O Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)10:30 No.150024980 Q00 >>150024827 Offer her my coat to cover up and a ride home Replies to this post: >>150025020 >>150025330 *O Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)10:46 No. 150026512 QO0 >Help her up and carry her disoriented body to my place. >Let her sleep on my bed as I sleep on the couch >Deal with her freak out when she wakes up. >Ask her if she's ok. >"You don't have to tell me what happened, but you do have to eat this." as I hand her a bowl of eggs. >Ask if she needs a ride home. >Tell her to take care. Replies to this post: >>150026816 >>150026884 >>150026870 >>150026876 >150026697 >>150026716 >>150026726 >>150026729 >>150028742 >>150026793 >>150026796 >>150028808 >>150026970 >150027098 >>150027215 >>150027757 >>150027901 >>150027909 >>150028005 >>150028017 >>150028114 >>150028138 >>150028154 >>150028268 >>150028272 >>150028273 >>150028588 O Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)10:47 No.150026676 Q00 > O Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)10:48 No. File: 1344264509932.jpg-(102 KB, 480. O Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)10:47 No. 1500266 File: 1344264432937.png-(265 KB, 334x393, 1 >>150026512 Wizard detected >>150026512 >>150026512 Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)11:01 File: 1344265300847.png-(4 KB, 312x315, 1343878593548.png) HIGH LEVEL >>150026512 >take her back to your place >think "You don't have to tell me what EMBARRASSING happened, but you do have to eat this" is a smooth line Jesus christ were you the creepy one at You HAVE TO EATALL THEEGGS school? O Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)11:05 No. 150028268 QOA File: 1344265558447.png-(45 KB, 882x896, EAT ALL THE EGGS.png) Vou WAVE >>150026512 Replies to this post: >>150028315 >150028382 2>150028528 Anonymous 08/06/12(Mon)11:00 why are you >>150026512 >h-hi. you a-wake? >wh- why are you screaming? >pls stop >h-here e-eggs doing This.?) >pl-please dont go >*door slams* >l love you too


Incel Pickup Lines posts screenshots of social media posts in which people attempt cringy, creepy and awkward pickup lines. The posts are sourced from How Do You Open? threads, social media conversations and personal DMs.


The account gained over 73,000 followers on Twitter in four days since its creation.

Pickup Lines

Pickup Lines are flirtatious conservation openers designed to pique a stranger's romantic interest. While some are serious in nature, pickup lines are often associated with cheesy jokes and sexual puns.

How Do You Open?

How Do You Open? refers to a catchphrase and series of memes parodying pickup and seduction problems that involve striking up a conversation with a stranger with a hypothetical scenario posed alongside it. The trend started with tweets parodying one such challenge posed by a pickup artistry Twitter account in early November 2021.

Various Examples

incel pickup lines @incelReplies 8:09 AM Replied to your story Never been into Brownies but you might make me change my mind... Lol 2:21 PM brownies....? 3:40 PM Brownies. You know like... Ethnic. You're mixed with something aren't you? Just my little nickname mv dude whaaaaaat the f--- 12:13 PM · May 3, 2022 · Twitter for Android incel pickup lines @incelReplies ... You're arrive your local restaurant, and LeDitFranc you notice this young woman sitting alone. Replying to @LearnToAttract How do you open? With humor / an elaborate one / hard one: "Hello, seeing you I noticed your perfect manicure and the cross shaped earrings. Maybe you believe in God; I used to believe in angels ... but the devil is a fallen angel. Do angels drink apple juice?" [therefore: avoid 2 traps] 6:40 PM · 10 Nov 21 · Twitter Web App 5:00 PM · May 2, 2022 · Twitter Web App incel pickup lines @incelReplies The Seducer Lifestyle . 12 Apr Victor Y ... You see this young woman at a hotel lobby. Replying to @PUA_DATING_TIPS with a slight smirk): |'You had a bigger bra on vesterday?" (b/c of uneven sun-tan on her left poob) Then try to followup with something along the lines of "good thing you didn't wear sun-glasses then" 4:18 AM · 12 Apr 22 · Twitter Web App She notices you noticing her. How do you open? 11:00 AM · May 2, 2022 · Twitter Web App

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