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WallStreetBets GameStop Short Squeeze refers to the massive surge in the price of GameStop shares in the stock market in January 2021, when it rose from $17 to over $500, in a significant degree due to a campaign by users in the /r/WallStreetBets subreddit. The hype resulted in GameStop (GME) becoming of the most traded stocks on Wall Street that month, with a massive number of retail investors buying the stock in an attempt to force hedge funds betting against it into large losses.

As GameStop stock garnered attention globally and became one of the most-discussed topics online in late January 2021, the events were followed by a several movie announcements and a number of controversies, including restrictions on trading the stock imposed by several brokerages, and stock market as a whole being put under government scrutiny.


On August 16th, 2019, hedge fund manager Michael Burry, known for shorting the 2008 real estate bubble, reported purchasing 3 million shares, or 3.3% of GameStop,[35] citing the short[27] interest of 63% in the company possibly resulting into a short squeeze[13] as one of the factors affecting the decision to invest. In the following weeks, several news outlets[36][37] reported on Burry's investment.

In September 2019, /r/WallStreetBets user DeepFuckingValue, aka Roaring Kitty, started making monthly posts[8][9] of their January 15th, 2021, $8 call options[10] in /r/WallStreetBets subreddit, mentioning Burry in one of their earliest posts.[8]

On October 8th, 2020, the price of GME stock rose[17] from $9.36 to $13.49, which caused /r/WallStreetBets users to take increased interest in the stock. On that day, Redditor[11] namsilat made a "due diligence" (DD) post in which he advised buying on January 15th, 2021, call options for GME with a $9 strike price (shown below, left). On the same day, DeepFuckingValue[12] posted his potential earnings from his GME calls, at that time valued at over 2.2 million dollars (shown below, right).

My final DD. DD (self.wallstreetbets) submitted 3 months ago by namsilat to /r/wallstreetbets Alright dudes. Last one - I'm going to give it a 70% chance of making everyone f------ rich. You may know me as the father of "Chad Robots from the Future". A ridiculous thread that predicted the IVR pump and dump. If you bought those calls and sold a week later, you made a 6300% return. Or my SRNE pump and dump call, that one netted about 3100%. Or KODK, or the AAPL madness right after the switch to apple silicon through the split. I called them all as I saw them, and you guys were kind enough to let me know you'd made money. I'm not going to link to it, because WSB is low effort these days, and I imagine my account is well known enough at this point that guys in this thread will vouch for me. There is another massive P&D on the horizon. With as much disdain as there is for technicals in this sub these days, I'm not going to get into the weeds about why. Suffice to say that if GME remains elevated for the next month, or god forbid goes higher, a short squeeze the likes of which we haven't seen since VW will commence. And you want to get in on it. Right f------ now. I've picked a position that my crayons say provides the most time opportunity, while remaining cheap enough to really see some massive multiplication in the event of a short squeeze. GME 9C 1/15/21. I could have gone for a much more OTM strike price, but I didn't want you dudes to get f----- if this doesn't pop. You can exit this position around December 15 if it doesn't pop by then and you should still have a fat fraction of your tendies. But it's going to pop. And you, my boys, are going to be less poor. And then we'll all meet at burger king for hugs. GME 9C 1/15/21 Just f------ buy it, and you'll finally make your old pops proud. 610 comments reddit ceddit Last Symbol - Actions Price $ Change $ Change % Qty # Price Paid $ Day's Gain $ Total Gain $ Total Gain % Value $ > GME O 13.49 4.13 44.12% 10,000 4.1133 41,300.00 93,766.83 227.96% 134,900.00 GME O > Jan 15 '21 $10 Call 5.25 3.11 143.09% 1,000 0.20 310,500.00* 506,983.60 2,471.11% 527,500.00 GME O > Jan 15 '21 $15 Call 3.40 2.14 180.59% 1,000 0.14 214,000.00* 317,983.60 2,190.51% 332,500.00 GME O 2.91 1.87 196.32% 1,000 0.15 186,500.00* 265,986.10 1,714.50% 281,500.00 Jan 15 '21 $17 Call GME O > Jan 15 '21 $20 Call 2.30 1.55 219.15% 1,000 0.0726 154,500.00* 217,223.60 2,793.37% 225,000.00 GME O > Apr 16 '21 $12 Call 4.80 2.71 107.75% 1,000 0.40 271,000.00* 481,983.60 1,189.60% 522,500.00 > Cash Total Transfer money $250,423.00 Total $139,972.67 $1,177,800.00 $1,883,927.33 1,345.93% $2,274,323.00


