Son, I Am Disappoint

Son, I Am Disappoint

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Son, I Am Disappoint is a series of exploitable comics illustrating uneasy or disconnected dialogues between a son and a father. It is similar in nature to What's All This Racket, Son, although the phrase is used to express disappointment in someone's actions or words, rather than irritation. The phrase "I am disappoint" itself has gained much more popularity than the original comic.


The original source of the comic strip is unknown, but the image macro series was first posted to 4chan in 2008. An Encyclopedia Dramatica article about the comic was first published on November 28th, 2008. Since then, the comic has spread to other forums, such as[1], and the phrase "I am disappoint" has found common usage in internet slang (template shown below).



In the following years, the term saw use in a series of exploitable which altered the son's actions or the father's reaction (shown below).

HEY DAD IMNA PLAYS GUITAR ONN illoa with teris ot isic fron Tho Pirata Bey Look at my -pod iPod 20GB SonN lAMNODISAPPOINNT

Eventually, the term began seeing use in image macros with different characters making faces reminiscent of the original comic (examples shown below).

Son... am disappoint I AM DISSAPOINT

The phrase was added to Urban Dictionary on February 14th, 2009[2] (shown below).

y f > TOP DEFINITION i am disappoint a 4chan meme. it is a series of badly drawn comics in which the son does an act the father disapproves of, and the father says: son, i am disappoint fap fap fap- son, i am disappoint did you see the latest i am disappoint? it was hilarious

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