Internet Rocked By News That Nicolas Cage Will Be A Playable Character In 'Dead By Daylight'

May 17th, 2023 - 4:04 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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"There is nothing more powerful than imagination. It can shape the fabric of reality … transforming everything you think you may know." – Nicolas Cage.

Perhaps it was the great power of imagination that inspired Nicolas Cage to play Nicolas Cage for a second time, this time in the video game Dead By Daylight.

The Twitter account for the video game posted a trailer earlier today announcing that Cage would be joining the game in some capacity as himself.

Dead by Daylight is a long-running multiplayer video game in which four "survivors" work together to defeat a "killer." Many of the killers available to players are well-known villains from horror pop culture, such as Michael Myers from Halloween and Pinhead from Hellraiser. Similarly, many of the survivors are pop culture characters, such as Halloween's Laurie Strode and Saw's David Tapp.

While there are no further details about Cage's involvement with the game at this time, many assume he will join the "survivor" team as himself.

This has proven surreal for Dead by Daylight players, who are apparently struggling with the concept of "fighting alongside the actual Nicolas Cage."

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Cage is well-known for taking seemingly any role, which he explained in a 2022 interview stems from a desire to stay out of bankruptcy and keep his mother out of a mental institution. Still, despite his wide array of bizarre film choices, Cage is well-respected by his peers for never phoning in a performance, so fans of Dead by Daylight can anticipate playing alongside the only kind of Nic Cage: peak Nicolas Cage.

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