SoulCalibur VI Custom Characters

SoulCalibur VI Custom Characters

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SoulCalibur VI Custom Characters refers to fighters created by players of the fighting video game SoulCalibur VI which grow popular online as a result of their grotesque appearance or similarity to a famous character or person.


SoulCalibur VI, the sixth installment in the SoulCalibur series, features an extensive character creation system with many customizable options, allowing for a wide range of characters including detailed recreations of pop culture characters. Strange and amusing creations began appearing online the day of the game's release, October 19th, 2018.[1]


The day of release saw several popular tweets featuring detailed recreations of pop culture characters. One of the first popular examples included a post by Twitter user @maniadrone[2] that was a grotesque representation of Kirby (shown below, left). The tweet gained over 5,200 retweets and 17,000 likes. User @Altronage posted several creations, including recreations of Pepsiman, Thanos, Deadpool and Kill La Kill's Ryuko, gaining over 3,900 retweets and 10,000 likes (shown below, right).

Character Name Kirby Style Nightmare Altronage @Altronage Follow everyone went out of control with the new SC 9:34 AM -19 Oct 2018 1,249 Retweets 3,155 Likes ece

Other popular creations without a corresponding pop culture character included a creation by Redditor TheMightyBellengar of a pistachio that gained over 1,500 points in /r/SoulCalibur (shown below, left) and an original character by Twitter user @whatgoat called "kawaiibones" that gained over 1,000 retweets (shown below, right).

Character Name Pistachio Style Raphael Character Name Kawaiibones Style Voldo

Various Examples

Character Name RobbieRotten Style Yoshimitsu Change Time of Day Chango Zoom Cam. In/out 0.fcam Up/Down a D Hide Controls n nZoom Caman,Out O-tcam. Up/Down O+HRotate Character-罒Submenu carn, Character Name Xavier Style Azwel Character Creation Home ˊ : weapon / Style Body Equipment Colors/Patterns/Stickers 奭 Battle Comments Take Picture Enter Name Mock Battle Finish Editing Character Name Ronald Style Yoshimitsu Change the character's battle comments /0++Rotate Cam. , *++Cam. Up/Down *+..Rotate Character esubmenu /Y+Rotate Cam. Zoom Cam. In /Out Character Creation Home Weapon /Style Body Equipment Colors/Patterns/S tickers Battle Comments Take Picture Enter Name Character Name · · Lucifer Mock Battle Style Azwel Finish Editing Change the character's weaponry and style. /e++Rotate Cam. 血 O4Carn. Up/Down 。+64Rotate Character DemNSSubmenu 2 Zoom Cam. In/Out OPTIONS

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[1] Wikipedia – SoulCalibur VI

[2] Twitter – @maniadrone

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To think that this game has sexier customization options than the upcoming DoA 6 without even making it a selling point, and also more flexible customization than Dragon Ball Xenoverse, a game where custom characters were indeed a selling point, and SC6 just did it casually because they could, all in a game that is not heavy on DLC and has no microtransactions.

Yep, I can tell this game will beat record sales for this franchise and outshine many other fighting games in the process. Namco knows their shit.


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