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POMF is a sound effect and onomatopoeia describing the sound someone makes as they fall onto a bed or a similar surface. It is commonly described through the symbol =3 and combined with the catchphrase "What are we gonna do on the bed?". On the internet, the term has gained usage in both verbal and image variations and is often used as an exploitable.


The term, the symbol and the catchphrase all originate from the hentai manga The Light of Tsukimi Manor (月見草のあかり) by Inuboshi (犬星), which was first published in the September 2010 volume of COMIC MEGAMILK (コミックメガミルク). The manga depicts a young girl, Akari, being tricked into having sex with three students.


POMF originally started becoming popular in loli threads on 4chan, but later saw the most usage in threads on the anime and manga board, /a/, although it still appears in other boards on occasion. Archived references to POMF appear as early as January 25th, 2011,[1] although it had been used before that. POMF general threads can be found as early as February 15th, 2011.[2] [3] On DeviantArt, searching for Pomf generates nearly 300 results as of July 23rd, 2012.[4] Several instances can also be found on Tumblr.[5] In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom, POMF is used as an onomatopoeia to describe the flaring motion of a pegasus getting a wingboner, which is considered the pony equivalent to a human’s erection.


Notable Examples


WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ON THE BED, LEONARDO? WAH! What are we gonna do on the bed? Wah! POMF hat are we qonna do on the bed, Ico/? PoMF Whatire we onna do on 90 the bel, kav 2 What are we gonna do on the bed? Wah! POMF

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