Club Penguin Armies

Club Penguin Armies

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About Club Penguin

Club Penguin, commonly known as CP, is an MMORPG that is designed by New Horizon Interactive, targeted towards people between the ages of 6 and 14, although the game is open for all ages. Players can chat, play games, throw snowballs, earn Club Penguin coins, and participate with one another in a snowy virtual world. Although the game can be played for free, a membership is required to buy clothes, go into member-only rooms, etc.

Brief History of Early Armies

Club Penguin was known for snowball fights in 2005, although it wasn't long before armies were an idea. The first ever known armies were simply named by the color of the penguin, such as Red and Blue.

The first army to have a leader was Red, who had a leader named Korn. Armies weren't big in the community just yet, but the earliest known armies participated in what was known as the Color Wars during the Sports Party of 2006.

They were very unorganized, due to the fact that they had no website or forum to create plans. They would just simply log on to the Dojo and battle it out. The Color Wars soon officially became to be known as World War I.


After the decline of the Color War clans, the clans evolved into armies and took identity by name and clothing rather than color of the penguin's skin. Some clans became armies on the Miniclip Forums, the site in which Club Penguin rapidly became it's #1 game. Miniclip was the center of Club Penguin culture, and many new users originated from there.

A user named Vital Viper found Mammoth as the "Forum Server", and it became a big location for battles, especially during World War II.

These series of constant battles between these clans and newly formed organized armies is recognized as World War II. Although hundreds of clans were probably made during this period, the main clans and armies that are known to have existed and participated in this era were the Romans, Vikings, Pirates, Penguin Secret Agency (PSA), Army of Club Penguin (ACP), Club Penguin Army (CPA), and the Club Penguin United Nations Space Commission (CPUNSC).

Armies like the Underground Mafias Army (UMA), Club Penguin Marines (CPM), and the Nachos were still forming, or in the Nachos’ case, still a clan. The ACP, Romans, and the CPUNSC were the first armies to officially organize on the Miniclip forums.


Purple Republic/Club Penguin Raids

The Purple Republic is a group originating on 4chan’s /v/ board dedicated to raiding Club Penguin servers, similar to the Pool’s Closed phenomenon associated with Habbo Hotel.

The members of the Purple Republic raid Club Penguin servers with purple-colored penguins wearing miner helmets, refer to each other as PR, and treat any color other than purple as an inferior race of penguin.
CLUB 乙PENGUIN GENERAL eights for FREEDOM v2.2 NEW PLAYERS READ THIS S--- Club Penguin is a WoW-killer MMORPG developed by Valve. It has already won GOTY 2011 Create a new account on the Club Penguin website and be sure to create a purple penguin Once you've activated and logged in, you're placed in a random server. Log off then back in and find the name of the server your bros are playing in. It takes 2 days or less to have your name accepted, until then your name is a string of numbers Use "PR" as code for other purple bros. Be sure to scream it often to identify other purples Colored peasent Hates video games Royal purple master race Your bro you can trust Hatless and poor WIII Vears his trusty miner helmet WORK FOR Deserves to be drilled Very wealth and stoned to death im cring Average non-PR Proud PR flag . Press the E+T keys to fart. Press/hold the T key to stone people. Press the D key to dance/drill Many swears, mispelling of swears, and purple slang result in autobans and if it doesn't you can still be banned by the omnipresent CP mods. Be careful If you see several purples all dissapearing at once then you should run to a different area as fast as you can before you're next. anne The server has automatically banned you for saying a bad word You Said: "s--- n---- why is there so many purple penguins" YOU CANNOT BE IP BANNED!!" Go to these areas here to find a mining helmet and drill You'll need these if you want to hang with your PR bros. MINE NEVER go the iceberg. You can collect many different stamps by doing objectives in the game. One of these needs a large number of penguins drilling on the iceberg to get. If you drill on the iceberg, you Mine Walk over to these hats Get one and click on yourself to go to your invetory and equip it You can then dance to drill things helping non-PR peasents earn their precious stamps. lgnore anyone saying to go to the iceberg. Do not help them Actions If you have a Steam account, which you should, you can join our steam group to stay organized. Search in Steam community for "The Penguins of The Purple Republic" or use the link below. Make sure to take advantage of the group chat feature.


On June 18th, 2014, a trailer for Ground Zero, a series of videos that will look back on Club Penguin army history, was released to the public and onto YouTube.