In November and December 2020, following the October 8th surge, multiple /r/WallStreetBets users made posts hyping up GameStop stock, including due diligence posts predicting a possible short squeeze,[27][13] leading to those /r/WSB users who bought in the stock referring to themselves as GME Gang.[14]

The number of posts about GameStop stock in /r/WallStreetBets increased in December 2020,[15][16] with some users betting on an upcoming short squeeze in the stock (posts shown below), with hedge fund Melvin Capital, a major holder of GME short positions,[27] being collectively chosen by the subreddit as an antagonistic figure.

52 22 3 2 8: Posted by u/SIR_JACK_A_LOT 1 month ago OA GME Gang rise Up! Earnings dip sucked (F--- you Sherman) but short squeeze gotta squeeze. Continuing the road to multi-millionaire, who's with me? Gain Balances <> Account value / Today's net change $1,409,092.14 $100,585.62 (7.69%) O Show balance history Positions <> Custom Columns Compact View Mkt Value Symbol Quantity Gain Stocks 88,233 13.04 1,408,198.68 257,155.07 GME Purch Price 15.96 22.34% 1 615 Comments Give Award Share A Save O Hide F Report 97% Upvoted Posted by u/rustincohle 1 month ago Why GME could squeeze as early as tomorrow DD Came across noise that GME has been on the reg sho threshold list for almost 13 consecutive trading days so I decided to do some digging and boy did I find something interesting. So interesting that I dare predict a short squeeze could happen as early as tomorrow. The magnitude of the squeeze is something that will be hard to tell, and could be dependent on factors currently unknown to us, but it will definitely be an early christmas present for many. What does it mean to be listed on the threshold list and what happens on the 13th consecutive day? The Regulation SHO Threshold Security List was created by the SEC in 2005 to reduce naked short selling. Stocks appear on this list when at least 0.5% of shares outstanding failed to be settled for 5 consecutive days or more. If a stock is on the list for 13 consecutive trading days, participants will be forced to close any settlement failures (a.k.a cover the naked shorts). Is GME on the threshold list? You bet. 12 consecutive trading days starting from 8th December 2020. Quick maths mean the 13th consecutive day would fall on 24th December 2020. Shorts will be forced to cover tomorrow basically. width=1145&format=png&auto=webp&s=552c76e3fdf51d81989e7021f53316385030a4ad Has this happened before? Yes. 12 consecutive days starting from 22 September 2020. Quick maths mean the 13th consecutive day fell on 8th October 2020. width=1111&format=png&auto=webp&s=6a9f42ae5235bbee1b1044b42f8ce5fa6a0f382d

First Short Squeeze / Gamma Squeeze Leg (January 11th – January 21st)

On January 11th, 2021, Chewy founder Ryan Cohen joined the GameStop board of directors.[1] This, along with hype about recently-released video game consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sparked renewed interest in GameStop among investors, which had bottomed out at $3 a share in 2020 as many people thought the store would soon go bankrupt.[2] The event served as a trigger for the initial leg of the short / gamma squeeze[28] in the stock, with GME share price increasing[17] from $19.95 on January 12th to $31.40 on January 13th to $39.91 on January 14th. During that period, multiple /r/WallStreetBets users made posts in which they prompted others to buy GameStop stock and options. On January 13th and 14th, DeepFuckingValue posted[18][19] screenshots of their potential call earnings from their GME calls, with the January 13th post (shown below, left) gaining over 41,900 upvotes in ten days. On January 17th, Redditor[20] TitusSupremus made a DD post hyping up further buying pressure in the stock that gained over 12,900 upvotes (shown below, right).

