Would You Rather?

Would You Rather?

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"Would You Rather" is a party game in which the player is presented with a dilemma of choice between two hypothetical scenarios that entail comparable benefits and/or undesirable outcomes. Online, the thought experiment became a popular subject of an exploitable meme featuring the blue-and-red questionnaire template from Either, an online and mobile voting game based on the same concept.


The template for "Would You Rather" comes from the mobile version of Either, a popular online game version of the party game "Would you rather." Originally titled You Rather, Either[5] launched in January 2012 by the "digital product company" One Mighty Roar.[1] By January 2013, You Rather had collected more than 115-million votes.[2]


Poll Memes -- 84% vs. 16%

On February 25th, 2013, Redditor the_new_leader posted a screencap of the game, asking "Would you rather 'Find $5' or 'Have your local WNBA team win the championship'" (shown below). The post entitled "Damn Right" received more than 1,200 points (87% upvoted) and 220 comments.[3]

Would you rather... 83% Find $5 324665 votes or Have your local WNBA team win the championship 17% 64695 votes

The question comes a from 2005 reader-mail column by sportswriter Bill Simmons for ESPN, in which a reader writers:

Q: I came up with a fullproof idea for disproving that the WNBA is a real sport. You choose a person from a city that has a WNBA team and ask them the following question, "Would you rather your WNBA team win the championship or be walking along and find a $5 bill on the ground." So far I haven't found anyone that will choose the championship.[8]

Two years later, the image appeared on Reddit again, when Redditor MrsScurt posted the same question on April 19, 2014 in the /r/funny subreddit, this time with an 84-16% divide (shown below), as well as adding the original YouRather app boarders to the picture. The post received more than 1,900 points (87% upvoted) and 420 comments.[7]

RATHER Would you rather... 84% Find $5 135139 votes or Have your local WNBA team win the championship 16% 0 25290 votes

On April 2nd, Redditor MasturbationMonday uploaded the 2014 version of the meme to the /r/dankmemes subreddit, where it receieved more than 3,700 points (94% upvoted) and 30 comments. The next day, Redditor Alienghost27 posted a variation of the 2014 meme to /r/dankmemes (shown below), receiving more than 1,724 points (98% upvoted).

Find diamonds in minecraft 84% 135139 votes or Have sex with the hottest girl at your school 16% 0 25290 votes

On April 3rd, 2017, Redditor PurelyCreative posted a template for the meme in the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit.[4]

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Have depression and be able to make memes about it 84% 0 135139 votes or 16% Be happy 25290 votes 84% Have sex with a 5 year old 0 135139 votes or Instantly become A trillionaire 16% 0 25290 votes Who did this Bring back Club @ifunnyco Penguin 84% 0 @daquan or r/funny End world hunger @hoodclips 16% 25290 votes

WOULD YOU RATHER. JOIN THE AVENGERS OR JOIN JUSTICE LEAGUE WOULD YOU RATHER or get$5 million today? get $5,000 eve month for the rest of your life? Wipe with sandpaper OR Saran wrap?

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