There has also been videos inspired by the Tundra Wars, also known as Fever's War. An example is below:

Continued History from 2007-present

Oagalthorp, the Army Of Club Penguin creator and leader at this time, was looking for information about an army called the Underground Mafias Army who just recently attacked the ACP on Mammoth.

Oagalthorp found the UMA website and found out they had been attacking Mammoth often and they had been hacking Club Penguin for coins and rare clothing. Oagalthorp left a comment on their website saying if they didn’t stop attacking Mammoth and hacking Club Penguin, the ACP would declare war. The UMA responded by saying, “Bring it on.” The UMA had accepted war.

The UMA was quickly able to ally with the Nachos and the CPUNSC to undermine support from the ACP. Battles occured almost every day against these two armies and their allies. The UMA easily outnumbered the ACP in just about every battle, but the ACP was able to put up a fight by out maneuvering them with tactics.

The UMA’s greatest victory verse the ACP came at the Battle of Mammoth. They out numbered ACP 1 to 6 in this battle, leaving the ACP with only one option to surrender the battle, which later they had to surrender Mammoth to the UMA because there was UMA soldiers on the server almost 24/7. The Battle of Mammoth was recalled in The ACP Saga

When a small cease-fire was signed between the UMA and the ACP, The ACP took advantage of this time of no war to work on things to help defeat their enemies. They first made their uniform more updated with the catalog by adding the roman helmet to their uniform; this let more recruits join them and it also made them fairly larger.

Then, the ACP also set up a base in Breeze to get away from all the chaos in Mammoth going on at the time. When the cease fire agreement was up, the two enemies went at it again, but this time, the ACP was having more success verse the powerful UMA. Pink Mafias became angry at the ACP’s surprising success and looked forward to another ambush…

While the ACP was gaining power and figuring out the UMA, they were also e-mailing Club Penguin about how the UMA were hacking coins and rare clothing from them. Finally, the ACP got what they wanted and Club Penguin banned Pink Mafias forever from Club Penguin. He was forced to use his secondary account, Uma Pm.

This weakened UMA morale, and nearly destroyed their leadership and chain of command. Nothing really could weaken the UMA more until a rebellion occured. This rebellion was led by Commando717. He called his rebellion the Rebel Penguin Federation or RPF for short. This rebellion was slowly gaining interest and power, then weakening the UMA from the inside.

[Note: The RPF was created at the beginning of WWIII, but as the war went on they became more of threat to the UMA, especially at the end. That's why the RPF rebellion wasn't mentioned earlier.]

After a while, there were rumors about the UMA getting ready to ambush the ACP at a meeting in Breeze. The ACP weren’t going to take any risks, so they allied with the CPAF (Club Penguin Air Force) and the RPF, two rising armies. Then the rumors were soon proven true, when the UMA ambushed the ACP at a meeting on May 26, 2007.

Later, part by part, the UMA started to weaken. Their leader, Pink Mafias, got banned forever from Club Penguin, a rebellion occurred, a huge loss to the ACP in the Battle of Breeze, then to pile it on top of everything, Pink Mafias decided to quit Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin.

On June 23rd, 2007, the ACP along with RPF and CPAF ambushed the UMA at a meeting on Wool Socks; however, the UMA didn’t go down without a fight though.

The ACP later won and defeated the UMA. After the Battle of Wool Socks, Mpenguin, the new UMA leader, officially surrendered the war and agreed to an alliance with the ACP.

Club Penguin armies were given their first taste of teaming up on ACP through the developments of World War IV, the death of Mammoth as a war server. The roots of the fourth World War come from the summer wars over Mammoth in 2008. Armies like the Elites and the Black Jackets were causing havoc on Mammoth and constantly attacking the ACP.

Armies such as the Ice Warriors, Nachos, and UMA helped the ACP to exterminate these armies. However, the increased presence of armies that were not the ACP created a war over Mammoth against the ACP. Other armies wanted a piece of Mammoth, a contributing piece to ACP’s success and growth.

The Nachos were the first army to gain control of Mammoth during this war under the command of General Terrking24. This reign was short as there were many armies challenging each other for the possession of Mammoth. The ACP couldn’t handle the pressure of the increased amount of armies attempting to take Mammoth, so an agreement was made.

During July of 2008, Mammoth was made a neutral server so that no army could own it. However, all armies were allowed to use it, deeming all raids and battles that occurred there to be useless. This can be defined as the very beginning of the decline of Club Penguin armies, as Mammoth began to be regulated, decreasing army activity.

