Redditor Wants To Cover Up His 'Dumb' 'Shrimps Is Bugs' Tattoo, But Commenters Insist He Keep It

May 18th, 2023 - 12:23 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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Leg with a tattoo reading "shrimps is bugs"

Going viral in recent days, Redditors are insisting that a user on the site by the name of Lewbular keeps a tattoo on his leg that reads "shrimps is bugs" after the man made a post to the /r/TattooDesigns subreddit asking for cover-up suggestions.

The post was made earlier this week on Tuesday and is captioned, "I need ideas for a horizontal design for this dumb tattoo I got above my knee when I was 19."

The photo shows a simple tattoo of the words "shrimps is bugs" in bold, black lettering above his knee. In two days, the post gained over 9,700 upvotes and 1,500 comments, but not very many cover-up suggestions.

Many of the top commenters insist that the tattoo is not dumb at all and that he should keep it.

For example, Redditor bordermelancollie09 commented, "Honestly I would just add more tattoos around it so it looks more natural. It'll blend in with the rest of them. I love this tattoo," gaining over 1,700 upvotes in just a couple of days.

Another Redditor, u/PlateHopeful790, wrote, "Why should you cover up the truth?" to over 1,400 upvotes.

Evidently, shrimps are not bugs but crustaceans like crabs, despite memes claiming shrimps are just underwater bugs.

At the time of writing, there have been no updates regarding whether or not u/Lewbular has decided to cover the tattoo up or not, but at least so far, it seems like the internet wants him to keep it.

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