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Insane Set

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Insane Set (Japanese: ハッキョーセット, Hakkyo Set) is a series of MAD videos reusing McDonald's TV advert "Happy Set" which is equal to "Happy Meal" in the United States.


In January 2011, McDonald Japan released a set of Sponge Bob toys for the Happy Meal combo and launched a rambunctious TV commercial[1]. The ad campaign was officially named "Sponge Bob: Absolutely Surprising (スポンジ・ボブ ハチャメチャびっくり編)".


This video was uploaded to YouTube on January 20th and several blogs picked up this. So, many Japanese internet users noticed this 3 kids' epic craziness. The movie was reproduced to Nico Nico Douga (NND) on January 24th[2] and was nicknamed "Insane Set" by NND users. Then, naturally and immediately, it started to be reused in MAD videos. "Insane Set" videos basically features kids' epic bubbling over and their crazy shouts. In especially, the shout by boy with blue shirt "キェェェェェェアァァァァァァシャァベッタァァァァァァァ!!! (Whooooaaaa he is talkiiiiiiiiiing!!!)" has become the catchphrase representing this fad.

On NND, the original Ad video has since gained nearly 1 million page views, and over 300 MAD movies were posted on NND within its 2 weeks[3]. And some of them were reproduced on YouTube[4]. In the Japanese illustrators community pixiv, this fad also started gaining popularity. Over 200 images were posted to there[5].

Hatena Bookmark News, a news section in Japanese social bookmark "Hatena Bookmark" reported about this fad in January 24th[6]. They also reported about "Whooooaaaa he is talkiiiiiiiiiing!!!" buzzing on Twitter in January 28th[7].

Westerners' Web

On Jan 24, YouTube celebrity RayWilliamJohnson introduced the original Ad in his video[8]. Because of this, the video became much more watched on the westerners' web. However, they just enjoy its epicness, bad pronunciation (especially "SUPONGE BOBBLE!!") and its phonetic translations. It seems that there are no momentum to make remixes reusing this video.

Notable Examples

Left: Night of Knights[9] | Right: Red Zone[10]

Left: Second Heaven[11] | Right: Mayim Mayim[12]

Left: Vocaloid song[13] | Right: IRL reenactment[14]


7 ス モ タキ 生まれ ああおあああぁああああ

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External References

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