Collina Strada Puts On AI-Generated Fashion Show Inspired By 'This Is Fine' Meme

September 11th, 2023 - 12:03 PM EDT by Aidan Walker

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A runway model from the Collina Strada show and the This Is Fine Meme.

Collina Strada has put out a new spring collection inspired by the This Is Fine meme and created using artificial intelligence. It may be the most-online collection of clothing that any fashion house has ever produced.

"We’re all doomed. The world’s on fire, but we’re doing a fashion show because that’s what we know how to do," lead designer Hillary Taymour told Vogue. Another designer, Charlie Engman, said, "Do you know the This Is Fine meme? That’s the inspiration."

Some applauded the move, while others were less positive.

The classic meme, based on a drawing by KC Green, has become something of a political and generational symbol. It shows a dog sipping coffee and enjoying life despite the obvious disaster unfolding around him — something which Generation Z and Millennials strongly related to.

In a summer full of smoky skies and disturbing weather, many felt like that dog, enjoying their own lives as climate change wrought havoc.

Collina Strada told the models to plaster on a big, fake smile for the entire time they walked the runway, which was documented on TikTok.

To make the collection even more "2023," it was created in collaboration with artificial intelligence. The designers fed the AI all of their past designs and had it generate Collina Strada clothing. Then, they gave the AI feedback on what it generated, teaching it to make the sort of stuff they liked, and which would fit their theme for the collection.

Eventually, once they had settled on the right AI-generated designs, they physically made the clothing pieces.

Whether this is the future of fashion remains to be seen. Other memes with bold color palettes and memorable messages may inspire future looks — can you imagine the Spring 2038 Balenciaga Pepe collection?

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