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ConcernedMom420 was the Twitter handle of an anonymous blogger known for posting inaccurate statements about common parental issues and topics, such as religion, drug use and homophobia, while posing as an overly concerned and ill-informed parent with a personal mission to ban marijuana. The account allegedly belonged to a 45-year-old Christian mom from Utah, but the preposterous nature of the tweets have lead many to suspect it was run by a troll.

Online History

The account @ConcernedMom410[1] was registered on December 4th, 2012. The first tweet was not made until December 10th, attaching a photo of a mother crying over a young boy with text asserting that he died due to smoking marijuana. The attached image had been circulating the web since October 2012.[2] As of April 2013, the tweet has nearly 800 retweets and nearly 300 favorites.

On December 13th, the first non-Twitter discussion of @ConcernedMom420 took place on the IGN forums.[3] The same day, a Facebook fan page[4] titled "STOP WEED SMOKING" was launched, using the same profile picture as the Twitter account. As of April 2013, the page has accrued more than 63,000 likes and the account's original profile photo boasts more than 6,300 comments. On the December 14th, a YouTube channel[5] for concernedmom420 was launched. Three days later, a video titled "The Dangerous Truths of Marijuana" (shown below) was uploaded utilizing Christian music, hyperbolic statements and poorly edited images of celebrities to explain the dangers of smoking weed. The video also alleges that Christ saved her from "the devil's lettuce." As of April 2013, the video has nearly 50,000 views.

As of April 2013, @ConcernedMom420 has been mentioned on Twitter nearly 30,000 times[6], averaging approximately 3,000 mentions daily at the height of the account's popularity between December 12th and 15th, 2012. Screenshots of her tweets and discussion of whether or not it is a troll account have been shared on Tumblr[7], Instagram[8] and Reddit[9] as well as on marijuana enthusiast forum The C Talk[10], skiing forum New Schoolers[11], College Humor's staff blog[12], the Daily Kos[13] and Quora.[14]


In January 2013, The Daily Dot[15] investigated the account, tracing the photo back to a woman named Michele Dennison, who tweeted with the handle @MicheleDenniso2[16] from February to November 2012. They also found a second Twitter account using the photo, @ConcernedPoetry[17], which was created in January 2013. The account allegedly belongs to someone named Michelle and provides a link to the ConcernedMom420 YouTube account. As of April 2013, @ConcernedPoetry is still active, posting photoshopped images and jokes. However, it is unclear whether or not all three accounts belong to the same person.

Notable Tweets

iβ–Ό STOP WEED SMOKING!! @ConcernedMom420 y Follow A lot of people have said "I want the D". If by D you mean DRUGS-TO-BE-BANNED, then yes!! I want the D! I want the D now! ← Reply Retweet β˜… Favorite Storify 8,800 RETWEETS FAVORITES 2,529 2:55 PM-13 Dec 12 Embed this Tweet STOP WEED SMOKING!!L @ConcernedMom420 β–Ό y Follow me some of that green leaf" If you did "pass not think of Basil - you're already knocking on satans door. ← Reply Retweet β˜… Favorite 4,8671 Storify 1,386 RETWEETS FAVORITES 1:52 AM-20 Dec 12 Embed this Tweet
STOP WEED SMOKING!! @ConcernedMom420 β–Ό y Follow My children are NOT allowed to watch movies. ESPECIALLY films like "Harry potter"which encourage weed smoking. ← Reply Retweet β˜… Favorite , Storify 4,938 RETWEETS FAVORITES κ°¬εœ‹η†Ÿ@iGa13θ„³ζΏ« 2,047 10:53 AM-16 Dec 12 Embed this Tweet Flag media β–Ό y Follow STOP WEED SMOKING! @ConcernedMom420 Where are his parents? Where did he find this marijuana. It's SCARY how easily accessible it is to children. ← Reply Retweet β˜… Favorite Storify 5,846 2,239 RETWEETS FAVORITES 10:22 AM-17 Dec 12 Embed this Tweet Flag media STOP WEED SMOKING!!L @ConcernedMom420 β–Ό y Follow One of my old professors from Christian tech sent me this from the archives. Terrifying what 2 hits can do. Reply Retweet β˜… Favorite Storify Faces of Marijuana Abuse 2 hits later 6,1702,184 RETWEETS FAVORITES 2:26 PM-13 Dec 12 Embed this Tweet Flag media

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