Tucker Carlson Reportedly Fired From Fox News, With The Reason Widely Speculated But Unconfirmed

April 24th, 2023 - 12:02 PM EDT by Aidan Walker

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Tucker Carlson

A press release issued by the Fox News media company earlier today announced that well-known host Tucker Carlson, a man of many viral moments and memes, would be fired from his position effective today and that his show last Friday would be his final episode.

Although contentious, Carlson was undoubtedly one of Fox's biggest stars and had worked with the network for close to two decades. In recent years, his show was one of the most-watched cable shows in America. Recently, however, Carlson came under significant controversy for sharing unverified claims on his program, and many thought of him and other Fox hosts as more interested in advancing a conservative agenda than reporting the news.

The recent Dominion lawsuit, which determined that Fox had shared claims about the 2020 Presidential Election with its viewers that it knew were false, settled out-of-court last week, with Fox admitting wrongdoing and paying almost $800 million in damages.

While no official reason for his sudden removal at the news organization has been provided so far, some speculate that Carlson's firing may be connected to this settlement, and perhaps it was one of the conditions Dominion gave.

Online, people made memes responding to the news almost as soon as it came out, including reposting deepfake videos of Carlson reading out famous copypastas on his show.

With Carlson's prominent role and viewership, some wondered about the future of both Carlson and Fox News as speculation surrounding the sudden firing went viral.

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