Entrepreneur And Film Producer Dhar Mann Accused Of Underpaying Vital Actors In Wildly Successful Videos

February 9th, 2023 - 3:53 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Dhar Mann controversy tweet.

Dhar Mann, the creator behind a large video empire comprised of TikTok influencers and actors being used to showcase social lessons, has apparently just learned a lesson of his own.

This week, several of the actors that have appeared in numerous highly successful videos for the production company Dhar Mann Studios have come forward and accused him of purportedly underpaying everyone on his staff, with a number of video testimonials being uploaded about what it's like to work for him.

As the controversy continued to brew in recent days, this backlash escalated into a worker protest taking place, with some of the actors and actresses refusing to work until conditions improve.

This has also led to numerous social media posts being made about Dhar Mann being "canceled," which he responded to in a long Instagram post that had comments removed shortly after being put up.

Among posts calling for his cancelation, the prevailing theme is largely centered around the ironic nature of Mann having multiple videos about bosses mistreating their workers, yet him being accused of the same action as though he is not self-aware.

Yesterday, Mann himself then responded to the protests in a post on his Facebook page, which has since been liked over 11,000 times in roughly 22 hours, as well as receiving thousands of comments.

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