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Hunt Down the Freeman

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Hunt Down the Freeman
Category: Subculture Status: Confirmed Year: 2018 Origin: Steam Region:
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Tags: half-life, mod, half-life 2, gman, gordon freeman,
Hunt Down the Freeman


Hunt Down the Freeman is a Half-Life 2 mod created by Royal Rudius Entertainment which was released to mostly negative reviews online in late February 2018.


On January 31st, 2018, the Royal Rudius Entertainment YouTube channel uploaded a trailer for the game (shown below). On February 23rd, the game was released on Steam.[1]


On January 21st, 2018, the @LambdaGen[4] Twitter feed published a statement written by a person claiming to be an ex-developer for the game, alleging that the game took weapons, maps and textures from other developers without their permission.

I've (sadly) been involved with Hunt Down The Freeman, and I would not be surprised if the final game uses stolen content. The demo took weapons from Firearms Source, maps re-purposed from the Garry's Mod Steam Workshop. and textures from god-knows-where. I'm genuinely terrified that the release of this game may damage the reputation and career of all those credited as well as other licensed Half-Life titles in development. Dubious games like this really damage the likelihood of other licensed games doing well, or breaking even for that matter - which is especially a problem given the major financial commitment that licensing Source takes. After the release of the demo, several developers told the project leader, Berkan, to cease development and remove all stolen content. He said at the time that the repurposed content was placeholder, and that he'd got permission to use them indefinitely. Oh, and to top it all off, I've heard rumors that Berkan genuinely believes that a publisher wishes to release HDTF on Xbox One and PS4, and that there's even a hope in hell of Valve authorising such a As far as I can tell from the Steam Store page screenshots, he's stil thing (there isn't). The project apparently has proper financial in the habit of using assets from other projects. Several other people backing. though from where I have no idea. Who knows? Maybe it l involved had mentioned being shown content that looked identical todo well? I sort of doubt it though, especially if it ends up being pulled material from Black Mesa. for stealing content. From the infrequent contact I've had throughout development, he seemed to be happy to take anyone willing to work on the project, so1LambdaGeneration contacted the developers of Firearms: Source, who confirmed that Hunt would expect a game with spotty quality. stolen content, repurposed Down The Freeman did not get permission to use their content. maps, and terrible writing (if the demo is anything to go by) In addition, Crowbar Collective told LambdaGeneration that they could not find any of their assets in the current version of the game, however the source above believes Hunt Down The Freeman did contain Black Mesa assets in previous versions I also expect a credits list longer than any Valve game; as far as l'm aware, at least 60 people have been duped into being involved at one Many others in the community have spotted content that looks similar if not identical to assets stage or another (they were still hiring level designers as recently as from Insurgency, SMod, No More Room In Hell, Gamebanana, Garry's Mod and other Source a month or so ago). mods/games

On February 14th, YouTuber U.S. Games uploaded a video about the game titled "Don' But Hunt Down the Freeman," which explained the controversies behind the game (shown below).

On February 22nd, Redditor Edvis64 posted a screenshot of a post in the game's Steam forum, showing a ban message for "slander" (shown below, right). Within four days, the post gained over 3,500 points (86% upvoted) and 280 comments on /r/Steam.[2]

Ban notification from a forum moderator -7 minutes ago You have been banned from Hunt Down The Freeman Discussions You have been banned from Hunt Down The Freeman Discussions by a forum moderator for your post in "Hunt Down The Freeman General Discussions". It's a pure cash grab made by people who self-admitted they do not care about anything except getting their name in the industry and earning a few bucks, who also have no idea about how to respect the game's legacy, lore or community, as evident in the game itself and the negative response from most fans. In addition, the game previously used stolen assets from free community made mods (and possibly current), and has been accused of many other bad practices such as not paying developers what they were promised and using bots to inflate their Steam group/Greenlight/Twitter numbers. Anyone who doubts such claims (especially the whole assets thing) l invite you to look around and do your own research, it's clear the game has a very shady history Also, this fan game will cost more than fully developed and infinently better titles. 255 Imao Ban Reason: Slander If you believe this ban was issued by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This is a permanent ban.


The game received mostly negative reviews, accumulating a "Mostly Negative" score on Steam of 20% within 72 hours of release. On February 24th, an entry for the game was created on the Crappy Games Wiki.[3] The following day, Gggmanlives uploaded a review for the game, in which he refers to it as "the worst thing ever made by another human being" (shown below, right).

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Tags: half-life, mod, half-life 2, gman, gordon freeman,

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