After months of inactivity, Oagalthorp made an appearance again in November 2008. Relations among the Big 5 (ACP, Nachos, IW, UMA, WW) were shaky, but most armies were ready to betray the ACP.

A series of events led to a large scale battle on Mukluk on November 10th, 2008. The ACP declared victory against the Nachos, IW, and the UMA which inspired Shaboomboom to make a post declaring the invasion of Mammoth.

Oagalthorp was originally appalled by the ACP’s loss of Mammoth and encouraged the ACP to take back Mammoth for the glory of the ACP and revive it as their proud home server. The ACP leadership made no attempt to stop his persuasion, and the ACP scheduled their invasion. This met massive opposition across the army community, and ACP became public enemy #1.

Other armies, unwilling to let ACP become incredibly powerful again with Mammoth, banded together to stop the ACP from taking their server of Mammoth. The entire army community fought ACP over Mammoth in November 2008. The armies on the Alliance’s side were the Nachos, Ice Warriors, UMA, RPF, RBAA, LVAS, Black Bandits, Black Jackets, Lunar Army, Tacos, Club Penguin Warriors, and the Watex Warriors. ACP would remain by themselves.

World War Four (WWIV) consisted of 7 major battles. In each one of them, the allies claimed victory, while the ACP usually stayed reluctant to make public statements about the battles. November 11th contained no battles simply because the flaming stayed on chat as armies planned how they would take out eachother. The ACP was the target of major flaming, as they eagerly defended themselves and their retaking of their home server.

The first major battle was the Nacho raid of Snow Fort, occurring on November 12th. The Nachos raided the important ACP server along with the Ice Warriors and UMA, defeating the ACP in roughly an hour and a half, but did not claim ownership of the server.

Later that day, the ACP retaliated by invading White House (Nacho Capital). The ACP arrived with more than 30 troops at White House, but the mobilization of the Alliance armies was so swift, that ACP was forced off the server after being outnumbered and outmaneuvered.

The next day, the ACP decided to attack another enemy -- the Ice Warriors. ACP invaded Sub Zero(IW Capital) at around noon on November 13th. This was a 2 hour long battle which required the resources of all of the allied armies against the ACP, who showed up very prepared for this raid. After 2 hours, ACP troops were dwindling while the Nachos began arriving in large numbers, which finally forced the ACP off the server.

Another allied victory. However, ACP wouldn’t stop their unscheduled raids there. Bright and early the next day, the ACP invaded White House, but without much organization. The Nachos called on the Ice Warriors to help, and the ACP were quickly defeated within 45 minutes. The ACP began to save their resources for their November 15th invasion.

However, before the November 15th invasion of Mammoth could take place, the Allies fought a major battle on Snow Fort with the ACP 4 hours before the scheduled battle.

Not only was it time consuming for both sides, but it left the ACP with a taste of defeat that they would be feeling for the next few days. Defeat destroyed ACP’s chances of recruiting before the battle, which certainly affected the ACP in their invasion later that day.

The 5th battle was the scheduled battle for Mammoth on November 15th, but would take place on Snow Fort because Mammoth was constantly full. The battle was dominated by the Alliance, but 5 hours after the battle, Oagalthorp made a post in an attempt to make it look as if the ACP made it difficult for 7 armies to defeat the ACP.

The Alliance dominated the battle, which lasted an hour and a half, and the ACP made desperate attempts to keep the spirits of their troops high by lying in their posts.

The ACP would need it for the next day, which was another scheduled invasion for Mammoth. During the scheduled invasion on November 16th, ACP would be left completely destroyed as they surrendered and the Allies had their certain victory over Mammoth.

At 10:41 AM PST on Snow Forts, the ACP were officially defeated. The war was sure to be over, and Mammoth was sure to be secured as neutral. However, Oagalthorp was so angered by the ACP’s failures, that he promised to delete the ACP website if the ACP did not win the invasion of Mammoth that he would schedule for November 17th.

This became the most important battle of the war. The ACP as an army would be gone if Oagalthorp went through with deleting the site. Despite this, the unexpected happened.

During the battle, Shaboomboom gave the command to get off the server so that the ACP website would get deleted. Being an ACP Leader, this was completely unexpected, and led many to question the oppressive rule that Oagalthorp had the ACP under. Would it be better for ACP to be gone, so Shab could make his own site, than to live under the oppressive power of Oagalthorp?

