Norf F.C./ "Simple As"

Norf F.C./ "Simple As"

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Norf F.C or "Goalposting" is the nickname given to a series of drawings and illustrations originating from 4chan's /pol/ board satirizing Northern English football fans. The people within them are depicted as members of the British underclass, and often supporters of left-wing politics and the Labour Party.

It shares features from older Wojak variants such as the Grug, the Brainlet and the Amerimutt, and has started to branch off to Northern English life in general instead of just football.

the norfmen of the apocalypse


The earliest archived illustration of the character can be traced back to one of /pol/'s generals, brit/pol/ on December 11th, 2017.[7] The drawing showed a trip-poster with the name "Eddie."

origin of the goalposting meme


Another depiction featuring a fan of the "Norf F.C" was posted on February 7th, 2018[1]. The image used the Grug template instead of a unique one (shown below).

norf fc using the GRUG template

It contained the following caption:

"me steve
me go see best team. Norf F.C.
me drink tasty beer. mm yum. make me dizzy.
wat dat?
grrrrrr see people not in red shirt.
norf f.c is best. hate souf f.c. cunts.
punch souf f.c. dat show dem norf f.c forever n' ever. jus like da song.
back to da cownsel state corrie on.
me like corrie."

On February 8th, 2018,[2] original characters depicting a rivalry between a "Souf F.C" and the "Norf F.C" appeared on the board (shown below)

Another depiction was created on February11th,[3] diverging from the early Grug template completely

On February 25th, 2018,[4] a new illustration was created, which would become the leading example and template for the meme in the future.

Celtic Norf

On September 12th,[5] the meme evolved into a new variant, depicting an ancient Celtic version of the Norf

It had the following caption


Well received by the board, more variants were created on the very same day,[6] combining the two elements without divergence.


On the 23rd of September 2018 the following image was posted on /pol/[8], depicting a futuristic version of the original Norf meme

Folllowing it was the caption

"me granda dint die fightin' 'gainst Brainsuckas for Gregg-corp to tek syntho-rolls off t'ration list."

Another picture was made on the same day[9], depicting a Norftech space cop, arresting a NonceBot

"It says in these datalog yer were tryin' tah meet a 23 year old Beebleglorb on t'minin' outpost of Greggs-seven ya sick fuck. Well ya ain't speakin to her, ya wer speaking to me!
she hasn't even formed a fookin carapace yet ya disgustin' bastad
Go on BIGEDDIE-01, hold the cunt down.
unda galactic nonce huntah code chapter twenty seven, line six i'm puttin you unda arrest till the guardbots put ya in the recycling tanks ya space nonce."

Lord of the Norf

On the 1st of August, another thematic version appeared, featuring a Lord of the Rings inspired Norf character with the caption:

"It began with the forging of the Great pastries. Three steak slice were given to the Souf, immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven to the Scouse, great footballers and craftsmen of the Mersey halls. And nine, nine bean melts were gifted to the race of Manc, who above all else desire Greggs. For within these rings was bound the strength and the will to destroy each other on the weeken footeh'. But they were all of them deceived, for another meal was made. Deep in the land of Lancashire, in the Fires of the peak district, the Dark Lord N'gubu forged a master sossij roll, and into this ring he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life.
One roll to rule them all

Posted alongside it was an equally related image, with the following text

Dave: (speaking partly in Pissed)
(I amar prestar aen.)
The norf is changed.
(Han matho ne nen.)
I feel it in the pint.
(Han mathon ned cae.)
I feel it in the sosij.
(A han noston ned gwilith.)
I smell it in the pub.
Much that once was is lost, for none who are now out on bail remember it.

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External References

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