kevin parker under text "did you know tame impala is just one guy"

Tame Impala Is Just One Guy

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Tame Impala Is Just One Guy is a piece of music trivia used as a catchphrase in memes which paint it as a commonly cited fact by people attempting to show how deep their music knowledge is, when really the fact has been shared so much that it's often considered common knowledge. Memes centered around the fact that Tame Impala consists only of one member, Kevin Parker, first started appearing online as early as April 2019, becoming further popularized throughout the early 2020s, with the fact often being attached to variations of the bro explaining meme.


The musical act Tame Impala is often mistaken as being a band, despite their records being recorded by one man, Kevin Parker, with a band only accompanying Parker during live performances. One of the earliest memetic references to this was posted to /r/TameImpala[1] on April 2nd, 2019, garnering over 600 upvotes in five years (shown below, left).

On January 11th, 2020, a screenshot was posted to /r/tameimpalacirclejerk[2] titled "Omg guys wtf!!! Tame impala is just one guy!!! Mind = blown" showing a Reddit comment section where someone discovers, for the first time, that Tame Impala is only one guy, garnering over 150 upvotes in four years (shown below, right).

Nobody: Tame Impala fans: Kevin Parker is Tame Impala. He records everything himself and only uses a band to play live and tour. He writes, records and produces everything. Tame Impala is not a band, it's one person. Do not address Tame Per Pigiladdress Impala as "they" because it's one person Kevin Parker. Bell 11:30 AM @ 97% 23.7k 430 ↑ Share Award Kinda-Friendly • 12h Hear about the new Tame Impala album ? KatiesPosts • 12h Reply 507 Yeah I have they're a great band, have you seen the album cover? It looks really cool. iKaPPaPPa 9h It's actually just one guy, Kevin Parker! shulgin11.5h ... Man this just blew my mind! Cloudmarshal_ • 4h Wait until you hear about Prince whiplash588 1h • Or Trent Reznor 2 MORE REPLIES 1 MORE REPLY 260 214 30 33 7 roguediamond • 4h Yep. He has the guys from Pond back him wher


On March 10th, 2020, Facebook[3] page Memes by Chris posted a bro explaining meme using the fact, garnering over 3,500 shares and 1,200 reactions in four years (shown below, left). On February 21st, 2022, X[4] user @PigsAndPlans posted a meme of The Weeknd yelling in Drake's ear, captioning it, “Tame Impala is actually just one guy," garnering over 38,000 likes in two years (shown below, right).

ASTROS SO THERE'S THIS BAND CALLED TAME IMPALA, RIGHT? IT'S ACTUALLY JUST 1 DUDE THOUGH. Pigeons & Planes @PigsAndPlans "Tame Impala is actually just one guy" 11:33 PM Feb 21, 2022

On March 28th, 2023, TikToker[5] @ivansurbabano posted a video lip syncing to an original sound where an AI Joe Rogan shares the fact, garnering over 1.1 million views in a year (shown below).


tame im-mothereffing-pala

♬ original sound – Committee of Affairs

On April 28th, 2024, X[6] user @caitiedelaney posted a Donald Trump meme captioned, "me letting another man tell me tame impala is just one guy," garnering over 1,800 likes in a week (shown below).

caitie delaney @caitiedelaney me letting another man tell me tame impala is just one guy ம்: NEV I didn't know that. You're telling me for the first time. 2:36 AM Apr 28, 2024 - 94K Views

Various Examples

Ton', did you know Tame Impala is just one guy? YOU E #3 I can't have this conversation again. shutterstock 210 "Can I tell you a fun fact?" Starter pack Otterstock Shutterst "Fun fact, well actually... not so fun fact." shutterstock Meg Wallace Photo... shutterstock shutterstock 9 g Meg Wallace Photo... 15 Meg Wallace Phot ck shutters Shutterstock shutterstock If it's a history fact, it's always about these countries A fun fact that's been said so many times, it's now common knowledge Statistics with no source Ex: "did you know Tame Impala is one guy?" "I bet you didn't know this" and proceeds to say something everyone learned in school at some point Dr. Pepper Slut @2TesticleHavr did you know tame impala is just one guy? tame impala me altpress @AltPress "THEY'RE CALLED TAME IMPALA BUT IT'S ACTUALLY JUST THE ONE GUY-" 1:21 PM - Aug 18, 2022 A SAME OL' MISTAKES IS A TAME IMPALA COVER TAME IMPALA IS KEVIN PARKER KEVIN PARKER WRITES, RECORDS, AND PRODUCES HIS OWN RECORDS KNOWING ALL OF THE ABOVE AND NOT FEELING COMPELLED TO CORRECT EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT DOESNT My date looking at trevor across the room Me talking about how Kevin Parker is a musical genius and the second coming of Jesus Christ made with mematic

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