In the end, the ACP did lose, but Oagalthorp decided not to delete the ACP website because “If I deleted it, the Nachos would win, and we can’t have that”.

However, he demanded that Shaboomboom and Jedimaster17 get the ACP straightened out. The leadership made a compromise that became the reason for ACP’s ability to reconstruct an army to rival its former glory.

Boomer 20, Shaboomboom, and Jedimaster17 would have equal power as the leaders of the ACP, although Boomer 20 would have the title “Supreme Commander.” The ACP desperately needed a plan in order to get back on its feet after a devastating war that ensured the loss of their home server.

The Alliance armies allowed the ACP to go through with their reconstruction plans because the Alliance believed that the ACP would crumble and fall. This fatal mistake would lead to the ACP’s victory in the Christmas tournament a little more than a month later, and ACP’s competition with the Nachos through 2009.

Boomer 20 would go on to bring the ACP to their golden age, at the same rate that Person1233 led the Nachos to their golden age during the same time period. The legacy of this war is felt even to this day in Club Penguin armies.

World War IV brought on the death of Mammoth because after such a war, Mammoth neutrality went to waste. If no one could possibly own Mammoth, what was the point of defending it from raids? The ACP on the server were passed off as noobs who were a waste of time, and an era was over. Mammoth would never be revived.

During the same week of the war, Club Penguin introduced the new Dojo, which created incredible lag and a room that was no longer good enough to have wars in. World War IV took place in the Snow Forts because of how terrible the Dojo was. World War IV not only sucked Mammoth dry of war, but it contributed to this along with Club Penguin’s revamp of the Dojo.

The Tundra Wars began when a Club Penguin blog hit 1 million views. Fever, the owner of the blog, decided to have a party on Club Penguin. The party was soon turned into a war once Fever invited the Club Penguin Armies to come.

Fever began to give tips to his viewers about snowball fights and developed a simple uniform mostly consisting of the color orange. They were also given a name by the Club Penguin Armies as the Watex Warriors. Armies then began to develop a plan to fight this massive army. The armies that would attend the war would be the RPF, ACP, Nachos, UMA, IW, and Golds.

The 1st day of the war was an epic one. It was definitely the largest war to cross Club Penguin yet. It took place in almost every room on Tundra, mostly in the Dock, Dojo, Snow Forts, Ice Berg, Cove, Plaza, and Forest; tons of rooms were full.

The battle could have gone on all day (and it pretty much did), but a temporary treaty was signed just for the day after Club Penguin crashed after a good 2 hours of fighting.

The second and final day of war turned out to be just as good as the first day. Once again, the Watex Warriors and all Club Penguin Armies clashed on Tundra throughout each room.

The Watex Warriors fought on for hours to defend Tundra. Even after the war would end, they still continued to fight. When the two-day war came to an end, both sides wanted to know who the winner was. A winner was never actually decided between the sides, but both did claim victory in the end.

After the war, Club Penguin Armies received many new recruits thanks to Fever introducing so many of his fans to the Club Penguin Armies. Another big war was expected to be started by Fever once his website reached 2 million views which it did only 1 month later. However, it never was restarted.

His website would later become the #1 cheats website for Club Penguin and received over 20 million views. Even though another war started by Fever never occurred again, the Watex Warriors continued to fight on and defend Tundra.

After the war, Tundra never remained the same for the next few months. The server was full of activity with wars breaking out every ten minutes that would last for hours. Tundra became a war zone. The Watex Warriors (WW) continued to roam throughout the server attacking any threat to Tundra.

At this time, the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) controlled Tundra, but soon even the WW began attacking the RPF. The WW were still fighting independently at this time without a centralized leader leading them.

RPF leader Commando717 later realized there wasn’t a way to stop them anytime soon, so he ordered his troops to remind the WW that they are allies like they were before their conflict. This small feud had come to an end, but a much bigger one would soon arise.

It was January 2008, almost two months after the Tundra Wars. Tundra was still in chaos. Two new armies had formed that were terrorizing the citizens of Tundra. They would constantly raid Tundra and attack everyone.

One of these armies was known as the Black Bandits (BB); they were created by Snowy 559 and Rudolf 23. The BB were famous for robbing the Pizza Parlor.

The Fort Ghost Recon was the other new army that was causing havoc on Tundra; they were created by Elitesof. Both armies became strong and feared forces on Tundra to rival the WW. The WW were on a slight decline, but they had just received their first leader in Diagla80. The FGR were also causing havoc.