Posted by u/DeepFuckingValue gamecock 10 days ago BUY 2 2 19 164 2 4 A 166 a3 175 18 21 GME YOLO update – Jan 13 2021 YOLO > Symbol - Last Price $ Change $ Actions Change % Qty Price Paid S Day's Gain $ Total Gain $ Total Gain % Value $ > OME O 31.40 11.45 57.39% 50,000 14.8947 572,500.00 825,266.83 110.81% 1,570,000.00 GME ON Jan 15 21 820 Call 11.40 10.51 1,215.03% 1,000 0.0726 1,051,000.00 1,129,723.60 14,527.58% 1,137,500.00 GME O 20.88 10.63 119.38% 1,000 0.40 1,062,500.00 1,911,983.60 4,719.04% 1,952,500.00 Apr 16 21 $12 Call > Cash Total Transfer money $1,128,842.20 Total $793,025.97 $2,686,000.00 $3,866,974.03 487.62% $5,788,842.20 3.3k Comments Give Award Share Save O Hide Report 90% Upvoted Posted by u/TitusSupremus 6 days ago 12 2 69 61 S 67 2 67 (GME DD) One DD to rule them. One DD to find them. One DD to to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. OC DD Ok retards listen up. Been seeing lots of cucks writing small DD pieces of bullish or bearish s---. You cucks need to read this cos this is the whole f------ thing. this is also basically my magnum f------ opus so upvote retards. Dont give me awards, legit go buy a powerup membership for a year. Cant tell you to buy shares because we gonna get closed down by Suck Elons C--- somehow. im also not some fininacial advisor or whatever just read this and make your own conclusions degenerates. Im not f------ liable Imao but i am balls deep 125 shares @ 19 average now, its literally all I have on this earth. TLDR: GME DD sumarized, Margin doesnt affect longs the same way as shorts right now. Dont buy shares on margin though and get ready to supply collateral regardless. Short interest is up and some smart retards are on our side. Read the post to raise your IQ from 8 to 9 though. s mega f-- and even posting high level bear s--- to scare us. Compulsory 7 rockets so you autists dont start having a seizure or something:

On January 19th, 2021, Vice[21] reported on the short squeeze.

/r/WallStreetBets vs. Citron Research

Prior to January 2021 events, /r/WallStreetBets built antagonistic relationship towards Citron Research in 2020 as the majority of /r/WSB users disagreed with Citron's bearish prognosis towards several stocks popular in the subreddit.

On January 19th, 2021, Andrew Left of investment newsletter Citron Research posted that he thought those investing in the company at the current level were "suckers,"[3] announcing a live stream about the situation on January 20th. On the same day, Redditor[22] SmollPpMaster69 posted the screenshot of the tweet to /r/WallStreetBets, writing "Shitron Attacking begins." and gaining over 23,000 upvotes in two days. Also on the same day, Redditor[23] spike142 made a post "Citron's Biggest Mistake: They Announced that they would have a live stream, and provided the time and date."

On the following day, Andrew Left's stream was raided by /r/WallStreetBets users, with the stream experiencing technical difficulties.[24] Multiple memes based on the stream and generally about Citron Research were posted in /r/WallStreetBets[25][26] in the following days.

Posted by u/imgayandiloveit 2 days ago BrotherCramer Award 34 32 3 33 2 31 The face of a man days from bankruptcy Loss LOST CONNECTION Trying to reconnect 9.1K Say something...

Second Short Squeeze Leg (January 22nd – January 29th)

On January 22nd, 2021, following the increasing buying pressure by /r/WallStreetBets users and other market players, the price of GME stock surged from $43 to $65, peaking at $76.35 during the day.[17]

On that day, multiple /r/WallStreetBets[6][7] users made posts in which they talked about their potential and realized earnings from GameStop shares and options (examples shown below).

02:15 $57.00 GME 1D 1W 1M 3M 1Y 5Y Your Position Shares Market Value 1,850 $105,450.00 Avg Cost Portfolio Diversity $25.62 92.45% O Today's Return +$23,736.31 (+29.05%) Total Return +$58,054.48 (+122.49%) Recurring Investments Invest on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly Today's Volume Trade 52,268,297 12:05 1 ull 5G $52.60 GME Your Position Shares Market Value 500 $26,342.00 Avg Cost Portfolio Diversity $18.86 36.57% O Today's Return +$4,827.00 (+22.44%) Total Return +$16,910.05 (+179.28%) Options Contracts Value 22 $45,726.00 Today's Return +$18,121.00 (+65.64%) Total Return +$43,031.80 (+1,597.20%) GME $35 Call $20.03 > 2/19 Exp 12 Buys Today's Volume Trade 46,384,894

On January 25th, 2021, the price of the stock rose to $136.36 within two hours after the premarket opened, with the stock opening at $96 during the main trading session.[17] Within one hour after opening, the price reached $158.

