'Overly Attached Girlfriend' Sells NFT Of Her Meme For $411,000

April 5th, 2021 - 12:08 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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overly attached gf

Laina Morris, better known as the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, has sold an Overly Attached Girlfriend NFT for 200 ETH, or $411,000. The buyer was 3F music, who has also purchased the Bad Luck Brian NFT.

Morris, who has had a complicated relationship with the meme over the years, live-tweeted through the auction, growing increasingly emotional as the price skyrocketed. When the NFT was at 10 ETH ($21,000), she tweeted, "You're going to make me emotional about a creepy face I made 9 years ago?" Little did she know that the price would go 20 times higher by the end of the auction.

Morris gave a special shoutout to Chris Torres, creator of Nyan Cat, and Kyle Craven, aka Bad Luck Brian, for helping her through the process.

Morris is the latest former meme to make serious money off her likeness, but is one of the few who've hit six-digit numbers at auction. Scumbag Steve recently sold his meme for 27 ETH ($57,000), while Bad Luck Brian sold for 17 ETH ($36,000).

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