Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Suggests Katy Perry And Mark Zuckerberg Were 'Groomed' Into Controlling The World After Photo Of Pop Star And Fan Goes Viral

May 16th, 2023 - 4:03 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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elon musk and young fan zuckerberg conspiracy

A wild conspiracy from a blue-checked Twitter user suggests that pop star Katy Perry and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg are not only longtime friends, but that they have spent their lives being groomed to facilitate a globalist agenda by an unknown cabal of New World Order power players. The evidence for this claim seems to solely be this picture:

mark zuckerberg twitter katy perry

The theory, spotted by The Daily Dot, was pushed by Twitter user @cotupacs, who tweeted the image saying, "These two didnt just bump into each other in a back alley & take a selfie. This is not a coincidence. These people are selected & groomed at a young age to help facilitate current globalist agenda."

globalist agenda tweet

The idea that the boy in the photo is Zuckerberg comes from a December 2021 tweet by Katy Perry stan account @GreeshmaMegha, joking that the boy was a young Zuck. Exaggerating an idol's historical significance is par for the course in stan memes, and it appears the account was joking that Katy Perry had some influence in Zuckerberg becoming one of the most powerful people alive.

katy perry young mark zuckerberg

Just looking at it, one may be able to infer that the young boy in the picture is not a "young Mark Zuckerberg," though he shares Zuck's haircut. Furthermore, Perry and Zuckerberg are the same age: 38 years old. Perry looks significantly older than the boy in the photo. Nevertheless, the theory saw some mild spread, making its way around Twitter and a bit on TikTok, but most seem to have sussed out that the tweet wasn't accurate immediately.

Twitter's community notes program, which attaches addendums "fact-checking" tweets spreading misinformation, ultimately got to the original post and corrected it, saying, "Katy Perry and Mark Zuckerberg were born in the same year; this image shows two individuals at clearly different ages."

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