The January 2021 GameStop short squeeze and the role /r/WallStreetBets played in it attracted interest from both mainstream media[2][3][34] and social media,[4][5] with news articles and viral posts about the situation being made.

January 26th and 27th Events

On January 26th, Elon Musk, after the main trading session closing time, tweeted "Gamestonk!!" and linked the WallStreetBets subreddit, with the tweet gaining over 26,200 retweets and 152,400 likes in one day.

Elon Musk ... @elonmusk Gamestonk!! wallstreetbets • r/wallstreetbets Like 4chan found a Bloomberg Terminal P 4:08 PM · Jan 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

During the January 26th postmarket trading session, the price of $GME reached $243.10.

On January 27th, the price of the stock reached $360.40 during the premarket trading session.

On January 27th, 2021, CNBC[29] reported that Melvin Capital, the hedge fund that held a large GameStop short position, closed it for a huge lose, according to a report by the hedge fund's manager. On the same day, Citron Capital’s Andrew Left posted a video[30] in which he revealed that the fund also closed the majority of its GameStop short position at "a loss of 100%."

Following the news, the price of the stock decreased to slightly above $200 as of 8:30am EST.

On Reddit, several viral posts[31][32] speculating that the report by CNBC was false information were made.

In addition to GameStop, several other stocks gained popularity among retail traders and saw high volatility on the market due to the activity on /r/WallStreetBets subreddit, including AMC Theaters (AMC), BlackBerry (BB), Nokia (NOK) and Koss Corp (KOSS).

January 28th and 29th Events

During pre-market hours on January 28th, the price of GameStop stock briefly exceeded $500.[38] Also on that day, /r/WallStreetBets reached 5 million subscribers (from below 2 million at the start of January 2021).

Following the surges in GameStop and other stocks popular among the traders on /r/WallStreetBets, several brokerages including Robinhood, TD Ameridale, Charles Schwab, E*TRADE and WeBull restricted trading $GME, $AMC and several other of the trending stocks (individual lists vary),[33] not allowing the users to buy new stock. Additionally, several brokers increased margin requirements[39] for volatile stocks.

The move received extremely negative responses from both users on /r/WallStreetBets and on social media in general, with brokerage Robinhood, particularly popular among beginner traders and investors, being heavily criticized online. On that day, the US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted[40] that Robinhood's actions were "unacceptable," with the tweet gaining over 126,300 retweets and 603,000 likes in one day, with other notable politicians and public figures such as Donald Trump Jr., Ted Cruz, Rashida Tlaib and Ben Shapiro also commenting on the situation (tweets shown below).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez O. 14m This is unacceptable. Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr We now need to know more about @RobinhoodApp's decision to block retail investors from purchasing stock while hedge funds are freely able to trade the stock as they see fit. It took less than a day for big tech, big government and the corporate media to spring into action and begin As a member of the Financial Services colluding to protect their hedge fund Cmte, l'd support a hearing if necessary. buddies on Wall Street. This is what a rigged system looks like, folks! Ted Cruz O @tedcruz 3m Fully agree. #RobinHood #RedditArmy #GME #GMEtothemoon Alexandria Ocasio-Co... 14m This is unacceptable. We now need to know more about @RobinhoodApp's decision to block retail investors from purchasing sto. Ben Shapiro O @benshapiro 2h Note: Robinhood absolutely should not be stopping trading of GameStop. Market mechanisms include the reality that some people will attempt to game the market mechanisms -- and some will pay the price. Restricting who can buy and sell is using a hammer on free markets. ... Show this thread Rashida Tlaib O @RashidaTlaib 1h This is beyond absurd. @FSCDems need to have a hearing on Robinhood's market manipulation. They're blocking the ability to trade to protect Wall St. hedge funds, stealing millions of dollars from their users to protect people who've used the 602 t75,241 28.5K stock market as a casino for decades.

On /r/WallStreetBets, several viral posts about initiating a class action lawsuit against Robinhood were made, with at least one lawsuit being filed[41] in New York.

Following the restrictions imposed on trading, the price of GameStop stock decreased to a daily low of $120 before again rising to $348 during the postmarket trading session.

That week, the price of GameStop closed at $325 on Friday January 29th.

