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Understanding Per Capita

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Understanding Per Capita refers to a series of memes that ridicule people failing to grasp the per capita distribution in statistics and have been primarily used to target Black people in online arguments on sites such as 4chan. The per capita memes have been used similarly to The Breakfast Question and other dog whistle memes.


Per capita is a Latin phrase meaning "per person." In statistics, per capita means that the provided distribution is normalized per size of each represented group. For example, the total amount of money spent daily by group A is $10,000 and the total amount spent by group B is $100,000. However, if group A consists of 10 people and group B consists of 500 people, then group A spends $1,000 daily per capita and group B spends $200 daily per capita.

On October 8th, 2017, X[1] / Twitter user @millze2010 wrote, "Like I said per capita is a system that whites created to look less violent while making us look more violent" (shown below) The screenshot of the post was shared on imageboards[2] and forums[3] in the following years.

@millze2010 Replying to @HydroCyanide_B Like I said per capita is a system that whites created to look less violent while making us look more violent 10/8/17, 10:19 PM

On January 3rd, 2022, an anonymous 4chan[4] user created a /pol/ thread in which they wrote that Black people did not understand the concept of "per capita," with the thread garnering over 90 replies in two years (shown below, left). On September 5th of that year, an anonymous user created another thread in /pol/[5] about people having issues understanding statistical averages and per capita, with the thread garnering 320 replies in a similar timeframe (shown below, right).

71KiB, 1248x1504, 1618182485529.png View Same OCR Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace Anonymous [98 / 15/64] ID: /ixYeWpo Mon 03 Jan 2022 04:59:35 No.354778101 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>354778174 >>354778217 >>354778228 >>354778230 >>354778234 >>354778267 >>354778309 >>354778365 >>354778539 >>354778679 >>354778745 >>354778880 >>354779564 >>354780105 >>354780252 >>354780754 >>354780813 >>354780827 >>354780904 >>354781745 >>354781802 >>354783309 >>354783855 >>354784591 >>354785263 >>354786229 >>354787634 >>354787799 >>354788324 >>354788541 >>354789618 >>354789697 >>354789709 What are some things that black people don't understand? This is not a racism/bantz thread, I simply want to compile an accurate, politically-relevant list so we can better understand the different races. I'll start >"per capita" Anonymous ID: kvKJcRim Mon 05 Sep 2022 07:11:10 No.393945418 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>393945693 >>393945764 >>393945869 >>393946444 >>393946591 >>393947080 >>393947328 >>393947543 >>393947843 >>393947938 >>393948515 >>393948962 >>393949030 >>393949116 >>393949137 >>393949652 >>393949779 >>393950196 >>393950569 >>393950737 >>393955135 >>393955391 >>393955631 >>393955691 >>393955692 >>393955755 >>393955761 >>393956695 >>393956755 >>393957385 >>393957582 >>393957686 >>393957965 >>393958106 >>393958408 >>393958454 >>393960443 >>393960725 >>393961384 >>393961388 >>393961588 >>393961686 >>393962135 >>393962359 >>393962459 >>393962804 >>393962898 >>393963172 >>393963314 >>393963360 >>393963515 >>393964023 >>393964077 >>393964100 >>393964176 >>393964642 >>393964783 >>393965466 >>393966907 >>393966983 >>393967920 >>393968936 >>393969196 >>393969735 >>393969759 >>393971147 >>393971388 >>393973664 >>393973946 >>393974115 >>393975306 >>393975392 The easiest and quickest way to test someone's intelligence is to make a generalized statement about a group. View Same 234KiB, 1240x1058, fdvcvxvcx.jpg SauceNAO Google iqdb Trace [320 / 53 / 157] ↓ Say something like "asian men are shorter on average" if they say any variation of "not all asian men are short" or "I know a tall asian guy" you are dealing with someone genuinely low IQ. They have proven that they aren't intelligent enough to understand abstract ideas like a statistical average or per capita. Why else would they think bringing up an exception like it was some profound statement? They literally CAN NOT understand abstracts, no attempt at rationalizing or explaining yourself will increase their IQ.


