Scott Adams Calls Black People A 'Hate Group,' Gets 'Dilbert' Dropped From Papers, Finds Ally In Elon Musk And Says He 'Once Identified As Black'

February 27th, 2023 - 12:41 PM EST by Adam Downer

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Scott Adams, once best known for creating the syndicated comic strip Dilbert but is now perhaps more notable for his controversial takes on Twitter, has found himself without a home for Dilbert after newspapers across America dropped him in response to him declaring Black people are a "hate group" in one of his recent YouTube streams.

Last Wednesday, Adams was offering his thoughts on a poll from Rasmussen (often thought of as a conservative polling outlet) that asked Black people if they agreed with the statement "It's okay to be white."

Folks may remember that the "it's okay to be white" slogan was started as a 4chan campaign to troll the public into arguments about race and attempt to prove anti-white bias in society, which was later picked up by white nationalists, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The poll found that 53 percent of Black people agreed with the statement "It's okay to be white," while 26 percent disagreed and 21 percent weren't sure. In response, Adams said that for years, he had "identified as black" so he could "be on the winning team," but because apparently 47% of Black people can't say "It's okay to be white," he will now "re-identify as white" because he doesn't "want to be a part of a hate group." He also said the best advice he could give white people is to "get the hell away from Black people."

In response, papers such as the Los Angeles Times, San Antonio Express-News, USA Today and Cleveland's Plain Dealer all dropped Dilbert, each citing Adams' "racist" rhetoric for the decision. After his comic strip was removed from syndication for calling Black people a hate group and advocating segregation, Adams seemingly found an ally in Elon Musk.

As the news spread, some commenters felt that Adams was in the right, claiming the poll "proved" half of Black Americans were racist. In response to one commenter who said, "[Mainstream Media] verdict: Adams is a racist, but not the 20 million black people who think it's not OK to be white," Musk chimed in to say that it was actually "the media" that is racist. He also appeared to agree with a statement that said Adams' comments "weren't good" but "had an element of truth to them."

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Meanwhile, on Twitter, Adams complained that he had lost three careers due to "white people" acting "for their own gain," which was why he said he identified as black for years. In response to the most recent controversy, he complained that Dilbert was dropped from syndication when in fact he was merely giving advice that "everyone agreed with."

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The surreal and bewildering controversy that also roped in Elon Musk had many on social media firing off jokes at Adams' expense, offering plenty of evidence contradicting his claim that "everyone agrees" Black people are a "hate group" that white people should "get the hell away from."

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Adams has tweeted that he's looking to take Dilbert to his subscription service in case anyone is really going to miss the loss of his comic from their local paper.

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