Week Of February 1st Events

During the week of February 1st, the price of GameStop dropped from a $315 open on Monday to a $64.77 close on Friday.

During the weekend of January 30th and 31st, and during the week of February 1st, multiple /r/wallstreetbets users posted[50][51] photographs of billboards in various American cities advertising GameStop shares and the /r/wallstreetbets subreddit (examples shown below). For example, on January 30th, Redditor[52] SomeGuyInDeutschland posted a video of a Times Square billboard displaying "$GME GO BRRR" message, referencing the Printer Go Brrr meme.

WE'RE NOT SELLING SGME ARRINGTON Cramer says we made our point, time to sell $GME I'M not On ThÉ mooN yEt! HoLd!!! 263 CAMAR AME LAMAR $GME TO THE MOONNNNN 31208 CLAMARO KEEP HOLDING! $GME #DIAMONDHANDS #TENDIES $GME Sell? WINGS EVENT CENTER GME TO THE MOON + Pinned Tweet Dr. Parik Patel, BA, CFA, ACCA Esq. * OParikPatelCFA Jan 28 Which one of you told the WalStreetBets retards what a bilboard PSD mock up #SaveAMC JOIN WALLSTREETBETS WE LIKE THE STOCK THEATREAMSA file ie? HOLD SCME O 414 13 72K O 53.OK We're Not Leaving! SGME SOME TO THE MOON WALL WE'RE NOT- SELLING SGME TALL HOLD THE LINEII SEE YOU THERE $GME to the moon! WALLS $GME - A O ADDINGTON ALLISOH We aren't selling. Pad fer ly Tomie kely O. Bon156 200A E. Setice Was Post Falh. ID3a54 AMAR KEEP HOLDING! SGME ŞGME TO THE MOON! is not a GME to Mars $5000 TO THE MOON APES TOGEHER meme WiE LIKE THIS STOCK #DIAMONDHANDS #TENBIES SGME TO THE MOON $GME GO BRRR CLAMAR SGME Go Brr

Film and Series Projects

On January 31st, Deadline[53] reported that MGM landed movie rights for 'The Antisocial Network', a yet-to-be written book about the events of the GameStop stock surge by New York Times author Ben Merzrich.

During the week of February 1st, three more movies and a TV series about the events were reported in the works, including movie projects initiated by HBO,[54] Netflix[55] and Console Wars director Jonah Tulis,[56] and a TV series by production company Pinky Promise.[57]

Additionally, Hollywood producer Brett Ratner acquired rights to a film based on the life story of /r/WallStreetBets' founder Jaime "jartek" Rogozinski.[58]

Third Surge (February 24th – ongoing)

On February 24th, 2021, GameStop announced that it's CFO Jim Bell will be resigning from his role effective on March 26th.[57] The official reason for resignation was not disclosed. During the January 2021 stock surge, GameStop failed to capitalize on the increase of its stock price.

On the same day, the price of GameStop stock rose from below $45 during the market opening to over $91 on close.[58] During the pre-market hours on February 25th, the price of the stock reached over $160. The surge was followed by other $BANG stocks favored by /r/WallStreetBets – AMC, Blackberry and Nokia – also climbing by dozens of percent.

The spike in the price of GameStop stock was met with revitalized popularity of GameStop memes in /r/WallStreetBets (example shown below) and new viral discussions of the stock in the subreddit and on other social media.

GameStop power to the play ers 333 Ah s---, here we go again. GME $50 PIÑATA FARMS GameSton

On February 25th, GameStop opened at $170 and closed slightly above $108. On February 26th, GameStop share price reached $122 during pre-market trading session.

Related Memes

Apes Together Strong

On January 25th, Redditor[42][43] Scheebs_ made a post titled "Short Squeeze Explained for Dummies (us) in /r/WallStreetBets subreddit. In the post, which received over 5,200 upvotes, Scheebs_ used the analogy for a group of apes and snakes trading bananas for the GameStop short squeeze, writing, "if the group of apes stay strong then price will go up" (shown below), with user DragonStoned commenting[44] "Ape together strong," referencing the Apes Together Strong meme. The post and the comment popularized the Apes Together Strong meme among the holders of GameStop shares. The original post later was removed.

