4Chan User Goes Viral For Covering Communist Political Stickers Around Town With 'Soyjaks'

March 15th, 2024 - 4:54 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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Aposter reading "are you a communist" with Karl Marx face covered by a Cobson soyjak.

A 4chan user who got sick of seeing communist political stickers around their town took matters into their own hands with what's being called an act of "memetic warfare" on social media.

Earlier this month, an anonymous user of 4chan's /diy/ board made a post titled "There are these dumb political stickers all over my town, and I wanna put soyjaks over 'em."

The stickers in question depict Karl Marx pointing forward like Uncle Sam, surrounded by the caption, "Are you a communist? Then get organized!"

The thread starts with the anon detailing how they bought some Soyjak stickers, specifically depicting Cobson, on Redbubble and started sticking them over Marx's face. College students quickly began removing them, so he started Gorilla Gluing them over Marx, making them much harder to remove.

The thread includes numerous photos of the defaced Marx stickers, including photos of what appears to be the aftermath of an attempt to remove them, showing the entirety of the Marx sticker removed with only the Cobson sticker remaining.

"The real beauty of the things, like the scratches on the back of an old aluminum smartphone, was how they looked over time. You can see here that somebody tried to forcibly remove them, and failed," the anon wrote.

The thread became notably popular on the /diy/ board, inspiring over 260 comments from anons largely expressing support for OP. "God bless you and gorilla glue," one anon commented. "Unfathomably based," wrote another.

The thread is now going viral on X / Twitter after a user reposted the screenshots from it to the tune of over 5,000 likes in just a few hours, calling the act "simple memetic warfare."

The post continues, "Here's a great recent primer from 4chan on how to wage a successful low-intensity meme warfare campaign in your local town."

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