'Hollow Knight' Releases 'Silksong' Update On April Fools' Day And It's Somehow Not A Joke

April 2nd, 2024 - 2:08 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Hollow Knight Silksong's April Fools Day update.

Yesterday, Hollow Knight fans were sitting patiently with their clown makeup on, prepared to be the mark of a devious April Fools' prank about the game's highly anticipated, long-developed sequel, Silksong. Sure enough, the day did see potential good news about the game go viral online, but, miraculously and cheekily enough, it wasn't a prank.

One can wishlist Hollow Knight: Silksong on Xbox right now. Xbox Product Manager Tao Sila confirmed this on Twitter / X yesterday afternoon, assuring rightfully suspicious gamers that it wasn't a joke.

Silksong on wish page, not a joke

This isn't a completely earth-shattering development compared to an actual release date announcement, as the game has been on other platforms' wishlist pages for some time. However, Silksong's appearance on the Xbox wishlist page may be of more import because way back in 2022, when Xbox assured the public that Silksong would be out by June 2023 (lol), they stated it would be a "Day 1 release" on Xbox Game Pass.

This can be interpreted as a positive sign for the game's imminent release. Furthermore, the game now has an ESRB rating of 10+. An ESRB rating could indicate that the game is currently in a finished-enough state so it could be played by ESRB testers for the board to assign their rating. At least, that's what some optimistic gamers are claiming online.

silksong and elden ring esrb ratings A possible chance

Granted, Hollow Knight fans may be grasping at straws looking for a crumb of good news about Silksong, but at the very least, the game did get a tangible update on April 1st, and remarkably, it isn't a prank.

Still, without an announcement from developers Team Cherry, they should probably keep that clown makeup handy.

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