Meme Stock 'BoBBY' Shoots To The Moon And Back In Anti-Climatic Fashion

February 7th, 2023 - 12:22 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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BoBBY bed bath & beyond meme stock.

One of the truest sayings in the world, "what goes up must come down" was once again proven to great effect yesterday as the WallStreetBets subreddit had one of its favorite meme stocks (Bed Bath & Beyond) start to see impressive gains in pre-market as rumors of a short squeeze quickly coalesced into a rocket to the moon.

The stock, which WSB affectionately call "BoBBY," would then climb from just over $3 to well over $6 in the span of six hours, causing an overabundance of posts talking about their earned tendies and when they bought in.

As the stock neared over a 150 percent increase, trading on it was halted and quickly stopped its upward momentum, effectively starting the reaction of it coming back down from the moon.

Once the market turned over into aftermarket hours, in which the majority of traders are unable to execute proper trade procedures, the stock quickly plummeted back down in value until the majority of the profits and cries for HODLing evaporated into thin air.

This triggered a very localized and large GUH within the community, with many quickly clinging to any news of the company that could indicate the price going back up while many posted memes or comments about huffing vast amounts of hopium.

In early 2021, the notorious GameStop short squeeze propelled the WSB subreddit into the limelight as it became an international sensation, but whether or not Bed Bath & Beyond's stock will have the same result remains to be seen.

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