Screenshots of the latter thread saw viral spread online in the following years. For instance, on September 22nd, 2022, Redditor Quelzalquartz posted it to the /r/4chan[6] subreddit, where the screenshot garnered over 3,300 upvotes in two years. On May 30th, 2023, iFunny[7] user aphroditesdaughter posted it, gaining over 12,200 smiles on the platform in one year.

On December 15th, 2022, X[8] user @BasedPeterP posted a meme that received over 47,100 views, 120 reposts and 1,000 likes in roughly one year and saw further spread through reposts.[9]

Peter @BasedPeterP "Seriously try it, they don't understand per capita. They see that one number is bigger than the other, and that's all they can process...” AGELENIDAE ont 9:42 PM Dec 15, 2022 47.1K Views . :

Memes about not understanding per capita achieved significant spread on 4chan and X / Twitter in May and June 2023, notably following the virality of The Breakfast Question, Smoke Detector Beeping and other similar memes ridiculing Black people (examples shown below).

Incel Odo @trashmanrising I see they understand inflation about as well as they understand per capita. Aya 9e @ziarastar just seen a racist redhead fall to their knees Pop Base @PopBase 6h 'The Little Mermaid' live-action has already surpassed the global total of the 1989 original in one week of release. ($250m) Disney THE LITTLE MERMAID ON THE UTTANUT MOYON NASAALALLE PYTANDARDN JACON TREMBLAY NONATOMENEN 10000MMENENHORMAN 22:07 03 Jun 23 1.4M Views Disney 11:25 PM. Jun 3, 2023 113K Views MERMAID THE LITTLE 2,015 Retweets 24 Quotes 33.3K Likes BIPOC BIPOC Doing Racism Doing Racism @BIPOCracism "Per capita is false” Someone needs to study how many can't understand and why Shireen, Harlem's Shuri, In Pol Follow @digitalsista 87% of yt people kill yt people. Don't see any of you trying to fix it. You don't need talk to us. We're good. And per capita is false. GIF ALT 21- (A + n)²+ 9:40 PM - May 9, 2023 32 Views 3 2 K and Understanding Per Capita

Various Examples

ner capita (8 PETER @CashEssence 3h Stupid ass graphs. White people make up like 75% of the county whereas black people make up 13%. When whites commit a crime, that crime is compared to the 75% of you and therefore looks lesser than if a black person commits a crime 7 271 PETER @CashEssence · 3h Say there's 13 (13%) black people. 4 of them commit a crime. "Oh goodness! 30% of Black people are violent!!!". Now there's 75 white people. 4 commits the same crime. "Only 5% of white people are violent" but you don't understand that the statistics will be different Understanding Per Capita "||! 1 No master, please T PER CAPITA! Le
3 FOES OF INCOMPREHENSIBLE POWER APPROACH UNHEARD OF! THE CHIRP SIR CAPITA SCHRODINGER'S BREAKFAST KU CASK I,Hypocrite @lporiginalg. 22h Mike Baggz → @Mike Baggz According to the census, 61% of single mothers are white. According to Census single parents statistics by race (2021), 61% of single mothers are white. (2) Single Parents Mothers 61% Fathers 73% 518 White Black Asian Other *smashes phone* t 490 frogsuit00 @frogsuit00 "Per capita hard to understand." 31% 18% 8:34 PM. Feb 19, 2024 60.5K Views Follow 3% 3% J Alston @TheJalston. 1h They're gonna hit you w/ "per capita" fam until you want to throw your phone smh 33 129 ♡ 104 ili 4.3K 口企 Mike Baggz @Mike Baggz 1h I'll just crotch come of @P211012r momen 5% 16K 6% 2.2M : 口企 ... Jack Poso @JackPosobiec Socialists doesn't understand what per capita means Vaush @VaushV Mar 28, 2023 Thousands and thousands of mass shootings from cis people pass without incident, a small handful from trans people and we get this. They will kill you if they get the chance. Do not let your guard ... 2:31 PM Mar 28, 2023 690.3K Views

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