Soon, the WW, BB, and FGR would fight daily for control over Tundra; they were constantly going at it. Soon, other armies began to become aware of the trouble the BB and FGR were causing. Other armies began to join the fight, especially the RPF since they controlled Tundra.

Soon, the RPF decided to clean up the entire mess on Tundra. They launched Operation: Tundra Clearing. Large patrols were commanded to go on Tundra daily and wipe out any unauthorized armies like the FGR and BB. The RPF claimed the clearing was successful. Only one official clearing was scheduled since Tundra started to calm down afterwards.

After the RPF’s clearing the war came to a sudden end. The Black Bandits died out for a while and the number of battles decreased on Tundra between the armies. Occasionally, fights would still break out on Tundra, but never again to the same magnitude and chaos.

Armies started to become upset with how ACP leader Oagalthorp leading, especially the UMA. UMA leader Mpenguin123 soon started a rebellion against Oagalthorp. Anti-ACP and anti-Oagal strikes began to be held on Mammoth, and numerous UMA, RPF, and even ACP soldiers started an ANTA Treaty Bill to remove Oagalthorp from office and have him replaced with a different ACP member.

The rebellion soon became mostly UMA members, so tensions between the ACP and UMA increased. However, the rebellion soon died down once misunderstandings became clear. Mpenguin was misinformed that the ACP was going to attempt to destroy every army. The information was false and the rebellion soon ended, but the tension between the two armies continued.

With the announcement of the UMA co-creators Pink Mafias and Lectriclew (CompWiz5000) returning to the UMA, rumors began to stir about a potential world war between the ACP and the UMA.

Small rogue wars began to occur on Mammoth between the two armies. Arguments and insults started to be thrown back and forth. It was just a matter of time until a war broke out.

Soon enough, the UMA launched a surprise attack on the ACP on Mammoth. An ACP soldier recapped the story.

The ACP had enough of the UMA’s insults and attacks, so they declared war on the UMA. The Nachos quickly sided with the UMA in the war, so they could keep their land in Canada and share the ACP land with the UMA. The RPF, however, decided to remain neutral due to the large amount of soldiers from the ACP and the UMA in the army.

Multiple battles broke out every day on Mammoth with the UMA winning the majority of the battles due to the lack of support for the ACP. With the recent release of the sombrero in the Winer Fiesta, the Nachos received a boost in size which benefited the UMA side greatly against the ACP. Not only did the fighting occur on Club Penguin, but it also occurred through the websites as a flame war.

However, after about a week of fighting, the UMA vs. ACP war was over. The UMA asked for an alliance and suggested a major alliance between the UMA, RPF, and the ACP. The ACP agreed to end the war, but they had a few terms they demanded from the UMA and the Nachos. The ACP assumed the Nachos would follow the UMA and drop out.

After a few negotiations between Oagalthorp and Zippy500, Zippy accepted the ACP’s terms and agreed to end the war for now. Once AkaBob22, Nacho co-leader, saw that Zippy had agreed to end the war, he was very upset.

He was adamant that the Nachos should continue the war against the ACP. He didn’t like how Oagalthorp was acting like he could dictate armies. Aka now had to devise another plan against the ACP for their next war. The Cold War was starting.

Aka began writing posts ranting against the ACP and Oagalthorp. Soon, Oagalthorp responded sparking a cold war between the Nachos and the ACP. Tensions slowly increased between posts, but the ACP had had enough once the Nachos attacked the ACP claiming they were defending their ally the UMA.

In a later battle, AkaBob22 and the Nachos officially declared war on the Army of Club Penguin once Aka fired on the ACP in the nude, thus declaring war naked.

Battles between the ACP and the Nachos took place almost everyday usually on the server Mammoth. A few of the battles were scheduled, but the majority of the battles were still fought unscheduled. Small groups would be fighting each other throughout the day. Occasionally, large battles would break out sparking much controversy over who actually won.

While a full-scale war was raging on the battlefield, the flame war between AkaBob22 and Oagalthorp still continued on both army’s website. Insults were being thrown back and forth as well as arguing the true victor of the last battle. Even the soldiers began fighting in comments on the websites and on chat. Day by day and battle by battle tensions increased as well as the hatred between the two enemies.

