Spy (Team Fortress 2)

Spy (Team Fortress 2)

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The Spy is a playable character from the video game Team Fortress 2 that has gained popularity among fans for his unique gameplay mechanics and humorous quotes, as well as notoriety for his excessive usage in multiplayer matches.


Some of the Spy's gameplay mechanics were based off his counterpart from the previous game in the series, Team Fortress Classic, including disguises, feigning death and backstabbing. In Team Fortress 2, he is also given the ability to stealthily destroy Engineer buildings by applying a "sapper" to them.

Online Relevance

The Spy is one of the most popular characters in the game, having the second most art entries on DeviantArt (45,892) and the most forum post mentions on the Steam Discussion forums.[1][2]

A popular headcanon among the fanbase is that the RED Spy is the BLU Scout's father, originating from a scene in the "Meet The Spy" (shown below) trailer where the BLU Spy displays several photographs of the RED Spy dating the BLU Scout's mother (at the 1:06 mark), resulting in lots of fan art related to the headcanon.


Spycrab refers to an animation quirk where if a Spy has the disguise kit equipped and is looking upwards while crouching and walking, he will look like a crab. This animation quirk has been used as a method of trolling where players would "Spycrab" during an entire multiplayer match, instead of attacking the other team. Valve has taken notice of this trend and, as a result, added a rarely occurring taunt to the game that resembles the Spycrab.[3] This led to another gambling game within the playerbase, where players would place one of their items as a bet over who would first trigger the Spycrab taunt in-game.

Save the Endangered | Spy Crab! | Think twice before you wrench


Gentlemen is one of the voice commands available for the Spy. Online, the quote is associated with an exploitable image of the Spy with a large mouth full of cigarettes.


GentleMentleMen refers to a YouTube Poop Music Video where the Spy's quotes from "Meet the Spy", "Gentlemen" and "And now he's here to (bleep) us", are remixed to the rhythm of the song AGEHA by Ryu, originally featured in the video game beatmania IIDX 11.[4] The remix became very popular among YTMPV creators, resulting in lots of deriatives.

Surprise Buttsecks

Surprise Buttsecks refers to a remix of the Spy's voice made by the YouTube user Scoutelite whose channel was taken down. The remix became very popular among the game's fanbase, resulting in several fan-made music videos and fan art.


Tentaspy refers to a fan art fad in which the Spy is portrayed as a half octopus. Many drawings and cosplays of the Tentaspy exist on DeviantArt.[5]

This Is Scout, Rainbows Make Me Cry!

This Is Scout, Rainbows Make Me Cry! is a memorable quote uttered by the Spy whenever he dominates an enemy Scout. The quote spawned numerous fan art in which the Scout cries at the sight of rainbows, as well as a short flash animation made by DeviantArt user Kobb (shown below) which spawned several remixes.

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