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Corporate Art Style

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Corporate Art Style, also referred to as Big Tech Art Style, Globohomo Art Style and Corporate Memphis, refers to a set of similar minimalist "flat" art styles that became popular among Big Tech companies in late 2010s, best known representative of which is Alegria art style adopted by Facebook in 2017. This art style is distinguished by flat primary shapes, oversized limbs and non-representational skin colors. In November 2020, growing public awareness of this art style prompted appearance of memes and parodies.


In early 2017, American design firm Buck developed an art style for the new illustration system to be used by Facebook. The art style, titled Alegria,[1] was based on organic shapes, vibrant colors and exaggerated forms, with human characters composed of primary shapes and lacking individual identity (images shown below).

Alegria 02 | 2017 Facebook Sytem Illustration My FACE EXPRESSIONS Bent Arm Active Arm Bent Arm Bent Arm Active Arm Introducing arc arms to indicate more emotional poses Bent arms go degrees Sharp edges Bent arms 45 degrees translate emotional poses use the arc arms

In the following years companies such Airbnb, Hinge, Lyft, Airtable, Google and YouTube all adopted similar art styles,[2] with the flat design becoming a prevailing trend among tech companies.


The earliest public reactions to the popularization of flat art styles among tech companies are two collections of their examples on social networking community On October 31st, 2017,[3][4] user S k y e started a collection titled "Small cartoon people building big interfaces" that received 61 followers in four years.

On April 28th, 2018,[5][6] user writer Claire L. Evans started a collection of corporate art style images, coining the term "Corporate Memphis." The collection (shown below) received over 336 followers in three years.

Filter Corporate Memphis (3 channels and 214 blocks) Fren in Time Need to brush up? Find anwers on our eanytavigate training site Visit Training Micro-Progress and the Magic of Just Getting Started Smarter Living How can we help you? w Get support how-can-we-help-you-about-google.png interview-stream-self-interview.png Micro-Progress and the Magic of Just Ge... O 日本 No results found Ty shertening or rephrasing your search Edt search no-results-found.png My illustration for the @itsnicethat #c... e73026b89c9bf8985c40d74114303168.jpg 1-m7tnkxueyaq_0j89-b7xuq.jpeg

In June 2018, Twitter[7] account @HumansOfFlat was created, collecting examples of flat art style and criticizing it (tweet examples shown below). The account accumulated nearly 6,000 followers prior to being suspended in February 2021.

Humans of Flat Design @HumansOfFlat Thank god for @pablostanley, the @HumansOfFlat aesthetic has been commoditized. You're literally killing it Pablo! Pablo Stanley @pablostanley I'm starting a library for creating illustration scenes. You'll be able to mix-and-match characters, poses, clothing, and backgrounds with components, GIF Diesen Thread anzeigen 09:21 - 12. Nov. 2018 > Eli şchiff'ş lntërN @HumansOfflat Bow down to your overlords. Ok, Bloomer @JackDexterity I don't kmow what this art style is called but I hate it Show this thread 8:27 PM - 21 Aug 2019

On May 23rd, 2019, New Republic magazine design director Lindsay Ballant posted[8] a tweet about similarly styled illustration submissions she had been receiving, posting several examples of the art style.

On August 21st, 2019, Aiga Eye on Design blog[9] posted an article "Don’t Worry, These Gangly-armed Cartoons Are Here to Protect You From Big Tech," reviewing Alegria and Alegria-inspired art styles.

The term "globohomo art style," with "globohomo" meaning "globalized homogenization," has been used in reference to the art style since May 2020, particularly on imageboards.[10][11]

On August 26th, Kiwi Farms user Pissmaster created a thread[12] about the art style.

On February 6th, 2021, YouTube[13] channel Solar Sands posted a video about the art style that received over 2.1 million views in three weeks (shown below).

Use In Memes

On May 27th, 2020, Redditor[9] ramzes8811 posted the first known meme about the art style, a Starter Pack meme that gained over 44,500 upvotes in six months (shown below).

"Big Tech Corporate Artstyle" Starter Pack designed by freepik

The art style did not see significant presence in memes until November 17th, 2020, when an image executed with that art style captioned "Share if you hate this fucking art style" received viral spread (author unknown, shown below). On that day, Instagram[14] user sonny_librarian and Twitter[15] user @switch1e_swoof posted the image, gaining over 4,700 likes and 16,500 retweets and 99,100 likes, respectively. On November 18th, an unknown Redditor[16] posted the image in /r/196 subreddit, where it received over 19,400 upvotes in four months.


On November 20th, Twitter[17] user @clayohr posted a Saturn Devouring His Son redraw that used the art style (shown below, left). On the same day, Twitter[18] user @johnnny2x4 posted a Wojak comic meme that received over 11,500 retweets and 136,300 likes (shown below, right).


On November 21st, an anonymous 4chan[19] user created a thread in /pol/ board in which users posted offensive images and memes created using the art style. The thread received 267 replies. Many of images from the thread received further spread online in the following months.

GrubHub "Delivery Dance" Ad

Delivery Dance is a GrubHub commercial in which several animated characters perform a "delivery dance" while consuming various foods. The commercial received negative attention online, with users expressing their distaste for the commercial and the characters, leading to the creation of numerous parodies in January 2021.

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Gleaming Steel
Gleaming Steel

Glad to see I wasn't crazy for associating this sort of bland pastel kitschey bullshit with corporate progressives.

This """art""" """style""" is so blandly inoffensive that it loops around back into being completely offensive.

It's like the art equivalent of off-brand generic malt-o-meal made with distilled water and nothing else: Fucking disgusting.


Do you know something that really pisses me off? The internet is full to the brim with genuely talented artist, hell, this page's image gallery gets filled with really good art, both SFW and NSFW and most of the artists who made those drawings are open for commissions or will be open for commissions eventually. Just think about it. TinaFate1, Rariatoo, Diives, Vanripper. Fuck, even in this page we have people like AndreiDTale, 1337gamer15, OTB, Aurora Helvetica, kawaimiku, Burian, Sendy Lie and those are just the ones from the top of my head. Imagine getting a company have their art and talent used for their commertials instead of… This. That's what pisses me off, so much great talent online who could use the money from corporate commisions to make even better stuff. But because companies are greedy, stupid, out of touch and can't stop playing it safe we will never see any of these excellent artist getting the freedom and paycheck they could get from these companies who rather leave the art to fucking bots, because this "art" "style" feels completely made by bots….. Sorry for the rant, i had to get it out.


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