Elon Musk Took Another Meme IRL By Bringing A Sink To Twitter HQ

October 27th, 2022 - 4:31 PM EDT by Brandon Wink

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Elon Musk let that sink in meme.

Yesterday, Elon Musk did what he often does and attempted a reference to meme culture. In this instance, while on a visit to Twitter headquarters as part of his buying Twitter saga, he brought with him a sink as a reference to the "let that sink in" meme.

The event, which was captured on video, was quickly posted to Musk's Twitter page where some people began to immediately lavish praise for the mogul's perceived comedic genius.

However, as is the nature of memes and the internet, not everyone was on the same page. Even though Musk's tweet and words in the video explicitly say "let that sink in," many weren't sure what was going on and instead defaulted to other sink-related phrases, such as "throwing out everything but the sink" and "going down the drain," while some just simply didn't understand the gesture at all.

Others who seemingly never let Musk off the hook for long took to social media and were quick to connect the recent stunt to his previous newsworthy topics, such as his secret children and staff pregnancies, with a meme being made of the sink itself declaring itself pregnant after being in close proximity to Musk.

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