Suspiciously Shaped Belly / Suspiciously Shaped Wojaks

Suspiciously Shaped Belly / Suspiciously Shaped Wojaks

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Suspiciously Shaped Belly and Suspiciously Shaped Wojaks refer to a series of memes in which various objects go missing, with an object-shaped person who obviously just swallowed it whole claiming that they have no idea where went. Spawned by a viral Soyjak meme and sometimes referencing vore, the format gained prominence on Twitter and iFunny in Summer 2022.


Prior to March 2nd, an unknown user posted an image of a Wojak with a bicycle-shaped neck, likely to the Soyjak Party imageboard. On March 2nd, Redditor luphoria reposted the image to the /r/sskfjkhwerjkghwerijh[1] subreddit, captioning it, "uh, no, haven't seen your bike anywhere…." The post (shown below) gained over 1,200 upvotes in nine months

V V e uh, no, haven't seen your bike anywhere.... they're after you V


The image did not spawn a meme format until early June 2022, when Twitter[2] user @jackdawjackal reposted the meme, with the post gaining over 1,700 retweets and 18,100 likes in five months. Before June 14th, an unknown user created an image caption meme in which the Wojak denied seeing the bicycle anywhere despite obviously having just swallowed it whole. In the second half of June 2022, the image received viral spread: for example, on June 14th, Instagram[3] user starving_chungles posted it, with the image gaining over 530 likes (shown below).

Me: "Has anyone seen my bike? I swear I locked it up on this bike rack before I went inside." Conspicuously-bike-shaped-throat-jak: "Mmph! N-nope, no bikes I've seem around here lately, and certainly none that looked mighty appetizing! Haha no siree!.." V

The posts inspired memes in which various characters with bellies conspicuously-shaped like a certain object reported not having seeing that object anywhere near, with the memes often using Overly Specific Wojaks and/or referencing vore. For example, on June 7th, Twitter[4] user @redshibe_ posted a Wojak meme that gained over 560 retweets and 4,100 likes in four months (shown below, left). On July 28th, iFunny[5] user noon_All_Commies posted a meme that received over 6,600 smiles in four months (shown below, right).

redshibe @redshibe_ me: hey does anyone know where my Super Gaming Keyboard went? keyboardinmouthjak: no, I haven't seen it around anywhere. did you try checking under the table? c.) 5:26 AM · Jul 7, 2022 · Twitter Web App Midhead Today at 4:25 PM "Oh dear Soyjak, you haven't been fiddling around with the pumpkinization machine, have you?" Suspiciously pumpkin-shaped Soyjak: WIN 2000 PASTOR CATERIN PUMPKIN CARVING KITY

The format has also been used in conjunction with the Ah Eto… Bleh meme format as a video caption meme. For example, on October 6th, 2022, iFunny[6] user Catastrophist posted a meme referencing the 2022 anime series Cyberpunk Edgerunners that received over 10,700 smiles in one month (shown below).

"Hey Adam, what happened to Rebecca?" Adam with a suspiciously Rebecca shaped dent on his asscheek:

Say the Line, Wojak

Say the Line, Wojak is a catchphrase and phrasal template used in a series of Wojak Comics memes that post-ironically mock Overly Specific Wojaks, such as Bearjak and Meowjak, with GigaChad requesting they say a pun based on their appearance. Spawned by a viral tweet, the format saw a minor presence on Twitter in 2022.

"Say the line, icejak!" "Learn to COOL OFF!" "hahaha, i love this little fella" Salmon @MuncherSalmon Replying to @Hm_Spooky "Say the line, vacuumjak" "This really SUCKS" "Haha, I love this little fella" 6:52 PM Sep 28, 2022 Twitter for Android JUKE INC. (amoeba arc @Juke_InThe_Box "im having a rough day, could you cheer me up plankjak?" "it wood be my pleasure!" "ha ha i love this little guy" 5:55 PM. Sep 27, 2022. Twitter Web App 8:

Various Examples

ganii @gahhnie "hey has anyone seen that large emplacement, i swear a crane just deployed it here" conspicuously-ruptura-shaped-throat-jak: "mmph, n- n-nope! no emplacements ive seen around here lately! and certainly no 75mms that looked mighty appetizing! haha nosiree!" 8:52 PM Sep 22, 2022 · Twitter Web App Me: "Has anyone seen Sasha? Heavy swears he put her in bed before he went outside." Conspicuously-Sasha-shaped-scout-jak: U U U RIMURU маучем H theodora @femalekissinger zelensky:"where did crimea go?" putin with a suspiciously crimean shaped belly: " *burp* i don't know hehe.. 7:41 AM. Aug 16, 2022. Twitter for Android II :
blyst lord baja the bussin @baja_bussin me: huh why's there money missing from my account? paypal: *with a suspiciously 2500$ shaped stomach* what a mystery 21:50 13 Oct 22 Twitter for Android : The powerless chinese security guard watching me leave Tiananmen Square with a suspiciously Mao Zedong shaped belly W WI "HEY WHERE DID OUR TENT GO?!?" Suspiciously tent shaped bear:

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