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What the F-Bomb, also known as wtf boom or wtfboom, is a series of video memes in which a normal event gets interrupted by a loud voice screaming "WHAT THE F-" cut off by an extremely loud explosion and a sinister laugh. It is commonly used as an element of surprise or interruption. The audio clip has also been used by VideoCompiler in a number of his "Ventrilo harassment" videos in which he hacks into user Ventrilo servers, harasses users with soundbites and posts videos online for lulz. It is commonly called the "WTF Boom/Bomb" on YouTube.


The sound effect is a compilation of three sounds. The first is the sound of a C4 explosive counting down from the game Counter-Strike. The second is a clip from episode three of the Steve Moustache Show in which a Ted DiBiase action figure is given a makeover to look like a disfigured freak.

The earliest documented mashup of the sounds comes from a YTMND page that has been archived as far back as July 15th, 2005, which features a Legend of Zelda clip in which Link opens a chest, only to find a bomb, followed by the WTF Boom sound clip.[2] Everything after the explosion was taken from Mega64's "Interview" with Gunther Galipot, a design and content consultant from the game Cold Fear. In Mega64's video, Gunther goes berserk and sets off a nuclear bomb.

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