Smug Cheerleader

Smug Cheerleader

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Smug Cheerleader refers to a series of image macros in which users caption a picture of a cheerleader with a close-mouthed smile. Online, people describe this as a "petty" look and caption it accordingly.


On January 16th, 2018, YouTuber [1] Cheer Extreme published a video entitled "Senior Elite SOH 2018 Backstage, Performance & Awards." At two minutes and 23 seconds, a cheerleader named Ryan Cummings makes the "smug" smile at the end of a routine.[5] Within two weeks, the video (shown below) received more than 196,000 views.


That day, people began posting the image on Twitter. Twitter[2] user @SEtotheleft posted a five-second clip of the moment and the caption "big mood." The post (shown below) received more than 39.7 million views, 77,000 retweets and 165,000 likes in two weeks.

Several days later, on January 20th, Twitter user @dailyjoshifer tweeted[3] the video with the caption "white feminists after drawing a uterus on a poster." The post (shown below, center) receied more than 40,000 retweets and 149,000 likes in nine days.

Two days later, Twitter[4] user @youthrillme tweeted, "Gym twitter after making dry chicken and brown rice for dinner for the 6th time this week." The post (shown below, right) received more than 21,000 retweets and 82,000 likes in one week.

big mood white feminists after drawing a uterus on a poster 0:02 39.7M views Gym twitter after making dry chicken and brown rice for dinner for the 6th time this week 0:05 39.7M views

On January 27th, Twitter[6] user @SEtotheleft posted a followup tweet in the form of another shot of Cummings smiling and flicking her head. They captioned the tweet (shown below) "Behold, our next supreme." The post received more than 36 retweets and 230 likes in two days.

Various Examples

Sis is really a whole mood. 0:04 7.04M views Elle Woods after proving that Chutney Windham was not in the shower when her father was shot because she got a perm earlier that day and the water would have deactivated the immonium thygocalate 0:01 39.7M views Him:"Are you going to drop that attitude?" .35 Me:"What attitude" 0:03 39.7M views
SO.... your gif don't move? oh. okay. i iF When you spot the hoe who was talking all that shit but she acting fake busy on her phone when she see you 0:01 39.7M views "Front handspring, step out, round off, back handspring, step out, round off, back handspring, full. twisted. layout" 0:03 39.7M views

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