Posted by u/Scheebs 2 hours ago 2 21 e23 3 22 18 BUY Short Squeeze Explained for Dummies (us) Discussion Let's dumb this down for you apes: • Let's say 5 banana's currently cost $10 • One ape on the market has 5 banana's • Snake asks to borrow 5 banana's for a bit and instead sells the 5 banana's thinking price will go down soon (shorting). he thinks he can buy them later for less and give them back to ape, so he make's profit on the difference. • Group of apes notice what stupid snakes are doing and decide to buy all banana's on the market until snakes have no other choice than to buy from the group of apes in order to return what they borrowed • If group of apes stay strong then price will go UP

We Like the Stock

We Like the Stock and I Like the Stock is a mantra adopted by /r/WallStreetBets users to hype up GameStop and stocks that gained popularity in late January 2021 which they have used to encourage each other and to explain the motivation behind their own purchases.

The meme originated from the January 25th, 2021, episode of CNBC's "Halftime Report" during which Jim Cramer,[47] [48][49] the host of finance television program Mad Money, chanted "We Like the Stock" to comment on /r/WallStreetBet users' motivation behind purchasing GameStop shares.

What is kind of case do they have? We like the stock! We like the stock!

If He's Still In, I'm Still In

If He's Still In, I'm Still In refers to a mantra said by Reddit users in reference to update posts by user DeepFuckingValue who has been keeping his major GameStop positions regardless market fluctuations.

On January 28th, 2021, when the price of GameStop closed at $193.60, dropping from $347.5 close the previous day, DeepFuckingValue[45] posted a screenshot of his April 16th $12 call position which dropped from 47 million USD to 33 million USD in one day, losing nearly 15 million potential gain. In the comment section, Redditor[46] JoeyIsActive replied "IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN," with the comment gaining over 43,400 upvotes, and other users making a comment chain repeating the comment (shown below).

Posted by u/DeepFuckingValue gamecock 1 day ago 11 3 A 20 10 9 A 1667 2 O 44 9. 10 Buv 8 17 121 9 e 4 25 44 12 247k 2 2 102 024 2 13 16 2 9. 1638 4 M 2 1607 19 | 1723 2 8 38 11 8. 62 10 3 132 25 26 GME YOLO update – Jan 28 2021 YOLO Last Symbol Price $ Change $ Change % Price Paid $ Day's Gain $ Total Gain $ Total Gain % Value $ Actions Qty > GME O 50,000 -7,695,500.00 8,935,266.83 193.60 -153.91 -44.29% 14.8947 1,199.79% 9,680,000.00 GME O 218.00 -142.15 -42.41% 500 0.20 -7,107,500.00 9,639,741.80 93,971.08% 9,650,000.00 Apr 16 21 $12 Call > Cash Total Transfer money $13,840,298.84 Total $754,991.37 -$14,803,000.00 $18,575,008.63 2,460.29% $33,170,298.84 24.3k Comments Give Award Share 93% Upvoted ... JoeyIsActive 1 day ago 3 2 O5 & 53 More IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN. 43.4k Reply Give Award Share Report Save AdmiralThunderbutts 1 day ago 2 G IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN. 12.6k Reply Give Award Share Report Save aeromalzi 1 day ago IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN. 8.3k Reply Give Award Share Report Save blatant_marsupial 1 day ago IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN. 6.2k | Reply Give Award Share Report Save _lil_rain 1 day ago, IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN 5.2k Reply Give Award Share Report Save himsenior 1 day ago IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN 4.4k | Reply Give Award Share Report Save Novast 1 day ago IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN 3.8k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Relevant-Memes 1 day ago IF HE'S STILL IN, I'M STILL IN 3.3k Reply Give Award Share Report Save

The comment was used by /r/WallStreetBets users in subsequent threads by DeepFuckingValue and in other contexts in the following days.


$BANG or /r/WallStreetBets ETF refers to a set four stocks popularized in /r/WallStreetBets during the events of the GameStop Short Squeeze. $BANG includes the publicly traded companies BlackBerry, AMC Theaters, Nokia and GameStop.

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As a tweet said from some guy named jordan with a blue check mark so you know he is important

"seeing a lot of people laughing about the game stop reddit stock thing and yeah i understand why you might think that's funny that a hedge fund goes under but what if it was YOUR hedge fund that they were doing it to? not so funny then huh?"

Its so rare that rich assholes get punches to the mouth, and im enjoying every minute of it.


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