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The Grifter

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The Grifter is an Internet an urban legend about a mysterious video clip allegedly containing footage that is so disturbing to the viewer it will traumatize the person.


On August 10th, 2009, 4chan user the_solipist posted a thread on /x/ (paranormal) board describing a video clip that was so disturbing, it would cause viewers to experience nausea, nightmares and could make them commit suicide.

File 1249902793 ipg-(116 KB, 480x640, 1249508182580.jpg) The Grifter the solipsist MvYI0Obllo 08/10/09(Mon)07:13 No.2411742 i wish i had never seen it... f---.. i seriously feel disturbed; like it ruined something deep down within my soul. ill never be the same... f--- □ Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)07:16 No.2411748 Damn, does anybody have the link to the rapidshit of it? lve been wanting to see it for a long time but I can't find it anywher.. My friends who watched it though were never the same again. □ the-solipsist lwYl00bulo 08/10/09(Mon)07:17 No.2411749 222411748 trust me... you do not want to see it... i hope that isnt you vic...( □ Anonymous 08/10/09(Mon)07:18 No.2411751 2411742 f--- you OP i had almost forgotten about that s---. thanks i guess i wont be sleeping tonight

In the thread, the_solipist shared several dark screen captures of an infant he claimed were taken from the video.


According to the Asashic Records[6] wiki, a creepypasta about the video appeared in a followup thread but it is unknown whether they were written by the_solipist himself.

It was posted back in 2007-8 under some foreign link, the OP basically posted the link stating how fucked up it was. It was real grainy, from what i remember it showed strange images, like a bathtub full of writhing maggots, haunting paintings from old times melting, random forests,flashing colours, text in a different language (from what i remember) all while a strange voice played which sounded like a strange murmrer, if you've seen the 'there is nothing' video, it was like that voice but more indistinguishable.

Then the graininess lifted a little, and there was a video of a small puppy being held up by it's neck, it was moving like in pain but it's cries where like a human childs, it then cut to a nursery with lots of craddles all the children where still in the cots, presumed dead, it walked over to one of the cots, and one of the newborns raised up a little, began to cry, and bled from the eyes and mouth. then another shot of a basement (like the original picture) with a malformed hand disapearing into it blood stained.

Lastly it showed more text (someone 'stated' it said 'you're race is one that is dying') with an image of a plant rotting very quickly, close ups of corpses. and what i can only describe as 'real' cases of exorcism and demonic posession, which clearly have never been seen outside the said country of origin. while this seen plays, the voice that was talking fairly calmly, breaks out into screams of intense pain and suffering, which is just as deeply chilling as the initial shock.


On August 15th, 2009, the first Yahoo Answers[9] question was posted which asked for a link to the Grifter video. The top voted answer claimed that Grifter threads were used as a trolling technique to aggravate other /x/ board members by sparking a debate about the existence of such video footage.

W-- is a grifter video on 4chan Ix/? why is everyone talking about this thing called a grifter, i dont understand what it is lol could someone link me this video or just explain to me what this thing is? 3 years ago Report Abuse Best Answer - Chosen by Asker The Grifter Accipe Hoc The Grifter is the final solution for trolling Ix/. Never has a subject caused so much anger and butthurt. The Grifter was made up by somemed the_solipsist as a lame troll (though it is rumored that SA goons may actually be behind it). The pros took it much further, though, spamming it into forced meme status within hours. The Grifter, essentially, is Perfection Girl gullibility meets the videotape from The Ring meets Girugamesh spam. This video is supposedly disturbing enough to cause its viewers to an hero, leaving it a mystery as to just who is posting new threads about it every five minutes The method is simple: Just make a new thread with any image and ask "hai guise whar can i find the grifter?" or alternatively, "wut is da grifter?" This also acts as an alarm bell for any lurking trolls, who will promptly come out and tell you that the video is so disturbing that you certainly don't want to see it. Ix will then get extremely upset by these posts, defending that the video doesn't real in EVERY SINGLE THREAD Genuinely curious people may also inquire just what the video is about, to which those who have seen the video will respond that it is much too disturbing. This furthers the wrath of Ix, causing them to continue insisting The Grifter is a hoax. Calls of "nice try" and "you guys just want to keep it to yourselves!" are appropriate at this point. If the thread gets stale, just make another for massive damage. If there's already five threads about it on the first page addition, it seems some Ix/philes are actually willing to believe this *, adding approximately 1.5 times the amount of lulz don't worry about t hat. What will one more hurt? In Trolling this easy is usually short-lived, however, so this may be a limited time offer. At some point, x is bound to wise up to the fact that they're being mercilessly trolled

On September 8th, 2009, YouTuber jojacob666 uploaded a short video titled "the grifter"[10], which featured dark footage of a hallway with creepy audio playing in the background. On September 17th, 2009, a Grifter thread was posted to 4chan's /x/ board in which the first reply begs the original poster to stop posting about the video.

File 1253205453.ipg-(48 KB, 663x582) □ Anonyinous 09/17/09(Thu)12:37 No.2673693 [Reply Holy f--- Ix. I just got an email. lt has a video attached. It's name was The Grifter. opened i, saw first 5 seconds and closed it. I was really scared from all that f------ s---, with maggots and babies, but please tell me i'm not traumatized yet. □ Anonymous 09/17/09(Thu)12:42 No.2673712 FOR GOD SAKE ITS NOT REAL STOP POSTING THIS SFLKDjLKSDJlkfSDLF

On March 2nd, 2010, YouTuber shirtfag uploaded a video titled "The Grifter (REAL)", which claimed to be an authentic copy of the infamous video. It used similar footage to the jojacob666 video, including clips from the film Little Otik.

On April 26th, an Urban Dictionary[4] definition for the video was submitted by user Tenestra, who described it as "the most disturbing video on the Internet." On June 10th, a thread was created on the comic book fan forums SuperheroHype[12] by user Mr. Wooden Alligator, who requested a link to the actual video. On April 19th, 2011, a thread was created on 4chan's /x/[11] board asking for users to post the the creepiest movies they had even seen, with the exception of "The Grifter." Nearly all of the replies to the post consisted of movie titles that had been changed to include the word "Grifter."

Fil·3022656 ong-75KB, 574x321.nicklane.png) Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)08:38 No.7471925 CRYBABY LANE What's the creepiest and most disgusting movie you have ever seen? Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)08:40 No.7471929 Fast and Furious; Tokyo Grift Anonymous 04/19/11(Tue)08:41 No.7471931 The X Files: I Want to Grift

According to the Disturbing Wiki[8], the screenshots the_solipist provided were identified as footage from the 2000 Czech film Little Otik[7], a comedy about a childless couple who pretends that a root taken from their backyard is a real child. On August 21st, 2009, the Asashic Records[6] wiki claimed that the_solipist confirmed that the Grifter story was a work of fiction:

bq. "the grifter is, indeed, my work of fiction. i started a thread about it after remembering the name from that "tales from the darkside" episode about a creature called "the grither" that i saw when i was little. i samefagged in the original thread a few times, but it really caught on like wildfire; piquing the curiosity of those who wanted to see it. along with the hive-minded trolls (from /b/?) that acting in the interest of my efforts by making their own claims to having had seen it. yes, i hate to lie, so i'll admit… i made the edited screencaps ripped from little otik. i was surprised it took you guys as long as it did to identify them. i was actually talking to a film major student from my school about shooting a video for the grifter this weekend, but i had intended to splice in the scenes from little otik.. kinda ruined my plans when you guys caught on, though"

Search Interest

Search query volume for "the grifter" increased rapidly in August of 2009, the same month the original thread was submitted to the /x/ paranormal board.

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