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Tentaquil is a fan-fictional Pokemon creature born in the /vp/ (Pokemon) or /tr/ (Team Rocket) section of 4chan. Due its usage in threadjacking and eccentric moveset, Tentaquil fanart threads have been seen by some users as a troll-like phenomenon.

The name Tentaquil seems to come from the combination of the already existing Pokemon Tentacool / Tentacruel and Cyndaquil. Despite the similarities in names, Tentaquil is not similar in appearance to either of these Pokemons, and is more similar in design to Politoed, apart from the blue body and yellow eyebrows.


On the 22nd of July 2010, a Pokemon fanart thread on 4chan's /vp/ forum was hijacked by a strange drawing of a blue frog-like creature with a yellow spiral pattern on its stomach.


Within a few hours of post, more fanart illustrations of Tentaquil were created, as well as a ROM hack of Nintendo game Pokemon: Fire Red edition called "Pokemon: Tentaquil" edition, in which Tentaquil was your starter Pokemon. Shortly after, there came another hack of Pokemon: Emerald edition featuring Tentaquil.


Tentaquil is usually used for trolling, due to his fairly grotesque appearance, and unique puke blood attack. Since the fan-art of Tentaquil appeared at the same time pics of new 5th-gen Pokemanz were being leaked onto the internet, many posters claimed that Tentaquil is also a new 5th-gen Pokemon to trick gullible "New-fags". There is a large fanbase for the character, including a Facebook fanpage and Tentaquils image being used for many other popular memes, including haters gonna hate.

Tentaquil has also started tp invade threads in other sections of 4chan, as well as spawning twitter accounts.

Notable Examples

I see! TENTAOUIL is your choice. It's the s---.▼ ME MAD My ENTIRE LIFE PG PG

Character Techniques

According to Tentaquil's fan-made Facebook group, Tentaquil is a bug/psychic type, with the immunity ability and learns the following moves (shown below ) through leveling up.

Level Learnt Move
Start Tackle
Start Leer
Level 5 Flail
Level 7 Rock Throw
Level 9 Aerial Ace
Level 12 Puke Blood (signature move)
Level 15 Surf
Level 19 Sketch
Level 25 Giga Drain
Level 27 Tackle
Level 30 Scratch
Level 31 Fury Swipes
Level 34 False Swipe
Level 39 Earthquake
Level 46 Fly
Level 50 Waterfall
Level 55 Twineedle
Level 75 Fissure
Level 99 Splash

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