The Onion Pill

The Onion Pill

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The Onion Pill is an expression popularized on the /fit/ and /pol/ boards on 4chan in reference to the hypothesis that consuming onion juice increases testosterone, based on Iranian studies demonstrating that rats fed onions have a marked increase in the sex hormone.


On November 18th, 2017, a user on 4chan's /fit/[1] board posted a thread with the green text ">he hasn't taken the onion pill," which linked to several fitness and nutrion websites claiming that onions increase testosterone and sperm creation in the testes. Prior to being archived the thread accumulated upwards of 320 responses.

目Anonymous 11/18/17(Sat)19:07:23 No.43630112 >>43630289>>43630866 >>43630888 >>43631510 43631662 >>43631 742 >>43631830 >>43631 911 >>43631942 >>43632100 24 24 24 224 >he hasn't taken the onion pill testosterone-levels https:l/ □ Anonymous 11/18/17(Sat)19:09:23 No.43630126 )>>43630134 >> 43631852 4363240243634112>4363532043643107 43645501 the smell like an italian pill


Over the next 24 hours, many additional threads about onions increasing testosterone were submitted to /pol/,[8][9][10] leading to the creation of several Virgin vs. Chad memes comparing Soy Boys to onion eaters (shown below).

Hair made out of zinc nails Baldhead by 25 Virgin soybou CHAD ONIONMAN Actuial braintumor Perfect eyesight う Flower yellower than r--- seed, still buys tofu because of muh feels 99th percentile of everything Cries like a bitch-_- treats his eyes with pure onion juice "Shrek never goes blind!!!" A------ /leftypol/ bitch who thinks he's hilarious "ALL PRAISE Glowing like gold Back slouched THE ONION!!!" White onions have 30" biceps implicit white identity!" Male breastcancer_ hairy as it gets 6" biceps Smells like a real onionman Too tired to move arms EATS ONIONS LIKE F------ APPLES Little soyboy manpussy average test of an 120 year old Grabs p---- like a pajeet Uses onions as rocks and weapons Yellow chink piss 36,7% Onion 796 Bodyfat "just to be clear to anyone who is completely falling for this" Cleansed white balls with white juice "I doubt people consume like two cups of onion juice a day" Shaved legs "SHREK IS /OURGUY/" Actually walking Pee is white like milk Carrot calves Moving by with racioactive farts Nowhere hairy but on his feet the virgin soyprince the Chad Onion muncher Hates rapefugees invading his swamp extremely high test height permanently stunted from xenoestrogens Hires others to get him a wife dangerously low test singlehandedly beats dozen knights and dragon sent to retrieve maiden for virgin, cucks him instead Ouck hated by his own citizens Eats nothing but onions and protein rich bugs has no muscles

On November 19th, writer Will Sommer posted several screenshots from the 4chan threads (shown below).[2] On November 20th, Redditor ZB4 posted a link to Sommer's tweet in the /r/ChapoTrapHouse[7] subreddit. In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the 4chan onion threads, including Metro,[3] Indy100,[4] The Poke[5] and Lifehacker.[6]

Will Sommer @willsommer 4Chan/pol/ users are eating onions in an effort to increase their testosterone, and it's not going well (17 KB, 360x360) Individual and Politic 2150141637 22150141827 221 22150145781 2150146205 221 Time and again, science han mix wi So, I just attempted to drin uncleaned NFL locker roor every bodily fluid. th V8 the day alon I don't think I'm going to be problem. Did I mention I peppered o Though this has been an o testosterone boost, and thu could be revolutionary if /pol jumped on board with our new thought that onion juice would restore traditionalism to the w d was t the end of the day, the juice of a little root plant saved West

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>when you're so obsessed with masculinity that you start measuring testosterone, mocking those who consume foods who lower it and obsessively consuming things that raise it

If this keeps up I might end up believing that feminist theory of toxic masculinity, what the fuck is this?


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