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Upgrade Button is a series of multi-pane images featuring a picture of a person, a stock photo of a finger pressing an "upgrade" key and a glamorous photograph of the same person, indicating that the subject has been "upgraded."


On December 6th, 2015, Twitter users began posting embarrassing photographs of themselves, followed by a stock photograph of an "upgrade" keyboard key and another photograph in which they appear attractive and well-groomed (shown below).

#1 BadBoy @StaffaD Follow 傘傘傘傘傘傘傘leyi yi extreme makeover "@UNcubeOthungavo did i #upgrade or nah? " 소속 숍 습쇼쇼 RETWEETS LIKES 5:04 PM-6 Dec 2015 beey @beeyroyce Follow the glo up asa #upgrade #gloupchallenge LIKES 6 9:41 AM- 6 Dec 2015 Metro Boomin' VuyoR Follow Thank goodness for time and growth #Upgrade LIKES 91 7:07 AM-6 Dec 2015


On December 8th, 2015, Twitter user @MightyBoog_[3] posted a multi-pane image containing a photo of his new wheelchair, garnering upwards of 4,900 retweets and 4,600 likes in the next 48 hours (shown below, left). The same day, Twitter user @sadlilflocka[5] posted a variation featuring two copies of a photograph of Barack Obama, followed by the caption "ain't no upgrade bih" (shown below, right).

Boogie @MightyBoog Follow Now my wheelchair cost more than some of y'all cars | New Wheelchair , who dis ? #UpgradeChallenge RETWEETS LIKES 9:25 PM-8 Dec 2015 YOUNG HOT EBONY @sadlilflocka Follow ain't no upgrade bih RETWEETS LIKES 8:35 PM-8 Dec 2015

On December 9th, The Daily Dot[1] published an article about the multi-pane image series. The following day, NYMag[2] published an article titled "#UpgradeChallenge, the Last Great Meme of 2015, Is Pretty Much the Meme Singularity." On December 10th, Twitter user @Big_Mike_71[4] posted a tweet upgrading a picture of Dallas, Texas into Houston, Texas (shown below).

AFC SOUTH CHAMPS 6-6 @Big Mike_71 Follow REAL Upgrade if we being honest. Dallas TX USA.com RETWEETS LIKES 7:45 AM- 10 Dec 2015

Various Examples

FC bound/lskateboart Follow @plutomutt Upgrade! #Upgrade #TurntUpTuesday #FursuitEveryday #Fursuit RETWEETSLIKES 17 2:08 PM-8 Dec 2015 1st FloKage @StreetHymns 와 Follow Just gonna leave that there #Goku #Upgrade #Naruto > RETWEETS LIKES 2 9:50 PM-7 Dec 2015 Géo Métrique @geolegrec Follow KEEP COING #upgrade 8:46 AM-10 Dec 2015 lesedii. @lesedisedii Follow Upgrade @KylieJenner 7:27 AM-10 Dec 2015 Devin Follow @DerpySkittlez1 #Upgrade 5:56 PM-8 Dec 2015 yourself @MrSmoothNerd Follow Guess I'll try this #UpgradeChallenge 0 tinos PiZ RO za IIS DE WITH PORK, CHICKE RETWEETS LIKES 1:41 PM-10 Dec 2015

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