Khaby Lame Surpasses Charli D'Amelio To Become World's Most Followed TikToker

June 23rd, 2022 - 10:13 AM EDT by Philipp Kachalin

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Khaby Lame vs. Charli D'Amelio live subscriber count on Livecounts.

The TikTok star who rose to fame by destroying terrible life hacks, Khaby Lame became the world's most-followed TikToker recently, taking the title previously held by influencer Charli D'Amelio.

Today, Khabane "Khaby" Lame went head to head with D'Amelio, with the TikTok stars tying briefly at the 142.1 million subscriber mark. The tie didn't last long, however, as the Italian TikToker of African descent pulled ahead with confidence, already sporting a nearly 400,000-follower lead over D'Amelio.

The 22-year-old Khaby Lame uploaded his first video to TikTok on March 15th, 2020, and achieved viral popularity on the app in February 2021 when the videos in which he made fun of the world's most stupid life hacks started going viral, in part thanks to Lame's unforgettable silent reactions but also due to him showing how much simpler the "hacked" tasks could be accomplished.

Charli D'amelio, who climbed to fame with her dance videos, became the most followed TikToker in March 2020 and held the crown for over two years.

In May, Khaby Lame received the World Influencers and Bloggers Award at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival where he took photos with Stepan the Cat, another recipient.

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