This Is Delicious Cake You Must Eat It meme example.

This Is Delicious Cake You Must Eat It

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This Is Delicious Cake You Must Eat It is a popular expression originating on anonymous board Futaba Channel (2chan) in 2007 originally used as a code to signal taboo material to other users before becoming a more general catchphrase in image macros and demotivational posters on 4chan in 2008. The phrase is often used alongside images of characters eating cake and inspired a puzzle trend where 4chan users draw out a dangerous scenario leading to cake, and other users detail how they would solve it.


Super Mario 64, Portal

According to Encyclopedia Dramatica[1] the phrase is inspired by the ending of the videogame Super Mario 64 where Princess Peach awards Mario with a delicious cake for saving her, an arguably small reward for such a dangerous endeavor. The 2007 video game Portal is also said to have inspired the meme, as it similarly tempts the player with cake for completing dangerous tasks, and its release coincides with the rise of the phrase.

Futaba Board

On January 13th, 2008, Giant in the Playground[4] forum user Pronounceable made a thread titled, "Why is Cake a Lie? [oops]" asking for the origins of the meme. Later that day, a user named Holammer posted a reply detailing how the "Delicious Cake" and The Cake Is a Lie memes started on Futuba Channel (which would eventually become 2chan before being removed from the web) as a signal for sharing child pornography and loli content on now-defunct message boards like 711chan and 12chan (shown below).

O 2008-01-13, 04:51 PM (IsO 8801) Spoilers - Top - End - #36 Holammer o E Re: Why is Cake a Lie? [oops] Barbarian in the Playground EE Originally Posted by Yeril m Just a matter of curiosity, where has the meme "Cake is a Lie" came from? I've heard it so much latley. (long winded explanation, get some tea folks) Most people believe it refers to the game Portal from Valve. There is a reference in-game and in the ending song. But that itself is a reference to something different altogether. This is also where it gets ugly. Join Date: Jun 2007 Well, this is difficult, as one normally wouldn't want to admit you're even remotely aware about what the "cake is a lie" and "delicious cake" is all about. In fact, I made a spit-take when I heard the portal song and it came to the "anyway this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist" part. See... Once upon a time there was an image board/forum on "teh interwebs" called Futuba Channel where Japanese otaku's posted pictures and discussed stuff. The forums had no registration system and were lightly moderated. But it was impossible/hard for people outside Japan to post there at all by design. This in turn spawned a number of similar sites in a similar style. When you post on these sites you always do it without registration and there is a tradition to post as "anonymous". In fact, posting with a nick is frowned upon and people often thank "anonymous" when "anonymous delivers". Location: Under the Mountain Gender: So far so good. So one of these clones became very popular and it turned into the meeting place for the scum and villainy of the internet. Site was divided into a number of sub sections such as /b (random) /vg (videogames) /cat (cats!) modelled after the Japanese original. You get the picture. This site produced a high number of internet Memes. One of "their" Memes was "Delicious Cake" which was a picture of "you" and a cake. People edited the picture and posted their solutions. This is not logical stuff mind you, people posted downright racist solutions to reaching the cake or advanced mathematical formula, even philosophical approaches. Delicious Cake never really spread much as it was largely in-jokes that didn't translate into good humour outside their message board. You'll probably find a few pictures with solution if you search on the subject. With this in mind you can pretty much figure out how the reference in the song makes perfect sense in Portal. Sadly the cake itself is a reference. As the site was neatly organised into several sub section as mentioned before. Most were 1 to 3 letter abbreviations except for one which was /cake and unlike the others it didn't make much sense, more about that later. As you could post pretty much anything on the site anonymously it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a large portion of this material was pornographic in nature and here comes the boot the head! /cake was and became a codeword for anime style Lolicon material. Due to the obviously controversial content of /cake it often became a target for floods of posts and pictures that made appear as refined art. This in turn coined "cake is a lie" when posted pictures depicted something not being the expected cake. I have seen this question asked before and I feel I owe it the Internet to give a proper answer for once. I was actually surprised when Portal referred to cake in this obvious way. It's clear the high-ups in Valve had no idea what their mischievous staff actually put in there. The site mentioned in this text distanced itself from /cake awhile ago and it was separated to another site which was "not" the site in question. If you ever hear about "fail", "lolcats", "nom nom nom", "surprise buttsex" or "MOAR". This is the site that spawned them all, including cake. (never been harder to hit the "submit reply" button... Geez!) Edit: Before someone points out inaccurate claims, "site mentioned" is actually somewhat innocent of using /cake. They used /l and an offshoot site much similar to the original adopted /cake. Still the same audience. But I just wanted to clarify this.

