"This Is Scout, Rainbows Make Me Cry!"

"This Is Scout, Rainbows Make Me Cry!"

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"This is Scout, Rainbows Make Me Cry!" is an exploitable voice line from Team Fortress 2. The voice line has been used in several fan videos, and one particular fan video has received several fan edits. The phrase has also resulted in several works of fanart on sites such as DeviantArt.


The catchphrase was first introduced to Team Fortress 2 in the Sniper vs. Spy update, which released on May 21st, 2009.[1] In the update, specific class Domination voice lines were added for the Spy. Whenever the Spy dominated the scout in a match, the Spy could say "May I borrow your earpiece? This is scout. Rainbows make me cry!". On June 14th, 2009, DeviantArt animator Kobb posted a short animation which used the voice line and shows the RED Spy borrowing BLU Scout's earpiece.[2] On June 17th, 2009, the animation was reuploaded to her YouTube channel strongrudder (shown below), where it received over 2.9 million views in over fourteen years.


Fan Videos

On August 29th, 2009, YouTube user Sethcat posted a YouTube Poop edit of the video. The video (shown below, left) received over 264,000 views in over fourteen years. On November 11th, 2009, YouTube user Stella Crowley posted an edit of the video in which Spy borrows Scout's earpiece to listen to the song Jerk It Out by The Caesars. The video (shown below, right) received over 206,000 views in over fourteen years. This video edit would later become an exploitable itself in which fans would replace the music spy is listening to with other songs.

On January 7th, 2010, YouTube user tomgoodmen posted a YTPMV using Kobb's video to Metal Man's stage music from Mega Man 2. The YTPMV (shown below, left) received over 218,000 views in over thirteen years. On March 27th, 2010, toomgoodmen would post another YTPMV of the video to the Renard Queenston song Rainbow Tylenol. The YTPMV (shown below, right) received over 1.1 million views in over thirteen years.

On February 4th, 2010, YouTube user nuknukthewizard posted a recreation of the scene in Garrys Mod. The video (shown below, left) received over 588,000 views in over thirteen years. On May 4th, 2013, SFM animator van2z93 posted a recreation of the scene in Source Filmmaker to YouTube. The animation (shown below, right) received over 266,000 views in over ten years.

Fan Art

Several works of fan art using the phrase would be posted to DeviantArt in the following years, such as the one posted by zeffdakilla[3] on July 1st, 2023 (shown below, left). Other fan works involve Scout crying at seeing My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash, such as the one posted by GonzaHerMeg[4] on December 21st, 2011 (shown below, right).

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