Rough Week For Twitter Staff Includes Site Breakdown And Rascals Tweeting Entire Mario Movie

May 2nd, 2023 - 2:09 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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The struggles for everyone involved with Twitter, from those posting on it to those still working on it behind the scenes, have continued this week with a new set of challenges and bugs for a development team already reportedly stretched thin.

At the top of the agenda is Twitter Blue subscribers paying $8 to post The Super Mario Bros Movie in its entirety, abusing the privilege Twitter Blue offers to post long videos to commit some light piracy.

Under a previous administration, such posts would likely be quickly deleted by the moderation team and the offending user banned. However, since Twitter's Trust and Safety Council and much of its moderation team have reportedly been slashed by Elon Musk, some of these posts are staying up for days at a time.

According to reports, one upload of The Super Mario Bros. Movie was seen over 9 million times before Twitter staff got around to deleting it.

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Mario isn't the only major franchise film to have been leaked on Twitter. Avatar: The Way of Water was also posted in its entirety by a Twitter Blue user over the weekend.

Another user has threaded the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (though each film is sped up so it fits in a one-minute clip).

While the "leaking entire movies in one video" fire was purportedly being put out, many desktop Twitter users then had to deal with getting booted out of their accounts and being unable to log back in yesterday.

When they attempted to get back on the site, many users reported getting multiple notifications about a "New Login" that never took, and were instead forced to look at this tweet:

babygirlified johnny depp

Meanwhile, many of Twitter's most well-known users, including high-profile individuals such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, darth and Ben Collins, have migrated to Bluesky, the Jack Dorsey-headed app that is increasingly looking like a real competitor to Twitter.

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