Two different "Write Your Name in X" games, on for American and one for Filipino

Write Your Name In X

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Write Your Name In X is a social game in which various nonsense sounds from different languages are associated with letters in the alphabet. Users are encouraged to spell their names using the sounds, generating a nonsense word which may or may not sound like the target language. Often, the charts depicting the sounds and alphabet letters are accompanied by absurdly stereotypical images of a culture.


Early versions of the social game involving Japanese circulated on Facebook and other platforms as early as 2018. These games often used different sets of sounds and were inconsistent.[1] Many sites that earnestly helped people learn Japanese offered a similar kind of activity, although the charts were less simplistic.

On March 18th, 2018, Facebook page Sadcasm Memes posted a version of a chart for spelling out a name in Japanese using Roman alphabet letters, earning almost 250 likes over five years (seen below).[2]

Write your name in Japanese A = KA B = ZU C = Mi D = TE E = KU F = LU G = Ji H = Ri i = Ki J = ZU K = ME L = TA M = RIN N = TO O = MO P = NO Q = KE R = SHi S = ARi T = CHi U = DO V = RU W = MEI X = NA Y = FU Z = Z

On January 25th, 2023 Twitter user @Dxxnly posted a version of a Japanese alphabet "write your name" chart with a watermark from Sadcasm, which used the same sounds but did not look exactly like the previous Sadcasm meme (seen below).[3] This post received over 10,200 likes, hundreds of replies, and was repeatedly quote-tweeted by other users making the same kind of chart for different languages.

Dan @Dxxnly. Jan 25 IM TEKATO WTF J-ZU K - ME L-TA M - RIN SAD E-KUCASHN - TO F - RU O - MO G-JI H - RE I - KI A - KA B - TU C-MI D-TE P - NO Q - KE R - SHI 7,308 Try to write your name in Japanese. 17K S - SU T - CHI U - DO V - RU W - MEI X - NA Y - FU Z-ZE 10.2K ©Sadcasm ⒸSadcasm ₁22.9M ↑


By January 28th, 2023, users on Twitter were creating new charts combining stereotypical images from certain cultures and nonsense sounds in foreign languages. Often, these new memes quote-tweeted the original @Dxxnly post of the Sadcasm Japanese "Write your name" chart. For example, @AriKot27 on January 28th created a meme for Polish, earning over 22,000 likes in two days (seen below left).[4] On January 29th, @chainsawoctopus_ created a similar meme for Filipino, earning almost 18,000 likes in a day (seen below right).[5]

A- SŁAW B-MIEĆ C-OWSKI D-LECH E-CZYSZ F-SZCZRZ G-JEB H-2137 I-ĄĘZ J-HWDP K-KURWA L-ZJEB M-PIAST WRITE YOURE NAME IN POLISH1!1111111 O - SUKIN P - BIGOS R- ĘZRZSZCZYN S- JP2 T-PIEROGI U-oWo W - KURWA KOŃCZĄ MI SIĘ POMYSŁY Y - BOGU Z-Ń so accutated so polish OLSKA POLSKA POLSKA OLSKA WRITE YOUR NAME IN FILIPINO!!! A ka - B - tite C - puto D - adobo E - be F - lamon G - bak H - gago I - la J - bogart K - ding L-ga M - sa N- pre O - bong P - yarn Q - mabuhay R-tanga S - puta T-ba U - sinigang V - sa W - jusko X - nakakapagpabagabag Y - masarap Z - menudo

Various Examples

a - 개 b- BTS c- 진짜 d - 아니 e- 씨발 f- 쳐 g- 강남 스타일 h - 정말 i- 새끼 k-와 [쓰레기 m-미친 n-20 ○- 기분 p - 썅 q- 짱 r- 라면 먹고싶다 s- SQUID GAMEs t- 이야 u-에이 V-ㅋㅋ w-걍 x- 훼 y- 치킨 먹고싶다 z- 배고프다 YOUR NAME IN AMERICAN!!!!! A: Da M: UL B: Rren N: In O: 4th of July C: ing P: football D: muri Q: ond E: ca R: Le F: john S: Spa G: Lo T: N H: beer U: Hi V: Ra I: freedom W: D J: burger X: Ge K: wha Y: Mississippi Queen Z: Hell yea L: ou THE 2012 www.cadi from WRITE YOUR NAME IN DUTCH!!!!!! A - JAT BOE C-AS D - JA E - KU F - AN G - WIET H - EU I - N DAM K - FI LARA M - AA N - FLEUR O-RT PIE Q - OO R - LA S - MA T - IJ U - TS V - OU W - EE X - ROE Y-NO Z - OU 000000 oooooo *** BE

tired (ant)hony Replying to @Chainsawctopus_ PUTO 6 27 1 @crocoluvr. Jan 29 287 TK @Chainsawctopus_ • Jan 29 Replying to @crocoluvr yes this is puto to us ılı 30.4K ←] 소 : : WRITE YOUR NAME IN ARABIC!!! a-kha b-gha c- aine d-ghaine e-lam f-ha g-dal h-abibi come to dubai i-uqn j-hala k-ur I-khanafeh m-baklava n-doba o-bas p-zip q-tar s-pole t-khaled u-jenna V-82938 w-fart x-job y-ila Z- zamn 2119397870 C 1 c. 6. G. A :) J..N397 ظ ع غ ف ك ل م ن ء ی ے Try to write your name in Canadian !! A - Toonie B - Bud C - Can P - Pop D- Double double Q - Toque R-Les N - No yeah O - Oui E - Eh F - Au G - Gay marriage H - Hockey I - La J- Je K - KD L - Loonie M - Maple S- Snow T - Tim U - Sorry V - Tru W - Du X - Syrup Y - Yeah no Z- Zed @lyncubus

External References

[1] Facebook – SeriouslyINeedYouInMyLife

[2] Facebook – Sadcasm Memes

[3] Twitter – @Dxxnly

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[5] Twitter – @AriKot27

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