Carpool Karaoke Finally Ends, Some Would Say Mercifully, Completing 'Rule Of Threes' Cycle Of Cable Network Terminations

April 24th, 2023 - 2:18 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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The "Rule of Threes" indicates that celebrity deaths weirdly seem to always come in threes. The media world is having its own version of that today, as after Tucker Carlson's abrupt and bewildering firing from Fox News came Don Lemon's from CNN, and then, in a slightly different arguably no less monumental termination, came the end of James Corden and Carpool Karaoke.

popbase end of carpool karaoke

Unlike the Lemon and Carlson firings, Corden is leaving Carpool Karaoke on his own terms, and his departure from the late-night show has been a long time coming.

In April last year, the comedian announced he would be wrapping up his stint on The Late Late Show in the spring of this year. That moment will come on Thursday, but the last Carpool Karaoke segment, featuring Adele, was released today.

Normally, news that the last Carpool Karaoke had aired wouldn't be all that notable to anyone except fans of the show, but in the wake of the Carlson and Lemon news, some on social media joked that there was some sort of cosmic force at play that had caught Carpool Karaoke in its wake.

okay this is crazy joe bidens america lxeagle 17

While the reaction to Corden leaving American late-night TV is mostly jokes, many online are wondering if, because Fox and CNN dropped some of their most divisive figures, MSNBC will follow suit.

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