The war carried over into the month of March as the war showed no signs of ending anytime soon. On the 1st of March a huge battle broke out between the Nachos and the ACP which ended in another debatable result. For the war itself, the Nachos claimed to be winning stating they had won the majority of the battles with only a couple losses.

One of the most interesting battles of the war was the Battle of Brumby where the ACP scheduled a battle on the server to face the Nachos. The Nachos arrived on Brumby with half of their full force to meet the entire ACP army. The other half of the Nachos were invading Mammoth while the ACP battled the other half of the Nachos. The ACP claimed to have won the battle of Brumby, but the Nachos claimed to have taken Mammoth which they viewed as more significant server to have won.

The war continued for another a week or two until soldiers began to become tired of the fighting. Rumors of peace and the end of the war soon came true once the Nachos and the ACP agreed to end the war. Although no official victor was declared, the Nachos still claimed victory after dominating much of the war. Even after the war, tensions between the ACP and the Nachos were still heated and always on the threat of breaking into a another war.

At this time, in 2008, there were 5 major armies in Club Penguin: Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA,and IW. The 5 armies were all apart of an alliance known as the Army National Treaty Alliance also known as ANTA.

The ANTA was an alliance organized by Oagalthorp in early 2008 where the major armies in Club Penguin could unite and discuss issues of the day. It also decided basic rules over nations, etc. One of the problems that appeared was small armies. These small armies would constantly declare war on the major armies.

Usually, these declarations weren’t even worth acknowledging since the small armies only had two members in their army, or they wouldn’t show up to battle at all.

Another notable organization during this era was the Club Penguin United Nations also know as CPUN. CPUN was created by Mr. Deedledoo in April of 2008. The organization was for all armies where they could unite, share, and aid each other. CPUN grew fast; mainly attracting smaller armies.

It eventually became a strong base for many small armies to become well-known, grow, and cooperate with other armies. Still, many small armies were unaware of CPUN and went without any aid from this alliance.

Early July of 2008, the Nachos made the first act against small armies. They had discovered CPUN and realized half of the members were at war with the Nachos already, so they decided to declare war on CPUN.

Within a few days of the Nachos’ declaration of war, Shadow2446 Nacho Ambassador (practically another leader of the Nachos with Zippy500) and Fort57 ACP leader devised a plan against these small armies.

On July 9, 2008, the Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW issued Order 67. Order 67 was a declaration of war on small armies by the Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW.

The Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW assumed the majority of the armies would select option 3, so they even suggested what they should do. They suggested that they all unite through the Club Penguin United Nations and have Mr. Deedledoo lead them.

The small armies were outraged by their order. Quickly, many small armies began to join the CPUN to unite against the ANTA.

Members of CPUN began discussing what they should do. At first, many members including Mr. Deedledoo wanted to negotiate with them to try to sort everything out peacefully. However, many soon realized that they would have to fight to save the CPUN and their small army, but still some wanted to end this conflict peacefully including Jedimaster17 and Mr. Deedledoo.

A few small unscheduled battles began to occur between some CPUN armies and the ANTA armies. Members such as Ktman, Itachi6dark, Lucario, and Troopx began to unite a CPUN army to fight the ANTA as one big army of about 31 smaller armies.

They launched Operation: Revolution which was a preparation plan for an ANTA scheduled invasion. Each army fighting for CPUN was assigned a room to fight in on the server. Many rooms were assigned two armies. Mr. Deedledoo still supported peace, but also supported what his alliance wanted.

On July 16, 2008, the ANTA announced that Order 67 has had ended because their concealed purpose had been fulfilled. The secret purpose was to unite the small armies under the threat of war in which they would create a super alliance that the ANTA could recognize and ally with. They never wanted to destroy all small armies.

CPUN benefited greatly from being the base of Order 67. They became the largest alliance of small armies having over 60 different armies register on the week the ANTA made Order 67 official. Many soldiers who participated in that event went on to become great leaders.

After Order 67, the ANTA planned to set up another alliance website for all small armies to join to be recognized by the ANTA. This alliance was called the Next Generation Army Alliance also known as NGAA. It was said they could represent their armies and ideas to the ANTA here.

It was also planned that each small army would have a ‘big brother’ army that would watch over them and aid them. However, this idea of another alliance website ultimately failed. It was practically doing what CPUN was already doing, so it ended and CPUN continued with what they were doing and hosted all the newly united smaller armies.

Ultimately, Order 67 fulfilled what it was intended to do: unite small armies under centralized location and that location being the Club Penguin United Nations.

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