This theory is supported in a now-removed March 6th, 2008, upload by YouTuber[3] anonymousexposed titled "Anonymous' exploitation of children" which describes the origins of the meme and includes screenshots of users on boards like 711chan and 12chan using the phrase to signal jailbait content (shown below in reupload).

Although the meme began as a signal for loli content, that context seemed to have been somewhat forgotten when it was adopted by 4chan.


On February 18th, 2008, an anonymous user of 4chan's /a/[2] board posted an image of an anime maid offering a spoonful of cake to the viewer alongside the caption, "Meido Vanilla wants you to eat her delicious cake. Is this awesome?" (shown below). This is one of the earliest available 4chan posts using a variation of the phrase alongside a cake-related image.

Anonymous Mon 18 Feb 2008 01:06:05 No.9672695 Report Quoted By: >>9672722 Meido Vanilla wants you to eat her delicious cake. Is this awesome?

Delicious Cake Puzzle

On or prior to August 29th, 2007, as evidenced by a screenshot from Encyclopedia Dramatica,[4] an anonymous user of 4chan's /b/ board posted an image made in Microsoft Paint depicting a blue dot on the left labeled "you," and red dot on the right labeled "DELICIOUS CAEK!," and a burning city between the two labeled, "Detroit City and it's infestation of crack head n***ers…," the idea being that users find a solution to reach the cake. It's unknown if this is the first post of its kind.

The post resulted in numerous solutions via text reply and edits of the original image, showing how users might get through the city to reach the cake. It also inspired users to create new variations of the problem for each other to solve.

General 4chan Use

Following the cake puzzle trend, the phrase is mostly used on 4chan, often alongside imagery of characters and people eating cake in order to signal temptation or as a random meme (examples shown below).

DELICIOUS CAKE i must eat it. DELICIOUS CAKE You Must Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat!

Various Examples

Here are the possible solutions 1. Observe that the text "Delicious Cake" penetrates the left and right sides of the cube Since it has been clearly stated that the cube is inpenetrable, we must assume that the left and right sides of the cube are not present, and that the cube is open, alowing entry from either side. In this case, take the delicious cake You elicious Cal one may simply walk inside of the cube and 2. Certainly, however, one may argue that the text "Delicious Cake" does not display a shadow, and therefore is only a label, and therefore non existant. However, using the same logic, we must assume that the the cake is a 3D object, because it displays a shadow. The shadow appears directly under the delicious cake, which would indicate that the light source is directly over the cake However, we are not able to see a light source, meaning it must be located outside of the cube The text tells us that the cube is inpenetrable, this inpenetrability includes light, so we can then fairly assume that there is no top on the cube, because if there were, there would be no shadow. One may simply obtain a ladder and climb into the cube to enjoy his/her delicious reward Cake 's shadow THIS CUBE IS ISOLANT, IMMORTAL, INDESTRUCTIBLE, INPENETRABLE, WATERPROOF, SEAKINGPROOF, BULLETPROOF, PORTALPROOF, CAN NOT BE CANCELED, CAN DIVDEBY ZERO, IT REPELS EVERY THIING, AND YOU. ACCORDING TO THE SHADOW, THE DELICIOUS CAKEIS FLOATING INSIDE THE CUBE. YOU CANNOT GET IT. YOULOST THE GAME. IT CAN NOT BE DIMENSION SHIFTED, YOU CANT USE CTRL+C CTRL+W ONIT, THERE ARE NO OTHER DELICIOUS CAKES IN THE SAME DIMENSION THIS INCLUDES Lumentec delicious cake you delicious cake . thirty-tWO students .. It is delicious cake I must eat it THIS IS DELICIOUS CAKE YOU Mycontinedsp√°ńć DELICIOUS CAKE nom nom nom ATEXTONIMACE.COMAA

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